Remote Control Toys for Dogs: 9 Interactive Toys for Active Pooches

Remote control toys for dogs provide owners with the opportunity to play with their furbaby with relative ease. Let’s face it, playing with your dogs can sometimes be a grueling task. For instance, there are some times when we just cannot muster the strength to play with our furry friends.

However, playing with dogs provides them with a variety of healthy activities that improves their physical and mental health. Therefore, utilizing remote control toys for dogs is an ideal way to play with your pets with minimal effort. Consequently, we collected 9 excellent remote control toys for dogs, helping you rest as they play.

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What to Look for When Buying Remote Control Toys for Dogs?— A Buyer’s Guide

remote control toys for dogs

Of course, before buying toys, buyers must first ensure that the one they are buying is safe for their pet. In addition, buyers should pay attention to the quality of the toy they are buying to save money. For example, poorly-made remote control toys for dogs may break easily, leading to injuries and costly veterinary trips. Thus, we crafted this buyer’s guide to help you find the dog toys possible!

Material Quality

As we know, dogs have an average bite force of 230-250 pounds per square inch. In this light, tearing through cheap plastic toys is like a walk in the park for dogs. In addition, low-quality plastic toys can become a choking hazard when torn into pieces.

Therefore, buyers must ensure that they are buying remote control toys for dogs that feature high-quality materials. We recommend buyers to find toys with durable materials such as rubber found in a dog tire toy.

Small Parts

Most toys for dogs market themselves as dog-friendly. However, some dog toys feature small parts, which can pose a choking hazard for dogs. Accidental swallowing of small toy parts can upset the digestion of dogs, affecting their eating habits. In addition, swallowing small parts is an emergency that can prove to be fatal. Therefore, we advise buyers to find remote control toys with large enough parts to prevent accidental swallowing.

Dog-Friendly Materials

Similar to humans, dogs can also be allergic to certain fabrics and materials. For instance, dogs can become allergic to their xlarge dog collars due to their fabric or material. Some symptoms could be hair loss in the affected area or visible rashes.

Furthermore, dog allergens can show themselves on toys, which can cause discomfort to dogs. Moreover, some plastic toys feature BPA and Phthalates that are harmful when put in the mouth. Therefore, we recommend buyers ensure that they buy dog-friendly certified toys only.

9 Excellent Remote Controlled Toys for Dogs from Amazon

PETGEEK Automatic Dog Feeder Toy

PETGEEK Treat Dispensing Dog Toys, Dog Food Dispenser with Dog Button Remote Control, Automatic Dog Feeder, Dual Power Supply Dog Puzzle Toys Safe ABS Material, Green Color 2


Type: Remote Control Toys for Dogs with Food Dispensing Feature

Reward your dog’s intelligence and problem-solving skills with treats today! The PETGEEK Automatic Dog Feeder Toy features various IQ training games, enriching your dog’s puzzle-solving skills. In addition, the PETGEEK Automatic Dog Feeder incorporates friendly sounds that entice dogs to play more.

Furthermore, PETGEEK utilizes a remote control that dictates when to release foods and goodies. The included remote control has an indoor range of 164 ft and an outdoor range of 98 ft. Plus, the dog feeder features an easy release button that helps owners to refill the toy with treats.

Moreover, the PETGEEK Interactive Food Dispensing Toy features food-grade ABS material, making it safe for dogs. Lastly, the toy powers via a micro USB cable or 4 C batteries. On the other hand, the remote control requires 3 AAA batteries.


  • Interactive Food Dispensing Toy
  • Remote-controlled release button
  • Food-grade natural ABS material
  • 2 types of sounds
  • Dual power supply system


  • Encourages dogs to exercise while improving their memory.
  • Features a remote range of over 164 ft indoors.
  • The toy’s ABS material is lightweight and easy to clean.
  • Provides users with the option to power the device via USB or batteries.


  • The toy is not rechargeable.

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Wenasi Electronic Remote Control Rat RC Plush Rat Toy

Wenasi Electronic Remote Control Rat RC Plush Rat Toy for Cat Dog (Gray)

Brand: Wenasi

Type: Chasable Remote Control Toys for Dogs

Chasing an object is one of the instincts of dogs, which is a trainable feat. Training your dog when to chase and not to chase improves their impulse control, improving their focus over time. Therefore, we introduce you to the Wenasi Remote Control Rat to help dogs control their urge to chase things.

Firstly, the Wenasi Electronic Remote Control Rat features a forward and backward mode. In addition, the toy utilizes a rubber tire for steady movement and smooth riding. Moreover, the toy also features a turning feature for a better movement variety.

Secondly, the toy utilizes 3 1.5v AAA batteries, allowing it to go for hours of fun. Lastly, the remote control requires 2 1.5v AA batteries while sporting a range of 30cm.


  • Electronic rat toy
  • Remote control
  • Forward and backward modes
  • Durable rubber tires
  • Turning axle wheel


  • Trains the impulse control of dogs.
  • Ideal physical exercise toy for dogs.
  • Budget-friendly price point.
  • Suitable for small to medium dog breeds.


  • The product doesn’t work on carpeted surfaces.

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Remote Control Pet Chew Toy

BPG Remote Control Pet Chew Toy Hide Treats Inside for Hours of Fun Dog Toy,1 Count (Pack of 1)

Brand: BPG

Type: Chewable Remote Control Toys for Dogs

Chewing is a natural behavior in dogs regardless of age. Dogs can clean their teeth and soothe gum pain through chewing. However, dogs chewing through fabrics, furniture, and shoes can become a huge problem for dog owners. Therefore, we introduce to you the BPG Remote Control Pet Chew Toy.

Firstly, the BPG Remote Control Pet Chew Toy incentivizes good chewing behavior by dispensing treats through a hollow slot. Secondly, the toy features dog-friendly rubber that is easy on the gum and mouth.

Lastly, the BPG Remote Control Toy closely resembles a remote control with rubber buttons. Thus, providing dogs with various grooves that can massage their gums.


  • Remote Control Toy
  • Chewable rubber material
  • Hollow interior for treats
  • Remote button grooves
  • Black, grey, and yellow colorway


  • Suitable for small dog breeds.
  • Encourages good chewing behavior in dogs.
  • Soft and gentle on dog gums.
  • Features a dog-friendly rubber material.


  • We do not recommend this toy for medium to large dog breeds.

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CALOVER Remote Control Spider 

Gift for Family Cats Dogs Remote Control Spider for Prank Or Trick Gags & Practical Surprise Joke Toys Halloween April Fools' Day


Type: Remote Control Toys for Dogs and Cats

The CALOVER Remote-Controlled Tarantula features light-up eyes that accurately look the part. In addition, CALOVER designed the remote-controlled spider to become an excellent interactive toy for cats and dogs. Thus, allowing them to exercise as they chase after the toy.

Furthermore, the Tarantula Toy requires 3 AAA batteries to work. On the other hand, the included remote requires 2 AAA batteries. This battery combination makes the toy easy and cost-effective to power.

Moreover, the toy comes with a 2CH infrared remote control, allowing the remote to send controls effectively without interference. The remote’s maximum range indoors is within 5-8 meters. Conversely, the toy’s remote can control the toy approximately 8-10m outdoors.


  • Remote Control Tarantula
  • Light-up eyes
  • Noiseless operation
  • 2CH, infrared remote control
  • All-direction movement control


  • Allows owners to effectively train their dog’s impulse control.
  • Excellent interactive toy for cat and dog exercise.
  • The infrared remote control allows owners to control the toy without much interference.
  • Accurately looks like a Tarantula spider from afar.


  • Comparatively more expensive than the Wenasi Remote-Controlled Rat Toy.

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SKYMEE Owl Robot

SKYMEE Owl Robot: Movable Full HD Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser, Interactive Toy for Dogs and Cats, Mobile Control via App


Type: Interactive Remote Control Toys for Dogs

Play with your pets remotely through your phone with the SKYMEE Owl Robot! Featuring a manual driving and smart interaction, the SKYMEE Owl Robot is the ultimate home toy for your dog. Firstly, the SKYMEE Owl Robot features infrared sensing, allowing the toy to automatically interact when they detect your pet.

Secondly, the toy utilizes a 1080p camera with night vision, allowing owners to see their pets day and night. In addition, the camera allows users to take a picture and video of their pet in full 1080p quality.

Thirdly, the SKYMEE Owl Robot features a treat-tossing capability that leaves a snack trail for your pet. Moreover, the toy features two-way audio, allowing owners to talk to their dogs through the toy. Lastly, the toy features PIR and TF recording, allowing it to react according to your dog’s behavior.


  • 1080p Full HD Camera
  • Night vision mode
  • Treat-tossing feature
  • 2-way audio
  • PIR Detection and TF Recording


  • Allows dog owners to track their dogs at home through WiFi.
  • The SKYMEE Owl Robot can last for 8 hours under continuous use.
  • The PIR detector allows the toy to wake up when it detects your dog around.
  • Features a long battery life which can last from at least 8 hours up to 50 days.


  • The bundle does not include a TF card.

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Wickedbone Smart Bone

Wickedbone Smart Bone, Interactive Dog Toys, APP Bluetooth Control Smart Electronic Automatic Pet Toys, Moving Dog Toys for Small Medium Large Dogs

Brand: Boqii

Type: Interactive Remote Control Toys for Dogs

Excellent for dog owners on a budget, the Wickedbone Smart Bone is an excellent interactive toy for dogs. Firstly, the Boqii Wickedbone features a manual mode— which can be accessed through Bluetooth. In addition, the manual mode features an in-app virtual joystick that can easily control the toy’s movement. Moreover, there are 9 more modes with sounds that are controllable through the included application.

Secondly, the Wickedbone Smart Bone features an interactive mode that allows the toy to operate independently. The toy features a playtime mode that will surely keep your dog company through its smart interactive features. For instance, the toy can feel your dog’s touch, allowing it to act accordingly.

Thirdly, the Wickedbone Smart Bone features FDA food-grade polycarbonate materials, making them safe for dogs and effective against chewing. Plus, the Wickedbone comes with removable tires, making the toy easy to disassemble and clean. Lastly, Boqii equipped the Wickedbone with a 470mA lithium battery. Thus, allowing the toy to operate from 40 minutes in Drive mode up to 3 months at standby.


  • Driving and Interactive modes
  • FDA Food-Grade Polycarbonate Material
  • 470mA lithium battery
  • Preset and manual operation types
  • iOS and Android compatible “Wickedbone” application


  • Relatively cheaper than the SKYMEE Owl Robot.
  • Features a touch to connect feature for easier device pairing.
  • The product’s interactive mode allows it to react accordingly to various dog actions.
  • Dog-friendly and scratch-resistant materials.


  • The Wickedbone doesn’t feature a full HD camera, unlike the SKYMEE Owl Robot.

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Electric Floppy Fish Cat Toy

Remote Control Fish Cat Toy - Electric Floppy Fish Dog Toy, 11' Realistic Flopping Fish Kicker Toy, Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, Automatic Moving Catnip Toys for Kitten

Brand: Tocirelo

Type: Jiggling Remote Control Toys for Dogs

The Tocirelo Electric Floppy Fish Toy boasts an excellent balance between price and functionality. Featuring a built-in touch sensor, a simple press on the toy’s remote will send the fish toy waggling. Thus, getting the attention of dogs and cats within the household.

Furthermore, the toy features high-quality cotton cloth and plush materials, making them non-toxic and dog-friendly. In addition, the toy’s construction allows it to handle abuse from cat scratches up to dog bites.

Moreover, the Tocirelo Electric Floppy Fish Cat Toy features a plug-in USB charging port, eliminating the need for changing batteries. Lastly, the toy’s motor is also removable, allowing users to clean the toy with relative ease.


  • Wireless remote control
  • Built-in touch sensor
  • 8m/26ft remote range
  • High-quality cotton cloth
  • USB rechargeable


  • Effectively conserves battery life through its sleep mode.
  • Features non-toxic materials, making them safe for dogs.
  • Offered within a budget-friendly price point.
  • The removable motor makes it easier for owners to clean the product.


  • Toricelo specifically designed this toy for cats; however, dog owners can still use them.

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Swift Paws Home Remote-Control Capture-The-Flag Toy for Dogs

SwiftPaws - Home Original - Remote-Control Chase Toy - for Dogs - Flag Lure Course - Interactive Dog Enrichment Toy - Includes Main Unit, 3 Pulleys, Battery, Charger, Flags, Line, Stakes, Tethers

Brand: Swift Paws

Type: Chaser Remote Control Toys for Dogs

The Swift Paws Capture-The-Flag Toy provides dogs with ample physical exercise as they play. Firstly, Swift Paws designed the toy to travel at 30mph, enticing dogs to chase it. As a result, dogs have fun chasing the Swift Paws Capture-The-Flag Toy as they stay physically fit.

Secondly, the Swift Paws toy can easily create remote control operated courses at a maximum span of 300 feet. In addition, this total length equates to playtime that lasts for 90 seconds— which is an ideal playtime for dogs. Moreover, the Swift Paws toy can power up for 10 minutes, equating to a maximum of 5 sessions per charge.

Lastly, the Swift Paws Course can be set up by owners within minutes! The bundle comes with a Swift Paws toy and all the essentials for building the course. Therefore, if you want your dog to stay fit while playings, then the Swift Paws Toy is perfect for you!


  • Swift Paws interactive chase toy
  • Swift Paws toy remote control
  • Rechargeable battery with charger
  • Line winder
  • 20 flags


  • Owners can set up the obstacle course within minutes.
  • The toy can power for 10 minutes, allowing for 5 sessions per charge.
  • The obstacle course spans around 300 feet— equating to 90 seconds of playtime.
  • The product’s remote control allows owners to take charge during playtime.


  • Offered within an extremely expensive price point.

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SKYMEE Fury Bone Smart Interactive Pet Toys

SKYMEE Fury Bone Smart Interactive Pet Toys for Dogs Cats Indoor Outdoor Easy Manual & Auto Control via App… B08F3K2RF4


Type: Interactive Remote Control Toys for Dogs

Interactive remote control toys for dogs should not be extremely pricey. Introducing the SKYMEE Fury Bone, owners can now play with their dogs automatically without breaking the bank!

Featuring an interchangeable automatic and manual play mode, owners can choose among 9 types of movements. Moreover, the toy features an automatic mode, keeping your dog occupied for an hour without the need for manual interference. Plus, SKYMEE features a built-in Smart response, allowing the toy to react accordingly to the behavior of dogs.

Furthermore, the SKYMEE Fury Bone utilizes an ABS material, providing incredible durability. In addition, the SKYMEE Fury Bone is safe and non-toxic for dogs. Finally, SKYMEE utilizes batteries that provide power for 30 minutes in drive mode and 2 hours in interactive mode.


  • SKYMEE Fury Bone Smart Interactive Toy
  • 12.6 kph top speed
  • 9 Fury Bone movement modes
  • Tough ABS material
  • Bluetooth Connectivity


  • Features a top speed of 12.6 kph to stimulate the hunting instincts of dogs.
  • Easy to connect via Bluetooth.
  • Features an automatic mode that reacts depending on your dog’s actions.
  • The product provides a 60-minute smart interaction, which is enough for a day’s worth of exercise.


  • The product doesn’t have an internal speaker; therefore, the toy makes sounds through your phone’s speakers.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Remote Control Toys for Dogs

Are interactive toys good for dogs?

Interactive toys are smart solutions for dog owners in keeping their furry friends occupied as they go about their daily routine. For instance, interactive toys automatically provide dogs with excellent feedback with little to no manual interference from dog owners. Therefore, interactive toys are excellent companions for highly-energetic dogs who love playing.

Is it okay for dogs to chase RC cars?

Chasing is an instinct for dogs. The act reflects their hunting behaviors and instinct with humans when they got domesticated. In summary, it is an evolutionary trait that they got from their ancestors. Therefore, dogs chasing RC cars is a normal thing. In addition, dog owners can utilize remote control toys for dogs, helping their furbaby control their chasing impulses.

Why does my dog bark at my remote control car?

Some dogs are extremely territorial, especially when they see an object or other animals as a threat. Possibly, dogs bark against remote control cars because they feel threatened by the sudden breach of a foreign object within their space. In conclusion, when dogs bark at something, they are either warning or protecting you from a perceived threat.

What colors can dogs see?

According to studies, dogs have a dichromatic vision— allowing them only to see yellow and blue colors. Due to dichromacy, it is ideal for owners to buy remote control toys for dogs that emit the said colorway. In addition, this color configuration helps a toy become more enticing for dogs.

Do dogs get bored of their toys?

Similar to humans, dogs can quickly become bored of a toy if they play with it daily. To slow down a dog from getting quickly bored, we recommend owners introduce new toys to dogs periodically. Finding interactive or remote control toys for dogs can also help fight boredom in dogs. Always remember, an interactive and enticing dog toy is way better than an expensive one.

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