Personalized Dog Bowls

Food is one of life’s greatest joy. Even dogs would surely agree. And we can’t think of anything else that can add to this feeling other than personalized dog bowls. Yes, they are those bowls that often have dogs names and have unique colors and patterns!

Personalized Dog Bowls

Personalized dog bowls allow dog owners to personalized their food dog bowls whichever way they want- well, as long as it’s included in the personalization options. Options differ from vendor to vendor. But, one thing is sure.. they give pet owners the means to express their style and love for their dogs in the simplest and easiest way possible.

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Personalized dog bowls come in a variety of colors, sizes and materials. There are matte color choices and even plaid-colored ones! Many vendors also offer choices in sizes. So, whether you have a puppy, a small breed dog or a large breed dog, you are covered. There are vendors that even offer printing of dogs’ full body image on the bowl.

As for the materials, there is a pretty good selection that you can choose from.. If you’re looking for something stylish and handmade, there are also personalized dog bowls made of ceramic glazed to add vintage aesthetic and functionality. But, whatever you choose, it must suit your dogs needs and personality..

What We Love About Personalized Dog Bowls

Because they kind of capture the real essence of every dogs. Personalized dog bowls lets dog owners show off their love for their pups. They somewhat capture the distinct features that make each pup distinct, special and adorable!

They can hand-paint and illustrate pups too. Pet owners will just have to send over their pups photos to the customizer. They may use digital illustrator or they may illustrate the dog images by hand. You’ll be surprised at how realistic the illustration can get!

Also, there are customizers that also offer personalization for different types of dog bowls including raised dog bowls. These type of dog bowls are bigger than those dog bowls that we see usually, and they consist of 2 bowls which is may be why they are expensive.

There are a range of fonts to choose from, colors and patterns. There are minimalist choices and there are also grander choices if pet owners wanna play with designs. Monogrammed and two-toned personalized dog bowls are also up for grabs!

What To Look For in a Personalized Dog Bowl

No spill

If you have a dog that gets excited when it’s feeding time and goes crazy over food, look for a personalized dog bowl that does not spill food easily.

Well, almost every dog bowls spill but there are choices that don’t.. easily- well, only if your dog toys will toy with it persistently. So, check the description and go for the no spill one!


You’ll be surprised by the variety of materials available in the market. It’s easy to disregard this once the appearance suits your aesthetic standards. But, let us remind you that appearance fade.

It doesn’t last long especially when you have a dog that loves to chew on everything that he can put his mouth on. So, look for something that is made of durable materials like stainless steel. It does have its cons but it surely gets the job done.


Dog bowls harbor bacteria especially when you do not keep it clean and dry. Plastics harbor bacteria easily even stainless steel and silicone. Well, all materials are but many dog bowls have antimicrobial additives.

These somewhat prevent the bacteria from accumulating. Again, nothing is immune to bacteria but surely, there are ways that you can do to ward them off like soaking dog bowls in warm water or bleach.


Let us get this straight. Dogs like to chew things even things that aren’t meant to be chewed, even steel. Well, if they can but if the thing is out of their reach, they won’t. The only danger is that they might ingest the stuff. So, make sure to make your home puppy-proof before bringing them in to your house.

If your dog has gnawing problem, plastic dog bowls might not be a great idea. But, if you really want one that is made of that material, make sure to keep it away from your dog when not in use. Better yet, purchase flavored chew toys or train him to chew on the right things.

Types of Dog Bowls

Well, before you purchase a personalized dog bowl, you’ve got to know the options that you have to choose from. So, let’s go through the different types of dog bowls, shall we? Let’s go!


They’re great option if you have a dog who eats neatly and has no chewing problem. They don’t break when dropped on hard surface and don’t corrode unlike other dog bowls made from metallic materials. Also, they’re inexpensive and come in many stylish shapes, design and colors. 

However, if you have a dog that eats fast and guzzles food, plastic bowls may not be the best option. They get easily knocked over as they’re very lightweight. Plastic bowls are also not suitable for big chewers because they get easily chewed and scratched.

Additionally, it’s not recommended for dogs with hypersensitive skin as skin contact with plastic might trigger skin allergies on the chin and face. Watch out for symptoms like bald patches and blister-like lesions if you’re feeding your dog on a plastic dog bowl. 


It’s a least expensive option; comes in a variety of designs; and doesn’t corrode or break when dropped.


It may trigger skin allergies for dogs with hypersensitive skin and may be a choking hazard.

Best Plastic Dog Bowls

Stainless Steel

You can never go wrong with stainless steel dog bowls. Every pet owners will probably agree that this is one of the best ones. It’s the most durable choice you can be sure will last for a long time. And they are easy to clean and does not easily harbor bacteria. Also, it’s light weight and easy to carry. Some comes with non-skid bottom to prevent spilling.

But like other dog bowl choices, stainless steel dog bowl does have its cons. They can get rusty when not kept clean and dry. Additionally, they can potentially damage your dog’s teeth if you have a dog that likes chewing everything they can put into their mouth. 

And unlike plastic dog bowls, stainless do not come in many different styles or colors. They’re plain and might not be a great option if you’re looking for something stylish. If you’re after functionality and cheap choices, then stainless steel dog bowl could be your best bet. 


It’s great option for messy eaters; does not easily harbor bacteria; one of the most durable option; very functional; pet owners favorite; easy to clean; lightweight and inexpensive.


It can become rusty; can potentially damage dog’s teeth; and does not come in many different styles and colors.

Best Metal Dog Bowls

Automatic Dog Feeder

This is a great option for busy pet owners who wanna make sure that their dogs are fed when they’re out and about. Many automatic dog bowls are designed to keep dog bowls full with food and water until supplies from storage compartment run out. This is terrific however this sets the stage for many health problems like obesity as they can triple the calories of your dogs food.

However, there are automatic dog bowls that are programmable. This type of automatic dog bowls lets you set the feeding times and the amount of food, allowing you to control the portion size and the number of meals that your dog have per day. Once it’s all set, you can go about your day.

But, there’s always buts. Although this sounds like a great option, it’s still not okay to leave your dog alone at home. It’s still best to feed them yourself or ask someone to do that for you when you’re not at home. Hire a pet sitter or a walker. Boarding facility is also a great option.


It’s great for pet owners who are always on the go; refills dog bowls automatically; can be programmed; and allows dog owners to set the feeding times and the amount of food per meal.


The standard ones (not programmable) can overfeed dogs; may increase the risk of obesity; and may negatively affect the human-canine bond.

Best Automatic Dog Feeders

Raised/ Elevated Dog Bowls

For dogs with gastrointestinal problems, elevated dog bowls are the most suitable option, according to some experts. They help with swallowing, make eating more comfortable and prevents neck and muscle strains. For big dogs and dogs with joint problems and mobility issues, these are also a terrific option. 

However, there’s a study that says that Elevated Dog Bowls may actually cause more discomfort to dogs. They can cause bloating as they encourage food gobblers to eat rapidly and drink water excessively. If you have a dog that has this tendency, an elevated dog bowl may not be your best bet unless you train him not to be aggressive when eating.

Generally, elevated dog beds have two bowls which are typically made of either ceramic, plastic or metal. You may also find elevated dog bowls with wood stand or stand made of metal or plastic. Some also come with a food compartment. Anyhow, they are generally expensive option. 


It can prevent neck and muscle strains for large breed dogs like Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, and Golden Retriever; may be more comfortable for dogs with gastrointestinal problems and joint problems.


It can cause bloating for dogs that eat rapidly and drink excessively; and generally expensive.

Best Elevated Dog Bowls on Amazon

Slow Feed

This is perhaps the most perfect dog bowl for dogs that eat like they haven’t been given food for a long time. For dogs that eat rapidly and eagerly like there’s no tomorrow, this is the most appropriate choice. Slow food dog bowls have edges that forces food gobblers to eat slow and chew food before swallowing. 

Slow eating prevents a lot of problems like indigestion and bloating. It also prevents vomiting and flatulence. Additionally, slow eating improves digestion making dogs feel fuller faster without consuming more food. It allows dog to enjoy food more while eating less. If you have a fussy eater, these may not be a great choice as it may motivate them even more to eat less.

Most slow feed bowls are made of plastic. Some are made of stainless steel. Most slow feed are on the expensive side but there are cheaper alternatives that still get the job done.


It has edges that allows dog to eat slowly and chew food before swallowing; prevents indigestion and bloating; and makes dogs feel fuller faster without overeating.


It’s expensive and not a great option for fussy eaters;

Best Slow Feed Dog Bowls on Amazon


Ceramics may be your best choice if you’re looking for something aesthetic and handmade. Ceramics or stoneware dog bowl is made from clay that is shaped and hardened to high temperatures. Additionally, it is coated with glaze. Glaze is a paint-like substance that is often decorative and multi-colored.

Many ceramic dog bowls are decorated with fun designs which you may customize in a lot of different ways to suit your tastes and your dog’s. They can even be used as home decors or accessories. Just make sure that they are out of your dog’s reach. 

Although ceramics are a great stylish choice, they can pose a major hazard to dogs. They aren’t resistant to shattering especially the low-quality choices. High-quality alternatives are great  for aggressive dogs as they don’t easily break if dropped or knocked over. However, they are quite pricey but definitely gets the job done. 


It’s stylish, aesthetic and can be customized in a lot of different ways to suit you and your dog’s tastes.


It’s less resistant to shattering compared to other dog bowl and can be quite pricey.

Best Ceramic Dog Bowls on Amazon

Travel Bowl

If you traveling a lot with your dog or you’re always taking him on your outdoor adventures, consider travel dog bowls. Travel dog bowls are portable, extremely lightweight, easy to carry and pack. You can easily feed your dog and access water whenever you’re out and about.

Additionally, travel dog bowls are foldable and collapsible. They also hold water and food pretty well without folding in. Typically, they are made of polyester but you’ll likely find other options made of simple fabrics like nylon and plastic. Generally, they’re rigid and water-resistant. They’re also cheap.


It has a food compartment; portable; foldable and collapsible; hold water and food pretty well; rigid and water-resistant and also cheap.


It’s difficult to clean up once it gets dirty.

Travel Dog Bowl

Silicone Bowl

Like travel dog bowls, silicone bowls can be folded and collapsed. However, they’re only made for feeding not storing food. Anyhow, they’re very convenient and easy to pack. Many comes with clip attachments for easy carrying. Additionally, their height is adjustable. Well, somewhat because as it opens and folds just like an accordion.

Silicone bowls are easy to clean and somewhat durable. However, dogs can easily chew or scratch it. So if chewing is your dog’s favorite pastime, silicone bowl may not be a great idea. Unless, you store it away when not in use.


It has clip attachments for easy carrying; very lightweight; easy to pack; easy to clean; and can be folded and collapsed.


It’s easily chewed and scratched and can be easily knocked over by dogs.

Best Silicone Dog Bowls on Amazon

Tips To Training Your Dog To Eat Slow

Whatever personalized dog bowls you choose, if you don’t train your dog to eat slow and not spill the food, it’s not gonna last long. So, before purchasing one, make sure to follow these tips!

Feed your dog with a slow eating dog bowl.

This does the job. This type of dog bowls are for messy eaters and dogs that eat like there is no tomorrow. It has rough edges that forces dog to slow down and chew their food before swallowing. Also, it allows you to control the portion size which is essential for keeping your dog’s weight within the normal range.

Use food puzzles.

Or you could purchase food puzzles. Your dog will have no choice but to solve the puzzles to get the food out. This is also great way to stimulate your dog’s brain and develop focus and patience. Be creative and make it as fun as possible to keep your dog engaged and tame his aggressiveness. Also, always use positive reinforcement.

Hand feed.

This somewhat strengthens human-canine bond. Some dogs prefer eating this way but this might be too time consuming for busy pet owners. But, it surely does the job done. You can also incorporate training, exercise or interactive play to make it more fun. Break down your dog’s food or better yet, use it as reward.

Give them their own space.

Maybe your dog likes to have space without any other pets around. Dogs like humans often prefer not to share their food. They need to be alone to enjoy their meals. Also, if you have multiple pets, this could prevent fights and competition. Try feeding them in separate bowls and make sure that each gets a fair share.

Consult a vet.

Your vet might run a test to detect potential health disorders or diseases like diabetes mellitus or a hormone-related problem such as Cushing’s disease. Intestinal parasites could also be a possibility. This health condition increases hunger and appetite and can even block the essential nutrients. So, if these tips aren’t working, consult a vet.


Like GPS Dog Collar, Beds, and Harnesses, Personalized dog bowls are also a must-have. They’re a great token of love and affection. Also, they’re something that you and your dog can treasure forever- well, depending on how long they will last. So, again, before purchasing one, make sure to train your dog to eat slow!

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