K9 Fit Clubs and How They Work

You might have already heard of this new dog fitness fad called K9 Fit Clubs and how they work. If not, then you’re on the right page! Yes, it’s a dog gym and yes, their humans are more than welcome to join! Before we check out their fun classes, let’s see how it started and … Read more

Keep your dogs safe and healthy during the summer

keep your dogs safe

Summertime means trips! We love to take our dogs on our trips, regardless of their dog behavior outdoors is the best or not. Getting dog insurance is also sometimes optimal for the frequency of trips. In this article, we’ve listed down the issues you’ve got to watch out for your dog. In addition, we’ve got the top … Read more

8 Ways to Get Your Dog Fit and Healthy

8 Ways to Get Your Dog Fit and Healthy

When we say fit and healthy, we mean physically, emotionally and mentally. Here are 8 ways to get your dog fit and healthy! Regular Vet Visits Number 1 in 8 ways to get your dog fit and healthy is making regular vet visits. Well, you might be expecting that exercising and eating healthy food would … Read more

How people and dogs can stay fit together

how people and dogs can stay fit together

Can the man’s best friend also be the best fitness buddy? Most certainly! Because dogs are loyal and fond of their human owners, they are willing companions in almost everything. Including both indoor and outdoor exercises, as well as adventure fitness activities. In this article, we will walk you through the different ways on how … Read more

Orthopedic Dog Beds: Does My Dog Need One Or Is It Just A Fad?

orthopedic dog beds

Dogs truly live up to the title of ‘Man’s best friend’, and a way of showing appreciation for your beloved pet is by giving them the comfort and rest they deserve. Products have risen to cater to your dog’s every need. There are dog seat belts for car safety, GPS-enabled tracking dog collars, and even … Read more

Wide Dog Collars: Comfort or style?

We say, both! It’s no wonder that wide dog collars are the latest craze among pet owners. Besides being chic and trendy, wide dog collars give dogs a lot more comfort. Well, a bit more than what regular ones give but basically, function-wise, they’re just the same. But, let’s dig deeep! What’s a Wide Dog … Read more

Dog Collar With GPS Chip / Tracker: A Primer

dog collar with GPS chip

A dog collar with GPS chip/tracker might be what saves you from losing your dog. The stress of having to go to extreme lengths in order to recover your beloved canine could be prevented. Whether they run loose or worse; taken. We all know how heartwarming being reunited with your dog after a long separation … Read more

Dog Collar Wireless Fence

dog collar wireless fence

First of all, please note that if we’re talking about dog collar wireless fence, we’re not talking about those fence systems that you need to bury underground or staple on the ground. We are actually talking about the wireless one! Traditional fence is so medieval. But, truth be told, this wireless one first came out … Read more

Horse Insurance 101: A Beginner’s Guide

horse insurance

Whether you are an individual or a business horse owner that breeds, trains, rides or races, you know how pricey a single horse is. Much more the cost of its lifetime health maintenance. And with the level of activity that your horse engages in, there are always threats of additional expenses due to illnesses, accidents, … Read more

What is the best insurance program for my dog?


Big or small, purebred or mixed, dogs are not just man’s best friends, they are family. And just like every household member, we have the responsibility to take care of them. Especially when dogs get sick and incur injuries. When these things happens, we have to make sure that they get the proper medical care. … Read more