Funny Looking Dogs – Most Odd Looking & Hairiest Dogs In The World

As a dog lover and a pet owner myself, I often overlook some awesome dogs that are short on popularity, but very big on uniqueness and personality. I researched and scoured the internet to look for the oddest funny looking dogs that truly deserve the limelight even just for today. These dog breeds are bizarre, and some are even very hard to come by on an ordinary day.

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Funny Looking Dogs List

In this article, I will introduce you to some odd-looking and hairiest dogs in the world.  I will tell you a little bit about each breed of these funny looking dogs and show you just how funny and adorable they are.

All dogs are loved, and these breeds deserve to be recognized for their one-of-a-kind traits and characteristics. Most of them are extremely friendly, and some even cost a fortune to have one. Keep scrolling as I will introduce them to you in no particular order. 

Funny Looking Dog #1 


Funny Looking Dogs - KOMONDOR

Komondor Appearance:

The Komondor frequently imposes a strong and distinct presence when out for everyone to see. Their most striking feature is not their large body and heavy muscle structure, but their thick and tasseled white coat is what you will see first. It’s similar to hippie reggae dreadlocks.

This breed is indeed one of the funny looking dogs you will see as well as fun to be around. The Komondor’s mop-like appearance was a product of evolution as protection from predators and harsh weather conditions. Its white coat blends seamlessly with sheep flocks which is a great way to camouflage themselves.

Komondor Personality:

Aside from a funny-looking dog, Komondors are highly alert and fiercely protective. Their loud bark makes them more suitable for guard duties at home to protect their “flock”. In addition to their intelligence and protective instincts, Komondors are excellent with children as well as friendly towards other pets.

Training-wise, you should definitely give time for this. The Komondor owner must consistently train the dog during puppyhood, and teach it to follow orders. Obedience classes should begin once the dog is four to eight months of age

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Funny Looking Dog #2 

Bull Terrier

Funny Looking Dogs - Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier Appearance:

The Bull Terrier is a tough and powerful funny looking dog. At the same time, they are also affectionate, playful, and overall a great family pet. Bull Terriers come in two sizes, standard, and miniature, but both are stocky and muscular in build. 

Its most distinctive physical feature is the head for sure. What makes them on the list of funny looking dogs is their egg-shaped and flat-top head of theirs. Moreover, their eyes are unique and small. The ears are pointy. Lastly, the body is broad but very strong. 

Bull Terriers are very easy when it comes to grooming since their coat is short and dense. Furthermore, they are only considered average shredders, so you won’t have to worry about getting lint on your clothes when hugging them.

Bull Terrier Personality:

Don’t let their strong physical features fool you! As mentioned earlier, Bull Terriers are very gentle and affectionate breeds. They are loyal guard dogs for the family. This is why you should always give them ample exercise to avoid destructive behavior. 

Their breed is powerful and some members may have aggressive tendencies. This is why Bull Terriers must be obedience trained. Also, be careful not to overfeed them as they can easily get obese in a short period of time.

Funny Looking Dog #3 

Russian Borzoi

Funny Looking Dog - Russian Borzoi

Russian Borzoi Appearance:

The Russian Borzoi is always described as a large breed of greyhound draped in a smooth and silky coat. Just like any ordinary greyhound, it’s characteristic of dogs with long and slender legs and relatively narrow bodies. Their chest is deep and the abdomen part is tucked. The most prominent feature of the Borzoi is its long and narrow head.

Definitely, you would consider the Borzoi as one of the funny looking dogs around but make no mistake. They are very good-natured, gentle, and one of the calmer breeds of dogs. Borzois are very happy and easily entertained.

Russian Borzoi Personality:

Coming from its roots, Borzois are avid hunters, and will chase anything that catches their eyes. All in all, they are fun to be around as they can be trained to put on a decent performance. Borzois are very sensitive and make an excellent family dog. They are friendly towards other people but can be good watchdogs if they have to.

Funny Looking Dog #4

Bergamasco Shepherd

Funny Looking Dog - Bergamasco Shepherd

Bergamasco Shepherd Appearance:

The Bergamasco Shepherd is a sheepdog that has a one-of-a-kind coat resembling a mop-like figure. Its body is a muscular body. It cannot be seen easily because of its thick prominent coat. Additionally, the coat has three different textures that cover the body all the way to the legs.

Its hair forms naturally occurring mats called “flocks” which provide ample protection against the cold weather where they originated. In addition to the body, its large thick tail hangs down the hock and curves upward at the end.

Bergamasco Shepherd Personality:

Bergamascos are very bright, loyal, loving, and easily trained. They take to watching over loved ones with a serene vigilance. They can also be aggressive when they sense danger, or if they think their personal space is being invaded by others.

Bergamascos are excellent vigilant guards due to their strong protective instincts. You may also notice that they are quite stubborn dogs. On the contrary, they can be persistent when given a task. Although Bergamascos is considered one of the funny looking dogs, it is very intelligent, courageous, patient, and an excellent companion.

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Funny Looking Dog #5


Hairiest Dog In The World - Affenpinscher

Affenpinscher Appearance:

Affenpinschers are often called monkey terriers because of their peculiar facial features. This is determined by their large dark eyes and protruding jawline which are similar to some monkeys. Likewise, the Affenpinschers have domed skulls as well as short-muzzled ears. 

This funny looking dog is a small one, but they pack a punch as they are broad-chested. Their dense, rough, and shaggy coat appears to make them bigger and it looks good, especially with hints of either black, gray, and, brown, or silver accents. 

Affenpinscher Personality:

This dog is such a delight to be around, especially at home. Affenpinschers make excellent household companions. They really do well around children, but keep in mind that the more active kids can disrupt their calmness. One concern could be that Affenpinscher doesn’t like to be around smaller dogs as they were bred as are rodent hunters.

One upside for Affenpinschers, is they require much less grooming attention because they shed just a little bit. In addition, they are very fearless towards any threat. 

Funny Looking Dog #6

Brussels Griffon

Odd Looking Dog - Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon Appearance:

Brussels Griffon, right off the bat, are funny looking dogs but are small, intelligent creatures. Their body is squared along with a usually large head and short nose although they reach full size before 1 year of age because they are quite small.

This dog has two types of coat: rough and smooth which are on two opposite sides of the spectrum. The other one has a harsh and wiry feel while the other one is smooth and straight. They come in multiple colors such as red-brownish, black-tan, and solid black. 

Brussels Griffon Personality:

They make good house dogs for apartment living and homes with a small backyard. These dogs don’t do well when caged and are more akin to living with their owners as they are very active dogs. These funny looking dogs may tend to be stubborn, but they are very intelligent.

These funny looking dogs need some level of interaction with other dogs and people. In general, they are very nice towards other dogs and cats but can be aggressive towards stranger dogs. Lastly, they make good watch dogs because they are fearless, but won’t put up to being a guard dog due to their cute size. 

Funny Looking Dog #7 


Hairiest Dog In The World - Puli

Puli Appearance:

Pulis are medium-sized dogs that are unique and special mostly because of their hair and tail. Indeed, they are funny looking dogs because their tail is curled tightly over the back of the corded coat. Sometimes it’s even hard to tell whether it’s the tail or just part of the hair.

The outer coat is very dense, making them weather-resistant, and wavy, but almost never silky. On the other hand, the undercoat is fairly soft but still wooly and dense. The coat colors for Pulis usually consist of solid colors such as rusty black, black, white, and all shades of gray. 

Puli Personality: 

The Puli was bred to be a herding dog back in the old day. They tend to circle around and are full of energy. If they are properly trained and exercised on the daily, they will surely hone up to be an excellent family companion.

As a warning, Pulis needs special care and attention, especially for their coat. Better watch closely if your Puli is swimming as they may need some help with their soaked coat. Washing and drying their coats can be a very tedious task. 

Funny Looking Dog #8 

Bedlington Terrier

Odd Looking Dog - Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier Appearance:

The Bedlington Terrier is part of the more funny looking dogs because of their uncanny resemblance to a lamb. Their most distinguishing feature would be its pear-shaped body as well as its tufted head with the extra hair at the top. Their head is narrow and rounded as well as a longer jaw than their skull.

In addition to its unique head, its muzzle has a very distinct arch. Moreover, they also have triangular ears that hang flat over the cheeks. Their long necks are tapered along with muscular and flexible bodies. Lastly, the chest is deep along with a low-set tail. 

Bedlington Terrier Personality:

Bedlington Terriers are quite playful and very loyal to their owners. Likewise, they are friendly towards strangers and children. On the flip side, this dog is fearsome and courageous which makes them suited to be an excellent guard dog.

Despite their active and adorable appearance, they can be ferocious as well, especially towards cats and other house pets. This can be prevented if they are trained and conditioned at a very young age. Lastly, Bedlingtons make great exercise companions as they are very active and fast runners. 

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