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K9 Fit Club® – The Most Fun You Will Ever Have in Business!

We don’t advocate sitting around (after all, we are K9 Fit Club®!) but on this occasion we encourage you to Sit, Stay and Read. At K9 Fit Club we not only offer a life-changing fitness program for people and their pups, we offer a life-changing business opportunity.

K9 Fit Club addresses the growing epidemic of increasing obesity and diminishing health at both ends of the leash by providing your clients a safe, structured and social environment in which to work out together! K9 Fit Club® is not only the first, we are also the premiere human/canine fitness company in the nation. We’ve worked with Veterinarians, Dog Trainers, Personal Trainers, Doctors and Certified Dog Behaviorists to create our proprietary programs and become the human/canine fitness experts. We’ve designed K9 Fit Club® to be like no other business you’ve ever seen!

  • Over $6 billion spent on dog training in 2014, with a projected annual growth rate of 10%.
  • Over $27.6 Billion spent on the fitness industry
  • Over 54% of the 68.2 million dogs in America are overweight
  • 8 in 10 Americans will be obese by the time they are 25
  • By the time children reach 11 years of age 6 of out 10 will be obese

You can! Our only requirement is you must be a “Dog & People Person” and love the idea of helping them improve their lives while improving the quality of yours as well. K9 Fit Club® licensees love what we do. From our corporate office and active canine office mates to our licensees and raving client fans, we are passionate about K9 Fit Club®. You will be too once you witness how our proprietary programs help improve your clients’ and their pups’ lives!

  • Combine your passion for dogs and your passion for fitness
  • Low “cost barrier” to entry
  • 100% of the profits are yours
  • Flexible hours
  • K9 Fit Club Support Team
  • Create multiple revenue streams
  • Did we say FUN?!?

K9 Fit Club offers you not only a way to make a better living, but an opportunity to make living better as well! We’re talking about an opportunity to spend time doing what you love surrounded by dogs and people while filling a growing need as you improve their health and wellness.

  • Heightened fitness awareness for humans and dogs
  • Social and emotional support
  • Addresses time constraints by combining activities
  • Effective fitness training at both ends of the leash
  • Work out in a safe, structured and social environment

Although K9 Fit Club® was developed as an indoor fitness facility for dogs and people, our programs can also be taught outdoors. All you need is a safe, appealing environment where owners will want to spend active time with their pups. K9 Fit Club® is yours, incorporate your existing business be it veterinary practice, dog training, dog boarding, pet retail, personal training, etc. We find the best locations in industrial areas or smack dab in between existing “dog-friendly” businesses such as your Veterinarian, Dog Training or Dog Boarding Facilities. Not only is it great for space utilization and zoning, it’s a great referral source for establishing long lasting relationships with other pet-friendly businesses!

K9 Fit Club® has been featured on the Today Show, Dateline News, FOX News, Women’s Health, Dog Fancy, Washington Post and AAPA News to mention a few. We are recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association, American Animal Hospital Association, and the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention.

Hear what our Licensees have to say about us!

The K9 Fit Club Master Certification training was jammed packed full of great information, hands-on classes, industry expert speakers as well as a lot of fun and comradery.  I feel as though everyone came in unsure of what to expect, but left armed with new skills, new information and a team of new friends and colleagues.  I am ready to bring K9 Fit Club classes to Raleigh.
Carol Frasso, Master Trainer - Licensee K9 Fit Club Raleigh Durham
The Human Animal Bond, as it pertains to health, healing, and wellness, is one of personal experience for me.  Although, it does not define who I am, I survived a serious closed head injury, while riding horses professionally. New things, for me, are learned slower and differently, than prior to the accident. Challenges can be both cognitive and sometimes physical. My love of animals (especially dogs and horses),exercise, and a wellness lifestyle are the things that have always defined me and influenced the fields I have worked in. When I discovered K9 Fit Club, I knew this was the direction my life and career choice, needed to take. When I contacted K9 Fit Club, their genuine desire to help people was very evident, and I knew immediately this was not any ” bottom line ” driven company. The founder and CEO, Tricia Montgomery, took the responsibility on herself to allow me to learn a bit slower and test differently (by phone calls) without changing any of K9 Fit Club’s science based program. Both Tricia and some of her staff sacrificed personal time to help me prepare to certify. August 2015, I mainstreamed with the other awesome soon to be Master Trainers, I became a K9 Fit Club Certified Master Trainer and Licensee!  Now it is a privilege to help others in my community teaching K9 Fit Club classes. Because human/canine exercise is becoming more mainstreamed and incorporated into rehab and nursing home facilities, I was invited to speak at a local university, to address 3rd-year physical therapy students and their professor, introducing K9 Fit Club and the human-animal bond. I am so proud to be part of the K9 Fit Club family, and appreciate their continued support to all their trainers and licensees, as we commit to K9 Fit Clubs standards of excellence, paying it forward in our own communities
Mary Erschen, Certified Master Trainer & Licensee - Dubuque, Iowa
I am writing in regard to K9 Fit Club. I can’t say enough about such a fun and unique program. K9 Fit Club has been a great addition to K9 Tailshakers, Inc. I was looking for a unique program to offer clients that incorporated fitness and dogs for quite some time. When I found K9 Fit Club, after researching, I couldn’t wait to get the ball rolling.    From the very first phone call, the support and education behind K9 Fit Club has been amazing and everyone we have met and worked with has instantly given a positive, fun and caring vibe.    K9 Fit Club classes have created a lot of buzz and news and the Saturday classes are already fully booked. We will soon be adding on another class and I am certain we will continue to grow and I know we will be adding many more.   This program has not only created an additional stream of revenue, it has created a fun and upbeat environment that has our clients and even our staff excited and looking forward to getting healthy!    K9 Fit Club has been a fantastic program because it works for the beginner to the experienced. It brings an unparalleled support with man’s and women’s best friend by your side every step of the way and vice versa.    In addition, as a training facility, we firmly believe in building a relationship and creating fun/thinking games with your dog. Creating this makes training your dog so much easier and this class has not only made dogs and clients healthier it has also helped build the bond many clients need with their pets. While learning new equipment & exercises you are working together building trust. It’s a winning situation for all involved.  
Jan Flanagan, President - K9 Tailshakers, Inc.
 The K9 Fit Club licensing and certification program was an amazing experience. The material was thorough and included a veterinary and a dog training module put together by experts in the field. It is clear that K9 Fit Club has done their research in making sure their programs are safe and enjoyable for dogs and their people, and the enthusiasm and camaraderie among the staff is clear from the moment you step into the facility. Tricia and her employees are passionate about improving both the physical and mental health of their clients, both human and canine, and are doing so in a positive, creative, and exciting way that keeps people coming back to get a ‘New Leash on Life!
Meredith Clayton, K9 Fit Club Master Trainer - K9 Fit Club Licensee, Philadelphia, PA
I simply wanted to thank you for such an amazing four days. I’m so excited and looking forward to starting my own K9 Fit Club classes. I went from feeling overwhelmed the first day of our time together to now eager to learn more and start teaching. Each of your teachers provided such unique approach to the information and I truly appreciate your dedication to exercise for both pet owner and dog.
Melissa Schrauth, K9 Fit Club Master Trainer - K9 Fit Club Bellyrub Klub, Addison, IL

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K9 Fit Club is a lifestyle company dedicated to creating good health, fitness and wellness of dogs and their people. K9 Fit Club’s proprietary programs offer the time-saving aspect of working out with your dog while in a fun, safe and controlled environment.

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