How does a GPS dog collar work?

How does a GPS dog collar work

In this article, learn how a GPS Dog collar work and the best GPD dog collar system you can buy today! A walk in the park should be…. Well, a walk in the park, right? Not always. How many times have you been brave enough to let your best friend off the leash only to … Read more

Do I Need To Insure My Dog?

Do I Need to Insure My Dog

For most pet owners, the answer is yes. However, if you’ve got thousands of dollars for unexpected emergency bills, insuring your dog may not be necessary. You can just start saving that amount of money now to pay for medical bills in the future… But life is so uncertain and so is the life of … Read more

How to Stop My Dog From Peeing On My Bed: 7 Ways


Mmmm there’s nothing quite like the eye-watering smell of fresh dog urine as you come through the door after a hard day’s work…. Yeah, we thought not to. A common frustration for pet owners across the world. Inappropriate urination, as vets call it, is something that we should tackle asap. So, let’s check out why … Read more