How is an Easy Walk Harness Correctly Attached?— An Owner’s Guide

How is an Easy Walk Harness correctly attached? That is a question that has haunted many dog owners for a long time. In this article, we’ll answer the question “how is an Easy Walk Harness correctly attached?” and other topics revolving around walk harnesses.

However, before we can move forward, we’ll have to know first what is an Easy Walk Harness. Therefore, let’s first identify how an Easy Walk Harness functions.

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What is an Easy Walk Harness?

how is an easy walk harness correctly attached?

As we know, leash pulling is one of the few dog behaviour issues that make walking a daunting task. An Easy Walk Harness is an excellent leash that helps owners control their dogs easily. Easy Walk specifically designed their harness to guide dogs on the side, redirecting their attention to their owner. As a result, calming sudden aggression among various dog breeds.

Furthermore, an Easy Walk Harness wraps gently around dogs’ chests, unlike xlarge dog collars. Thus, their throat is safe from accidental choking or gagging from leash pulling. In addition, this specific fit provides owners with 4 adjustment points, allowing for better size customizability and fit.

In a nutshell, here are the features that make the Easy Walk Harness stand out:

  • Wraps around dogs’ chests instead of necks.
  • Minimizes the occurrence of accidental choking and gagging.
  • Features excellent adjustability.
  • Extremely adjustable fit.
  • Customizable with dog collars charms.
  • Discourages leash pulling among dogs without hurting them.

Measuring your Dog’s Size for an Easy Walk Harness

how is an easy walk harness correctly attached?

Before we answer “how is an easy walk harness correctly attached?”, we must first know how to fit them properly. As we know, an Easy Walk Harness cannot reach its maximum potential if it doesn’t fit your dog properly. Therefore, we are here to help you know your dog’s harness size conveniently at home. Thus, allowing you to find the appropriate Easy Walk Harness size for your dog.

Four Easy Steps to Measure your Dog’s Easy Walk Harness Size

Measuring your dog’s size is an extremely easy task. However, owners should still proceed through this process with extreme attention as this dictates the final fit of a harness.

Therefore, without further adieu, here are the 4 steps to follow when measuring your dog’s size:

  • Get a tape measure.
  • Gently measure your dog’s girth by putting it on the thickest part of his abdomen in inches.
  • Next, measure your dog’s chest width by putting the tape 1” behind their front legs.
  • Lastly, compare your dog’s girth and width on the size chart below.
how is an easy walk harness correctly attached?

Fitting an Easy Walk Harness on Dogs

As dog owners, the comfort of our pets comes first when buying an easy walk harness for dogs. In addition, we also prioritize ways how to keep your dogs safe during walks. However, we cannot ensure their comfort and safety if an Easy Walk Harness doesn’t fit them properly.

Typically, fitting an Easy Walk Harness on Dogs is an easy two-step process. Still, if dog owners do not follow these steps properly, it may result in improper harness usage. Consequently, leading to potential accidents and injuries.

In the first half, we tackled the specifics of Easy Walk Harnesses and how to measure your dog’s harness size. Now, we will answer the question “how is an easy walk harness correctly attached?”.

Best Easy Walk Harness on Amazon

Shoulder Straps

Firstly, dog owners should ensure that the shoulder straps of their Easy Walk Harness are secure. Owners should unstrap the belly strap, then gently fit the Easy Walk Harness’ shoulder strap over their dog’s shoulder. Subsequently, owners can now adjust the O-rings so that they may rest gently behind the shoulder.

Secondly, owners may now snap the belly strap close and adjust them away from the dog’s armpits. Doing so prevents various allergies within the armpit’s sensitive area. The Easy Walk Harness should make a vertical line around the dog’s deep pectoral muscles.

Lastly, dog owners should ensure a snug fit to minimize hair loss and allergic reaction to the harness’ contact areas. To do so, owners can put 1-2 fingers between the dog and strap, providing a snug fit.

Chest Strap

After adjusting the shoulder straps, dog owners can start adjusting the Easy Walk Harness’ chest strap. The Easy Walk Harness chest strap should fit horizontally but snugly across the dog’s chest.

Furthermore, owners must pay attention to the distance between the chest strap and their dog’s neck. Failing to do so may lead to accidental choking and discomfort during walks. Moreover, owners should also pay attention to the height of the adjuster rings on the dog. For reference, a good adjuster height should look like a T-shape when observed.


how is an easy walk harness correctly attached?

Before buying an Easy Walk Harness, buyers should pay attention to the product’s overall fit. In doing so, buyers can get the full potential of Easy Walk Harnesses. Furthermore, knowing the answer to the question “how is an easy walk harness correctly attached” can provide buyers with insights to avoid dog injuries in the long run. Therefore, this article is an excellent read for dog owners planning to utilize Easy Walk Harnesses on their next walk.

Finally, the key to an excellent walk doesn’t boil down to the quality of your harness. Things such as dog hydration, nutrition, and other factors may also affect your dog’s overall walk experience. Thus, we also advise owners to know certain things. For example, owners should know the answer to the question “should I feed my dog before or after a walk?”. This may help them provide a more enjoyable experience during walks.

Nevertheless, utilizing an Easy Walk Harness makes walking a dog a whole lot easier. In addition, this harness type provides dogs with a safer walking experience. For instance, an Easy Walk Harness allows owners to easily guide their dogs when walking. Moreover, this harness style minimizes accidental choking during walks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Easy Walk Harnesses for Dogs

Does the easy walk harness work?

As stated, an Easy Walk Harness is ideal walking equipment that may improve the walking experience of dogs. In addition, Easy Walk Harnesses help dog owners in controlling dogs, especially large breeds.

Furthermore, this specific type of dog harness is excellent for dogs that love pulling leashes. However, Easy Walk Harnesses only work if they fit dogs snugly.

Are easy walk harnesses bad for dogs?

There are no fool-proof collar and harness style. For instance, a dog collar can cause an allergic reaction such as hair loss within the neck area. In addition, dog collars that are too tight may cause nerve problems in dogs.

Similarly, Easy Walk Harnesses that are too tight may impede shoulder movement. As a result, this may cause shoulder problems in dogs. Therefore, dog owners should pay attention to the fit of their Easy Walk Harnesses for dogs.

What is the best harness to teach a dog to walk?

Today, there are tons of harnesses in the market. Some feature cheap materials and are found within a budget-friendly price point. However, the Easy Walk Harness is the one that shines in the spotlight. Thanks to its wide array of benefits, dog owners can provide a great walking experience for their dogs through them. But, we recommend them to know “how is an easy walk harness correctly attached?” to fully utilize these benefits.

Is it better to walk a dog with a harness or collar?

As stated, both have their negative effects when incorrectly worn. However, they both provide dogs with various benefits. But, if we were to choose, harnesses are the better option since they offer less neck strain compared to collars. In addition, Easy Walk Harnesses are excellent options for dogs with breathing problems.

Is pulling on a dog harness bad?

Unlike standard dog collars, dog harnesses don’t put a strain on a dog’s neck. Therefore, pulling on a dog harness is not harmful whatsoever. However, when walking dogs, we still advise Easy Walk Harness users to gently guide their dogs.

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