8 Best Heat Lamp for Dog House: Shield Your Dogs from the Winter Wind!

A heat lamp for dog house is essential, especially for dog owners who live in temperate and polar regions. As we know, dogs typically suffer from mild hypothermia when their body temperature falls below 99 degrees Fahrenheit (37.22 Celsius). Consequently, dogs can easily contract mild to severe hypothermia without any proper heat source during cold winter nights. Furthermore, dogs can suffer a plethora of signs when suffering hypothermia such as rapid breathing, loss of consciousness, and more.

8 Best Heat Lamp for Dog House

In addition, some dogs are more susceptible to hypothermia than others. For instance, smaller dogs may have trouble regulating their body temperature in comparison with larger dogs. Moreover, long-coated dogs have better temperature management than dogs with shorter furs. Nevertheless, we collected 8 excellent heat lamps for dog house, ensuring your furry friend’s warmth during cold winter nights.

What to Look for When Buying a Heat Lamp for Dog House?— A Buyer’s Guide

heat lamp for dog house

Although getting a heat lamp for a dog house is a method to keep your dogs safe during winter, it’s still not foolproof. Therefore, buyers must be aware of the various features they should consider when buying a heat lamp for dog house. In this light, I crafted this buyer’s guide, helping users to provide safe housing for their dogs during winter.

Heat Lamp Wattage

Heat lamps consume power just like your typical dog appliances such as pet vacuums. However, powering a heat lamp is more costly in comparison with simple dog toys and cleaning appliances. Therefore, we recommend buyers find heat lamps with wattages ranging from 100W up to 300W. Consequently, allowing buyers to provide ample heat for dog houses without putting a dent in their monthly electricity bill.


Some heat lamps feature a wall-mounted construction, allowing users to position the lamp on out-of-reach spots within a dog house. Conversely, some heat lamps utilize a lightbulb construction, allowing users to power them using lightbulb sockets or a wall plug. However, putting a wall plug in a dog house might electrocute unsuspecting dogs.

In this light, owners who want to use wall-plugged heat lamps should position them within an elevated or well-hidden area. Meanwhile, some heat lamp manufacturers incorporate a heating pad design. Consequently, allowing dogs to warm up while laying down is similar to how orthopedic dog beds do their job.


Dogs are extremely curious— and that’s a fact! For instance, dogs love snooping around things that pique their interests. Biting is one of the various things dogs love doing when an object attracts their attention. No matter the reason, biting and chewing are inevitable for dogs.

Therefore, we advise dog owners to pick chew-proof heat lamps, especially if they are getting products with electrical cords. Doing so protects dogs from accidental electrocutions and burns that may be caused by dangling wires or exposed bulbs.

5 of the Best Heat Lamps for Dog Houses

Fengrun Infrared Bulb

Brand: Fengrun

Type: Light-bulb Heat Lamp for Dog House

Finding a heat lamp product that you can mount beyond your dog’s reach is a must. With heat lamps for dog houses, nothing beats a good old light bulb. Featuring an anti-explosion glass, the Fengrun Infrared Bulb is perfect and safe for dog houses.

Furthermore, the Fengrun Infrared Bulb consumes 250W, ensuring pets a decent dog house heating during cold nights. In addition, Fengrun rated this Infrared Bulb’s lifespan between 5000 to 6000 hours. Therefore, if you’re looking for an affordable way to heat dog houses, then you should give this bulb a try.


  • Anti-explosion glass
  • E26/E27 base type
  • 250W/120V
  • 5000-6000 rated lifespan
  • Infrared heating technology


  • Comes within a budget-friendly price point.
  • Mountable on hard-to-reach areas for dog safety.
  • Only requires a lightbulb socket when mounting.
  • Doesn’t include wires that may cause electrical shocks in dogs.


  • Similar to all light bulbs, this Infrared Bulb requires periodic changing.

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Prima Heat Lamp for Poultry, Pets, and Livestock

Brand: Premier 1 Supplies

Type: Light-bulb Heat Lamp for Dog House

The Prima Heat Lamp has a 250W rating perfect for both pets and livestock. In addition, the Prima Heat Lamp utilizes a red infrared bulb. Thus, allowing users to safely heat their pets in cold climates.

Moreover, the Prima Heat Lamp incorporates a heavy-duty plastic grill, protecting the bulb from accidental dog bites. In addition, this feature tucks the bulb away from accidental touches. As a result, the lamp’s heavy-duty plastic grill minimizes the risk of accidental electrocution of dogs.

Furthermore, the Prima Heat Lamp utilizes a 16ft cord, providing owners with enough slack for positioning. The 16ft cord also features anti-chew spring wires, protecting the wire from bites and scratches.


  • 250W red infrared bulb
  • Heavy-duty plastic grill
  • 16 ft electrical cord
  • Anti-chew spring wire
  • UL-listed ceramic fixture


  • The product’s heavy-duty plastic grill protects the lightbulb from damage.
  • Works on both livestock and pets.
  • Features an anti-chew spring wire which helps protect dogs from accidental electrocution.
  • Ideal for short-haired dogs.


  • More expensive than the Fengrun Infrared Bulb which offers almost the same features.

Dog House Heater with Thermostat

Brand: PETNF

Type: Wall-mounted Heat Lamp for Dog House

As we know, heat lamps utilize a lot of electricity, and when we say a lot— we mean A LOT. Therefore, dog owners must find energy-saving dog heaters before their electricity bills go straight through the roof. Luckily, the PETNF Dog House Heater features just that!

Firstly, the PETNF Dog House Heater utilizes a thermostat with built-in sensors. As a result, the dog house heater turns off when the dog house’s ambient temperature reaches the desired temperature. In addition, when the ambient temperature drops by 2 degrees, the heater restarts, saving energy in the process.

Secondly, the PETNF dog house heater consumes 300W of power which efficiently heats a dog house within a short period. Moreover, this dog house heater boasts an internal heat shield, protecting essential components from overheating. Lastly, this heater warms dog houses from 41°F up to 113°F within a maximum running time of 24 hours.


  • Thermostat with built-in temperature sensor
  • 300W/120V 60Hz
  • 41°F up to 113°F temperature setting
  • Ceramic Heating Wire
  • Built-in overheating protection


  • Comes with a 6ft metal anti-chew cord which efficiently guards wires against bites.
  • The product’s ceramic heating wire eliminates the risk of fires and other safety hazards.
  • Features a water-resistant thermostat controller that is suitable for outdoor conditions.
  • Utilizes smart thermostat features which save energy in the process.


  • The PETNF heater might be too large for small-sized dog houses.

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Dog House Heater Plus Model

Brand: Extreme Consumer Products

Type: Wall-mounted Heat Lamp for Dog House

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient heat lamp for dog house, look no further because this heater has you covered! Featuring heavy-duty construction, this dog house heater can easily go against scratches and abuses a dog can inflict. Therefore, making this heater an excellent addition to a large breed’s dog house.

Furthermore, this heater’s thermostat features 40 levels which span from 35°F up to 80°F. Consequently, allowing this product to provide heat for all breeds and dog house sizes. In addition, this heater also features an automatic shut-off feature similar to the PETNF heater. Thus, enabling the heater to turn off when the ambient temperature inside a dog house reaches the desired amount.

Lastly, since Extreme Consumer Products emphasizes this heater’s durability, they also included a 16-gauge steel chew resistance cord protector. As a result, providing unparalleled cord protection against dog bites regardless of size and breed.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Energy-efficient system
  • Built-in shut-off feature
  • 40 thermostat levels
  • 35°F up to 80°F temperature range


  • Features a heavy-duty construction that can withstand force from large dog breeds.
  • Suitable for all dog house sizes.
  • Provides dog owners with an easy D.I.Y. installation.
  • Boasts an efficient heating and energy-saving system.


  • This heat lamp is comparably noisier than smaller heaters.

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Akoma Hound Heater Dog House Heater

Brand: Hound Heater

Type: Wall-mounted Heat Lamp for Dog House

The Akoma Hound Heater is perfect for dog owners who want to conveniently monitor the temperature of their doghouse. Featuring advanced BlueTooth technology, the Akoma Hound Heater allows owners to monitor and change its thermostat using smartphones and tablets. Consequently, enabling users to take care of their pets without having to brave the cold and chilly winter wind.

Moreover, the Akoma Hound Heater utilizes heavy-duty features such as rounded corners and chew-proof cords. As a result, Hound Heater provides dogs with a safe heating system without hurting themselves. In addition, this heater can efficiently distribute heat of up to 75ft, making it ideal for all dog house sizes.

Furthermore, Hound Heater packed this product with energy-saving features such as thermo-sensing bulbs for accurate dog house heat control. The heater also turns off automatically when the ambient temperature reaches the target value. Lastly, the Hound Heater comes with a 300W heating element that can withstand an average of 100,000 on/off cycles.


  • Advanced BlueTooth Technology
  • Chew-proof cord
  • Thermo-sensing bulb
  • 100,000 on/off cycles
  • 300W heater


  • Ideal for dog houses measuring up to 75 cubic feet.
  • Delivers a quiet heat dispersing operation.
  • Allows dog owners to adjust the thermostat within the comfort of their homes.
  • Provides users with accurate temperature monitoring and control through a Thermo bulb.


  • The most expensive heat lamp for dog house within this list.

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3 Heat Lamp for Dog House Alternatives

Fiada Flat Panel Heaters

Brand: Fiada

Type: Flat Panel Heat Lamp for Dog House

The Fiada Flat Panel Heater is an energy-efficient product that consumes a minimum of 100W up to 200W. In addition, it can heat up from 140°F to 167°F, providing enough heating for pets without burning hairs or skin. Thanks to its 200W maximum consumption, the Fiada Flat Panel heats efficiently while saving electricity.

Moreover, Fiada constructed the panel without exposing any part of the heating coil. Thus, providing pets with safe and comfortable heating within their dog house. The Fiada Flat Panel also meets the UL Standard for safety. Plus, the Flat Panel Heater also incorporates anti-bite wires for the ultimate dog house safety.

Furthermore, the Flat Panel Heater delivers a noiseless operation, unlike traditional heat lamps. The heater also uses a thermally sensitive sticker for temperature monitoring. Lastly, Fiada constructed this flat panel heater with a wall and floor mountable design, allowing users to mount them anywhere!


  • 100W-200W power consumption
  • 140°F to 167°F heating capacity
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Anti-bite wire
  • Sensitive Thermal Stickers


  • Provides users with a noiseless operation.
  • Easy to mount on various surfaces.
  • Features a space-saving construction.
  • Loaded with safety features such as automatic shut-downs against overheating and IP64 waterproof design.


  • The Fiada Panel doesn’t have a visible thermostat aside from its thermal sticker.

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Toozey Pet Heating Pad

Brand: Toozey

Type: Heating Pad Heat Lamp for Dog House

The Toozey Heating Pad provides pets with a comfortable sleep during winter! Featuring an LED controller, users can easily adjust the thermostat of the Toozey Pet Heating Pad. In addition, Toozey designed this heating pad with 6 temperature settings that span from 86°F up to 131°F.

The heating pad also utilizes a timer that shuts off within a specified time; thus, saving energy as a result. Moreover, the timer also prevents burns by preventing the pad from working for excessive amounts of time.

Furthermore, the Toozey Pet Heating Pad features a UL-certified heating material, ensuring pet safety when in use. The heating pad’s built-in intelligent temperature control prevents the occurrence of overheating. Lastly, the Toozey Heating Pad also features a PVC envelope with waterproof and fire-retardant properties.


  • LED temperature controller
  • Heating pad timer
  • Waterproof and fire-retardant PVC envelope
  • Built-in temperature control
  • Dual-resistant cord protector


  • Features easily maintainable and machine washable covers.
  • Waterproof and fire-retardant construction.
  • Perfect for newborn puppies up to adult dogs.
  • Can help with easing joint pressure and pain for older dogs.


  • Buyers should ensure that the Toozey Pet Heating Pad has a cover when in use.

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K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed

Brand: K&H Pet Products

Type: Heating Pad Heat Lamp for Dog House

The K&H Heated Pad is an excellent choice for dog-owners who wants a convenient way of heating their pets. Firstly, the heating pad comes with a comfortable and soft fleece cover that is easy to clean. In addition, the K&H pad utilizes a waterproof construction ideal for outdoor use such as a dog house.

Secondly, K&H crafted this heating pad with a smart thermostat that warms the surface according to a dog’s body temperature. Moreover, the heating pad only consumes 40W of power, making it energy-efficient and perfect for dog owners on a budget.

Lastly, the K&H Heating Pad meets the requirements for a MET Labs certification. Furthermore, the K&H Heating Pad also surpasses the USA/CA electrical safety standards. Therefore, if you’re looking for a safe heat source for your dogs, then give the K&H Heating Pad a chance.


  • 19”x24” heating pad size
  • 5 ½ ft steel wrapped cord
  • 40W/ 110V-120V
  • Met Labs and USA/CA electrical safety certification
  • Automatic thermostat


  • Warms dogs up to their body temperature, eliminating the risk of burns and accidents.
  • Meets various certifications for electronic safety.
  • Boasts energy-saving and efficient features.
  • Features a waterproof construction suitable for outdoor use.


  • Not suitable for large dog breeds; however, the brand also offers a larger 25”x36” size.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Heat Lamps for Dogs

Is a heat lamp safe for dog house?

A heat lamp is a convenient way for dog owners to heat their dog house. However, not all dog heat lamps are safe. For a safe operation, buyers should buy heat lamps that have safety features such as automatic turn-offs and thermostats. In addition, buying a heat lamp for dog house that meets a certification for safety is a must.

Does a heat lamp keep dogs warm?

A 100W up to 300W heat lamp for dog house can easily warm pets during cold winter nights. Still, dog owners should monitor a heat lamp’s thermostat regularly, especially if it can make direct contact with their dogs. In this light, nothing beats the convenience of BlueTooth and remote-operated thermostats. Thus, allowing users to easily monitor and adjust their dog heater’s thermostat within the comfort of their homes.

Can you leave a heat lamp on all night for dogs?

Some heat lamps can run for 24 hours without shutting down. However, buyers should still keep in mind the capacity of the heat lamp they are buying. Therefore, buyers should look for heat lamps with built-in temperature sensors, allowing the product to turn off when not needed.

What is a good heat source for a dog house?

Here are 8 excellent heat sources for dog houses you can buy:

  • Fengrun Infrared Red Bulb
  • Prima Heat Lamp Kit
  • PETNF 300W Dog House Heater with Thermostat
  • Extreme Consumer Products Dog House Heater Plus Model
  • Akoma Hound Heater
  • Fiada Flat Panel Heater
  • Toozey Pet Heating Pad
  • K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed

Does a heat lamp for dog house cause fires?

Poorly-constructed heat lamps that feature cheap materials could easily catch fire. That’s one of the few hazards of utilizing a heat lamp for dog house. However, buyers can ensure their dog’s safety by buying heat lamps that feature a fire-retardant material. In addition, buying a heat lamp with waterproof features can help prevent sparks and explosions.

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