Glow In The Dark Dog Collar: The 5 Best Options You Can Buy

Looking for the best way to keep track of your dog at night? Then you need a Glow In The Dark Dog Collar! These handy collars will help you spot your pooch in the dark, so you can keep an eye on them and make sure they’re safe.

Best Glow in the Dark Dog Collar Reviewed in This Guide

What is a Glow in the Dark Dog Collar?

A glow in the dark dog collar is a specialized collar for dogs that emits light by means of reflecting light through reflective strips and or LED lights around your dog’s neck. This creates an illusion of glowing at night. Its main purpose is to keep your dog visible, especially at night. This is great for dog owners with pets that are too adventurous for you to keep watch.

I know that all dogs truly enjoy a nice stroll on the daily. Sometimes, my schedule is too full for the day to squeeze in a walk with my dog, so I end up doing this at night. For me, this poses a level of danger particularly for dark neighborhoods or parks that are prone to sharp objects and creepy crawlers that may spook your pets.

For me, this is why the glow in the dark dog collars are such an amazing invention. It definitely helps in keeping our worries away and improves our vision late at night. 

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Glow in the Dark Dog Collar vs Reflector Strips 

For dogs, visibility will come in two options, glow in the dark dog collar or reflective strips. 

Glow in the dark dog collars produce their own light. Usually they are made with light-producing bulbs which are also commonly just your regular LEDs. Moreover, these light bulbs are battery powered, so they won’t usually rely on natural light from the environment. 

This will be very convenient to have on your dogs. So when your dog runs out in the darkness of the night, all you have to do is look for a glowing bright halo that seems floating in the air. Your worries will be all gone. 

Reflective strips, from the name itself, reflect light from an external source. They bounce off the light from the material of the strips. This makes the strips glow and very visible in the dark. While these are awesome accessories, they still rely on other light sources for it to work. 

You would be needing your own flashlight when you bring your dog outside during nighttime. 

Why Do You Need A Glow in the Dark Dog Collar?

You need glow in the dark dog collars for nighttime adventures with your four-legged friend. Trust me, it would save tons of time and effort to find your dog easily during a night stroll. 

Plus, you won’t have to worry about your dog much since you can locate them at once. Also, you could attach your GPS pet tracker on your dog’s collar for an additional location feature. For me, a good glow in the dark dog collar would be enough, and it also saves you some money.

The 5 Best Glow in the Dark Dog Collar

Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar 

BLAZIN Brightest Light Up Dog Collars - The Original LED Dog Collar with 1,000 Feet of Visibility - USB Rechargeable Waterproof Dog Collar Light - Dog Lights for Night Walking - USA Brand

The Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar is the best choice for high visibility glowing bulbs. You can see as far as 3530 yards away from you. It has features like adjustable thick straps designed for comfort. It makes use of premium LED lights that don’t shy away behind your dog’s fur.

Like many other LED-powered dog collars, the Blazin’ is USB rechargeable which is very convenient. You can also choose from over 10 different colors as well as four sizes from extra small to large. Every dog is welcome to try the Blazin’ Glow in the Dark Dog Collar.


  • Reliable, evenly-lit collar
  • Easy USB rechargeable 
  • 350-yard visibility range
  • Many colors and sizes


  • Pricier than other brands
  • Water-resistance

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Higo LED Dog Collar

LED Dog Collar - HIGO Light Up Dog Collars, USB Rechargeable LED Dog Necklace Light, Pet Safety Collar Makes Your Beloved Dogs Glow in The Dark (Blue)

The HIGO LED Dog Collar works more like a glow stick rather than a bulb-powered collar. A specialized TPU tubing with a central controller guides the “light” around the collar to create a stunning halo effect. This way your dog is very visible as you walk.

In addition to this, the material is very comfortable and visible. It is also available in five colors, but only one size unfortunately. You can charge this collar using a mini USB charger. You can, likewise, guarantee that this product is durable. Lastly, you can easily disassemble this collar as the two ends of the tube can be fitted together into the central controller.


  • One-size-fits-all
  • Easily Rechargeable
  • Water-resistant


  • No attachment for leashes
  • Disadvantage for furry dogs

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BSEEN LED Glow in the Dark Dog Collar

BSEEN Light Up Dog Collars - Rechargeable LED Dog Collar, Glowing Puppy Collar, TPU Cuttable Dog Walking Lights for Small Medium and Large Dogs (Pink-II)

The BSEEN LED Glow in the Dark Dog Collar is purely made to keep your furry friend visible at night. The whole collar is just one long LED strip that is completely rechargeable. This way, the light lasts much longer than ordinary glow sticks. You join the two ends of the collar along the central control device.

There are also different light modes such as fast flashing, slow flashing, and steady light. Moreover, you can also adjust the collar to fit your dog perfectly by cutting the end to contour around your dog’s neck. As such, any dog would fit in this collar, but you could only do so once.


  • Comes in 5 different colors
  • Custom fit for one dog
  • Budget-friendly
  • Water-resistant


  • No leash attachments

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Illumiseen LED Dog Collar

Illumiseen LED Dog Collar USB Rechargeable - Bright & High Visibility Lighted Glow Collar for Pet Night Walking - Weatherproof, in 6 Colors & 6 Sizes (Green Large)

The Illumissen LED Dog Collar can arguably be the best glow in the dark dog collar for your dog that we have right now. It is very bright enough to be seen from hundreds of yards away thanks to its neon color options. Additionally, there are reflective strips that extend all throughout the collar. Oncoming light catches it and adds to the LED lights for maximum visibility.

The battery life is excellent as it can last for a week or two of daily night walks. It also comes in six different sizes with about a 4-inch neck range as well as 6 bright color choices. The battery pack is entirely weatherproof and water-resistant as well. Overall, the Illumiseen LED Dog Collar is my top pick for the best glow in the dark dog collar.


  • High quality materials 
  • Different sizes and colors 
  • Water-resistant
  • Reflective strips
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Bright color options


  • Runs on bigger sizes

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VIZPET LED Glow in the Dark Dog Collar

Vizpet LED Dog Collar, Light Up Dog Collar Adjustable USB Rechargeable Super Bright Safety Light Glowing Collars for Dogs(Medium,Green)

The VIZPET LED Glow in the Dark Dog Collar is a great collar to watch over your dog safely at night. It is made from premium quality materials like thick nylon. Moreover, it has a metal D-ring to allow attachment of a leash during your walks day or night. You can easily charge these collars using a USB charger to get up to 12 hours of flashes and glows. 

There are three flash options: quick flash, slow flash, and a steady light. You also have two color options two choose from, bright orange or neon green. Sizing ranges from small to large to cater to almost all breeds and sizes of dogs.


  • 3 flash modes
  • Easily rechargeable
  • D-ring for leash
  • 12-hour battery life


  • Only 2 colors
  • Small sizing

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Glow In The Dark Dog Collars Buyer’s Guide

Size and Design

You should take into account the size of your doggo, obviously. Make sure that the glow in the dark dog collar you have will fit. Likewise, it’s also important to consider proportionality. A big bulky light won’t look so good on a tiny dog, and vice versa. 

Smaller dogs are much harder to see at night, and may need some safety glowing collars. Moreover, some dogs are just easier to see than others due to their color. So it’s important to pick a color and design that will complement your dog. For example, a dark colored Labrador retriever will be very difficult to see at night.


It won’t make much sense if your glow in the dark dog collar isn’t as bright as a light during nighttime. Dog collars that are made up of LED light bulbs are typically more expensive since they shine brighter. 

For people with a budget, having an LED collar is the smartest way as LED dog collars are more durable, and more visible. In addition to this, they are also more energy-efficient. 

Moreover, you would also want to determine how much light is okay. An LED glow in the dark dog collar that has a soft brightness, yet still visible is often the best option. You still have to account for comfort so as to not bother your dog’s eyes that much. 

Glow Modes

You should also take into consideration that different types of glows or flashes the dog collar has to offer. Some glow in the dark dog collars have built-in modes such as quick flash, steady flash, and slow pulses. In this manner, your dog will be very visible no matter the light conditions. 

Initially, it would seem that this feature is not a necessity. Hower, glow modes are actually very helpful and could help you a lot when looking out for your four-legged babies. 

Water Resistance

It goes without saying that water resistance is a priority feature for a glow in the dark dog collar. Weather is unpredictable, so it pays to be ready when it rains while you’re out with your dog. You wouldn’t want your dog to be electrocuted, would you? 

Buying a water resistant or waterproof glow in the dark dog collar is a major plus. Additionally, a water-resistant dog collar won’t absorb water as much which will lessen any wet foul odor. A good quality waterproof dog collar should be able to handle all types of weather with your dog. 

Battery Life and Glow Time

Most glow in the dark dog collars are battery operated. You should consider the time value you get for a certain amount of charge you make. A good glow in the dark dog collar should last you at least 6 hours non-stop per charge. Long battery life means you won’t have to keep recharging every time you go out. 

Some collars are made to provide reflection when worn by your dog whereas some dog collars are made from LED lights that either require batteries or recharging. A reflective glow in the dark dog collar is popular for owners who want unlimited usage, but can be unreliable at times. 


An essential factor to consider is how the wearable fits around your dog’s neck. There is no point in buying an ill-fitted collar even if it’s expensive and shines very bright. Glow in the dark collar comes in different sizes from xx-small to x-large.

One important factor to consider is how comfortable and wearable the collar is to your dog’s neck. You will be just wasting your money for a nice glowing collar that won’t fit. Be sure you get the right size for glow in the dark dog collars that come in many sizes.

If you are somewhat unsure about your dog’s neck’s size, you can always measure it or you can opt for a one size fits all alternative. There are many adjustable collars available in the market as well. This is perfect if you have a dog in his growing stage.

Visibility Range

For me, a high quality glow in the dark dog collar is visible from a distance of at least 350 yards. This will be a good option if your dog likes to run away from you as far as playing during play time or a stroll. You should use brighter colors like yellow, orange, pink, etc.

Glow modes and brightness also play a part in the visibility of your dog. A glow in the dark dog collar should serve the purpose of keeping your dog in your field of vision no matter the distance and weather.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of a glow in the dark dog collar pertains to affordability. You wouldn’t want to go way above your budget for a mere dog accessory. There are tons of options to choose from today.

Frankly, it wouldn’t cost you that much to buy a glow in the dark dog collar. The price remains low due to steep competition from multiple brands. It all boils down to your preference when it comes to design, quality, brand, and other factors. 

Wrapping Up

For me, the Illumiseen LED Glow in the Dark Dog Collar is the best option for your dog. It is made with high-quality materials, very versatile, and packs a punch when it comes to light. Well, there are many alternatives for a night time collar if you are still unsure of your decision. They are guaranteed to get the job done!

A glow in the dark dog collar is definitely worth the investment for every dog owner. I already did the research for you and gave you the best options available in the market today. I can guarantee that all these dog collars stand out and offer great features to be a night time collar and an ordinary daytime collar as well.

We hope that this review will assist you in finding the right collar. Whether it has a steady glow or a flashing blaze, glow in the dark dog collars can help keep your dog safe at night.

FAQs About Glow In The Dark Dog Collar

Are glow in the dark collars suitable for puppies?

Yes, glow in the dark dog collars are suitable for all dog ages except for puppies younger than 3 months of age. Puppies of this age have very sensitive skin and a tiny neck. A collar with soft material is recommended for very young dogs.

Where can I buy a glow in the dark dog collar?

You can buy a glow in the dark dog collar at your local pet store for sure. Also, there are tons of options available on the online market. Actually, we already listed down the best there is.

Should I get a reflective type or LED glow in the dark dog collar?

This is based on preference. In general, an LED type dog collar is a better choice because reflective collars only shine when light falls on their surface. The advantage of reflective collars is that they are more compact and lightweight.

How far is the visibility of the light form the LED dog collar?

Glow in the dark LED dog collars are usually visible up to at least 430 yards although it still depends on the brightness and quality of the light. Higher grade dog collars can be seen as far as 750 yards.

How much light is okay for the dog?

Typically, normal glow in the dark dog collars won’t bother the dog that much. Dogs can handle the LED light emitted from the bulb. This is exception for dogs with eye conditions or are sensitive to flashing or bright lights.

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