KLIMB Dog Training Platform In-depth Review

A dog training platform is a great tool for dog obedience training. This is because dogs like to have a special place of their own that they want to go, sit, or stand over. You can do so by giving them their own space to learn and feel safe. The KLIMB Dog Training Platform is an excellent tool to train your pets in the convenience of your home. 

The KLIMB Dog Training Platform was designed by professional dog trainers to solve common dog problems such as excessive barking, jumping over people, begging at the table, and destroying household materials. This tool will make sure your dog will learn faster and develop an excellent relationship with your four-legged friends

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What is a KLIMB Dog Training Platform?

klimb dog training platform

The KLIMB Dog Training Platform is a simple and lightweight agility and training system made especially for dogs. This training platform will give your dogs their own physical place to facilitate a more efficient and faster learning process. You can use it as a stand-alone platform or you could attach multiple KLIMB platforms together side by side. 

This dog training platform can be used to establish clear boundaries between your dog and anything you would like, like certain areas of your house or even people. From agility work training to basic behavior and obedience training, the KLIMB Dog Training Platform will surely help your dog and you as well. 

Backed by multiple research and tests, dog trainers may also use this elevated platform to perform exercises, learn new skills, and unlearn bad habits. Moreover, it is the world’s first professionally designed dog training platform. 

Where Did the Concept of KLIMB Dog Training Platform Come From?

KLIMB Dog Training Platform

Methods for training dogs that are used by experts often involve the basic commands such as “stay”, “sit”, and “come”. One major flaw of these commands is that they are commonly associated with a dog bed or a mat in which the dog has a tendency to be out of position due to the unstable cloth of the bed or mat.

This is why a dog training platform is a more effective tool than those two because it keeps the dog sharply in a position without extra movement. Additionally, the KLIMB Dog Training Platform takes advantage of the dog’s natural tendency to go at a higher vantage point. Being elevated requires more focus and extra care for boundaries – that’s why it’s effective. 

Main Features of the KLIMB Dog Training Platform

KLIMB Dog Training Platform offers a number of outstanding features you can rely on. This cool dog training platform prides itself on a very durable, and neatly molded poly deck lined with an exclusive PawGrip surface for a nice pet footing. Aside from that, it is also UV stabilized and washable for outdoor usage that will last for years.

KLIMB Dog Training Platform

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 12 inches (with legs attached)
  • Item Weight: 14 pounds (4-inch height without legs)
  • Material Used: 50% Heavy-duty Roto Molded Polyethylene; 50% Recycled Material
  • Dog Type: Can be used by small to medium-sized dog breeds
  • Colors: Available in blue, black 

Proprietary QuiKonnect™ system allows for unlimited configurations

The QuiKonnect system allows you to connect multiple platforms for a custom configuration that would cater to your dog well. Likewise, you can link them together horizontally to create a larger single surface to train on.

Moreover, you can stack two or more KLIMB Dog Training Platforms vertically in a tower formation or stagger them to create pyramids, especially for performance dogs. These are all great options if you have a large dog or if you have multiple small dogs to train.

Easy storage with multiple units stacked neatly

Most dog training platforms tend to be leaning on the heavier side and bulkier side. These platforms are designed to accommodate larger breeds. Also, some brands have a number of parts to assemble which would require a time-consuming and tedious task. 

KLIMB Dog Training Platform

Heavier and bigger dog training platforms can also be difficult to maintain. They can be hard to clean, and most importantly, these gigantic tools can be a handful to transport. 

Fully molded with no distinct sharp edges

The base is a strong and molded polyethylene that is embedded with an exclusive PawGrip rubberized surface. This ensures the footing of your dog so that they won’t fall off by accident. Moreover, the corners are curved so there won’t be any unwanted injuries.  

Sleek and Sturdy Design

The KLIMB Dog Training Platform offers maximum convenience all throughout. This is all credited to the durable polyethylene material. It is built to hold up to 500 lbs of weight. Furthermore, its removable legs are handy, especially for storage. Don’t forget the color of it which is nice and elegant. 

Being washable, waterproof, and weather-resistant are also on the table when it comes to the KLIMB Dog Training Platform. You are guaranteed years of service with this platform. This way, you can train your dogs indoors or outdoors depending on your mood. 

Travel Friendly

Its compact design allows you to easily collapse the platform and bring it wherever you would like. The under-platform also functions as recessed storage, so you can easily transport the whole system. This storage is spacious enough to hold all four legs of the platform. Also, the size is relatively small compared to other alternatives which can be a hassle for some.

You can check out the product here on Amazon. Click on the link below to order!

Blue-9 Sports Klimb, Black
  • Portable/Storage - Legs store in recess under the Klimb for easy transport and storage

Pros and Cons of KLIMB Dog Training Platform

Here are the pros, or the “paw”-sitives, and the disadvantages of this platform You might want to weigh the factors first before you decide to get one for your dog. 


  1. Very easy to use and a proven training system
  2. Lightweight – for easy storage and travel
  3. Faster and easier learning – to have a more focused training session
  4. Durable – built to last and withstand the outdoors
  5. Portable –  perfect for on-the-go training 
  6. Easy Cleaning – completely waterproof and easy dry material
  7. Great for other purposes – washing and grooming your dogs


  1. Not big enough for very large dog breeds
  2. Relatively pricey compared to the competition
  3. Not advisable for dogs to lie down on

How to use the KLIMB Dog Training Platform

Getting started with KLIMB Dog Training Platform is a walk in the park. First, you have to screw the legs in place and set it on a flat surface. You’re good to go and ready to train! 

Most dogs will just jump on the KLIMB right off the bat. Should there be any misbehaviors from the dog, you can lead them off with some positive reinforcement such as some treats or a chew toy. Alternatively, you may also place the reward on the table to promote a positive association with the platform. 

You can go beyond basic training! As mentioned above, the KLIMB Dog Training Platform is also an excellent agility training system. A more popular use for this platform is a “pause” table as a turning around point of an agility course. 

Here’s a quick demonstration to see some of the possible applications. 


If you are having trouble controlling your dog, putting on a leash can be a ton of help to provide gentle guidance. Make sure you don’t drag your dog too much, or else they might get hurt. If your dog is still hesitant, just keep on repeating the process until your dog gains enough confidence.

Other Uses of the KLIMB Dog Training Platform

The KLIMB Dog Training Platform is not just for training your dogs. It has other practical uses as well. For starters, it’s a great stepping stone to help your dog learn how to get inside the car. If your dog is one of the more stubborn ones, you can use the platform as a guide. 

On the other hand, this tool can also be used as a step down like a shallow stair to start off with. This is beneficial for dogs that are afraid of going up or down a flight of stairs.  

Bottom Line

Overall, the KLIMB Dog Training Platform is a highly versatile tool that’s super great for controlling your dog’s behavior and developing obedience. Likewise, you can train them to learn new skills that can be helpful to you someday.

Apart from its practicality, the KLIMB Dog Training Platform is very impressive for its sturdy design and construction. Many customers love this product because it offers great features such as the QuiKonnect system to attach multiple KLIMB Platforms as well as the PawGrip flooring to prevent slippage and injuries.

You will definitely have a fun and exciting time with this one. At the same time, you will get a solution to your dog’s troubles. More importantly, this great product will promote and strengthen your relationship with your four-legged friend. Don’t miss out on having a well-behaved dog with the KLIMB Dog Training Platform.

FAQs on the KLIMB Dog Training Platform 

Is the KLIMB Platform proven to be effective?

All training periods require tons of dedication for the process to work. With the KLIMB training platform, dogs will be more inclined to focus and perform better when training.

The KLIMB takes good advantage of a dog’s natural tendency to look for a higher vantage point. This is why dogs leap up or sit up when they are excited over something. By doing so, they raise their heads at a higher position to focus on the subject.

I have no background in dog training. How do I get started?

Set up your KLIMB dog training platform first before you begin training. Make sure it is placed on a flat surface for stable usage. You can start with the basics like “stay” or “sit”. Afterward, you can check out the Blue-9 website for a complete guide and training videos.

Likewise, you can also do your own research. Training dogs requires a lot of effort and discipline to pull off a great training exercise.

Are there any other KLIMB tools you can use with the dog platform?

Yes, there are other accessories you could use with the KLIMB platform. Accessories include our KLIMB Sure Feet, KLIMB Traction Mat, KLIMB 6inch legs, and KLIMB Strap. You can check out KLIMB Accessories and Uses here.

Does this come with plugs for the holes if you are using it without the legs?

Unfortunately, it does not come with plugs for the holes. The package comes with only the platform and the 4 legs. There is also an available add-on of shorter legs should this be your preference.

Can I use the KLIMB dog platform to train my dog over water?

The KLIMB dog platform was not tested for its buoyancy, and it is not intended as a floating device. We recommend not using it for such activity.

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