Wide Dog Collars: Comfort or style?

We say, both! It’s no wonder that wide dog collars are the latest craze among pet owners. Besides being chic and trendy, wide dog collars give dogs a lot more comfort. Well, a bit more than what regular ones give but basically, function-wise, they’re just the same.

But, let’s dig deeep!


What’s a Wide Dog Collar?

A wide dog collar is basically a wider version of a regular dog collar. The regular one is about 1 inch wide while the wide one is about half inch wider. There are available wide dog collars that are double the size of a regular one. But, generally, wide dog collar width ranges from 1.5 in to 2 in.

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Besides their width difference, wide dog collars are way more stylish than the regular ones. They come in different colors, styles, buckles, snaps and velcro. They can also be personalized and customized.

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Why use a Wide Dog Collar?

Well, nothing else beats style other than comfort. A wide dog collar has both. And like the regular ones, it’s a good tool for identification, training, restraint.. and fashion. But seriously, we think a wide dog collar is great because of the following reasons:

It helps dog feel more secure.

A wide collar that fits comfortably can provide your dog with security and protection. If your dog is big and strong and tends to pull hard on the leash, the force on the neck will be less rough. This is so because a wide collar covers a large area of your dog’s neck to allow the force to spread out evenly.

It is great for walking, training and playing.

Regular dog collar is great if you have a puppy. But, if you have a puppy or an adult dog with gigantic frame, a wide dog collar may be more appropriate. Not only does it provides both you and your dog security but also gives you more control over your dog.

It can hold your dog’s contact information, dog GPS trackers, and rabies tags.

This is probably the number one function of a dog collar. Some countries even require pet owners to have their dogs wear ID tags and rabies tags along with a GPS tracker or microchipping for added protection. A study by ASCPA found that 1 in 3 dogs will get lost during their lifetime and about 90% never return home due to lack of identification. A wide dog collar gives extra leeway to attach your dog’s tags and microchip.

It’s stylish.

If you’re overly obsessed with your dog- let’s be real- style is definitely something that you take seriously. Dog collar holds your dog’s identity so it’s normal that you are giving it some serious consideration. Regular ones are great but if you want a stylish, ultra-wide upgrade, consider a wide dog collar.

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Does your dog need one?

Well, we think that dog collar is an essential part of every dog’s wardrobe. However, we also believe that the best is relative. And, it will depend on your dog’s needs, breed and personal preference. We may be steering you to try a wide dog collar but honestly, we don’t. So, if you’re still here reading, let’s see if your dog might need one:

Your dog has a wide neck.

A wide dog collar are great for breeds like Rottweilers, Pitbulls, Doberman pinschers, Mastiffs and Great Danes that have wide necks. It’s also great for pups with a sleek neck and head. Because the collar is wide, it pretty much covers the whole neck area, creating an even distribution of tension.
However, if you have a dog that has a wide neck with a smaller head like Greyhound or Whippet, it may not benefit from a wide dog collar- but you can still try! The collar may just slip out from its head if it tries to remove it from its neck.

Your dog is an active dog.

A wide dog collar gives you more control over your dog, especially if you have an active one that tends to push ahead. As a pet owner, your natural tendency is to pull back, right? Then eventually it becomes a game of push and pull.

Usually, this only happens when your dog has not been trained to follow commands. Well, a wide dog collar may be all you need while training your dog for obedience. The good cushioning plus wide collar reduce wear on your dog’s neck and keep your dog comfortable with all the tugging and yanking.

Your dog is uncomfortable with pressure.

Well, most dogs are. But, there are breeds that are more sensitive to pressure like Chihuahua, Pomeranian and Shih Tzu. If pressure is constantly exerted on your dog’s neck, his trachea may collapse and may progress to life-threatening injuries.

If your dog is prone to this, watch out for symptoms like coughing, difficulty breathing, gagging, etc. Better yet, shift to wide dog collar to prevent further injury.

Wide Dog Collars vs. Harnesses

Truth be told, there is no single best answer. Best is relative to your dog’s needs, breed, and personal preference. But just so you know, wide dog collars are made especially for comfort. Compared with regular ones, they give your dog more security and you, more control. But, we know for a fact that there are options that offer a bit more control and comfort like harnesses.

If your dog is more likely to suffer from respiratory problems, harness is a great option. Like wide dog collar, it distributes tension evenly, reducing the risk of injuries. However, if you plan on leaving it all the time, it can cause a lot of discomfort to your dog. Harnesses are also great for hiking and off-leash training. It prevents your dog from getting tangled up and discourage pulling.

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The bottom line is, your choice would depend on personal preference and it may vary depending on your activity. Use a harness if you’re only going on a casual walk. If you are in obedience training or leash training, use a wide dog collar- that is, if it’s more suitable than the traditional ones.

What you should look for in a Wide Dog Collar

There are several things that you need to take into consideration when buying one- besides the color and style patterns. Here’s our five standards for a good wide dog collar:

Best Material

Probably the first thing that you need to consider is the construction material. You need a collar that is durable and can withstand force without damaging or breaking. Materials such as nylon, leather and neoprene are good materials for a dog collar. Also, make sure it’s machine-washable or easy to de-mud with a soft cloth.

Best Size

Dog collar can slip out of your dog’s head if it is not the right size. Your dog may also try to get out of it if it’s not snug fit. It can also make your dog uncomfortable, especially if he is a heavy puller and always want to push ahead. Some manufacturers provide a size guide to help you decide what size collar to purchase. Before checking the guide, make sure you know the size of your dog’s neck.

Best width

The leash pressure against your dog’s neck will depend on the thickness or width of the dog collar. Surely you do not want a dog collar that is too thick or too thin as it may do more harm than good. When looking for a wide dog collar, consider your dog’s age and body frame. Generally speaking, puppies with tiny frames need narrow-sized collars. Dogs with bigger frames may need a thicker collars.

Reflective straps

Reflective wide dog collar makes the worry go away, especially when walking after dark. It makes your dogs safe from night time dangers like fast-moving cars and curious, aggressive wildlife.


Finally, when you decide to buy one, make sure that the price reflects the quality and performance. Surely, you would want something that suits the needs of your dogs and matches your budget. So, do not risk buying a cheap, poor quality wide dog collar that you know won’t last.


Let us say this for the last time. Deciding whether to buy a wide dog collar or not really depends on your dog’s needs, breed and personal preference. If you think your dog needs one after going through our checklist of which dogs are ideally suited to wide dog collar, then it’s time for a stylish, ultra-wide upgrade! We hope you find this article useful for your future purchase!

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