Dog Umbrella: Keep Your Pooch Safe & Dry!

Get your dog ready for the wet season with dog umbrella! In this article, we listed the 4 best umbrellas for dogs along with their key features, pros, cons plus a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you pick the very best one. Our 4 best picks were chosen according to their features, durability, costs and customers reviews because like you, we believe that our furry friends deserves only the best!

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4 Best Dog Umbrellas Reviewed In This Guide

What are the Benefits of a Dog Umbrella?

Walking your pooch in the rain unprotected can make your pooch sick. According to PetMD, prolonged exposure of dogs to cold weather can lead to illnesses and pneumonia, a lung infection caused by bacteria, virus, or fungi. Fortunately, the prognosis of pneumonia is good if treated properly otherwise it can be life-threatening. Good news is, you do not have to ditch your walks when it’s monsoon season.

With a similar design as human umbrella, umbrella for dogs provide a full pooch protection from the rain and snow. It has a circular canopy of plastic material and a metal frame supported by a rod. However, instead of running underneath the canopy, you’ll find the rod of dog umbrella attached to the top of the canopy. So, you have to pull the canopy down to open the umbrella.

In addition, dog umbrella shields dog from sun’s harmful rays, wind, and other outdoor elements. It usually comes in transparent color to block the heat on hot summer days. It’s also made from durable plastic material to better withstand heavy rains and strong winds. And have we mentioned that it comes with a chain for harness? This chain allows you to keep your pooch within the shade of the umbrella and prevents dog from running away.

Features To Look For in a Dog Umbrella


Truth be told, most dog umbrellas are only for small breed dogs like Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier. You can find a dog umbrella for medium size dogs but they are very rare and most likely, they are only an inch or two bigger than the small ones. If you have a medium or large size dogs, a dog raincoat is your best option.

To find if the dog umbrella is suitable for your pooch and can keep him dry in the rain, check its dimension particularly the diameter and shaft length. Typically, these information are included in the product description. Generally, dog umbrellas have a diameter ranging from 25 in to 33 in and length ranging from 25 to 33. A good rule of thumb is to pick a dog umbrella with the longest diameter and shaft length.


The design of a dog umbrellas is almost similar to the design of a human umbrella. The only difference is, the shaft of  dog umbrella is attached to the top of its canopy. This design allows pet owners to hold the umbrella closer to their dogs. Aside from that, they generally have transparent canopies for visibility and hook to attach the harness and collar of dogs.

If you decide to purchase an umbrella for your dog, look for these features. Better yet, look for umbrella with extra features. You can find umbrellas with detachable shaft. This feature is great as it reduces the space for storage which is a plus. You can also find umbrellas with ergonomic C-handle. This allows easy grip and improves comfort.


Dog umbrellas are typically made from waterproof transparent plastic material such as Polyethylene (PE) Plastic. This type of plastic is durable and has excellent resistance. It’s also transparent white in color which is great as it can block direct sunlight. Moreover, it’s lightweight. Likewise, steel, which is the common material used for making the shaft, is lightweight but very durable. It’s only downside is it rusts easily.


Dog umbrellas are generally fairly priced. In fact, the prices of dog umbrellas in our top lists are almost the same. This could be due to the similarity in designs and construction. However, in terms of quality and performance, they’re not the same. We found that the dog umbrellas with the highest performance ratings and reviews  are the most expensive ones. If you have the budget, we suggest that you go for these options.


The 4 Best Dog Umbrellas

Puppia Dog Umbrella

Puppia Authentic Umbrella for Dog, One Size, White

Puppia Dog Umbrella is specially made for small breed dogs like Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, and other dogs under 15 lbs. It’s perfect for rainy commute or walk with your dog. In addition, Puppia Dog Umbrella can protect your dog from the sun’s harmful rays on sunny days.  It comes in white color which is great as it has the ability to block the sunlight and prevent heat from building up. Moreover, it has a 32 in size canopy and 9 in chain length.

What I like most about Puppia Dog Umbrella is that it has a chain to hook your dog’s harness or collar. This feature prevents dogs from slipping out and helps dog owners get better control over their zesty doggos.

Key Features:

  • Recommended for small dog breeds under 15 lbs
  • 32 in in diameter
  • 0.5 lbs weight
  • 9.84 chain length
  • comes with harness/chain hook


  • sturdy construction
  • great for small dogs
  • transparent canopy
  • easy to use


  • a bit expensive

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Paialu Dog Umbrella

Paialu Pet Dog Transparent Umbrella -Easy View Clear Folding Puppy Adjustable Umbrella Keeps Your Pet Dry Comfortable in Rain with Leash

Portable, lightweight, and durable, Paialu Dog Umbrella was designed with comfort and functionality in mind. It’s made with waterproof plastic to block out rain or snow so you and your pooch can go about your day even when it’s raining or snowing. It’s also transparent so you can easily see your pooch while you’re walking.

Plus, the rod and frame are made from steel so you can rest assured that it’s sturdy and can withstand strong winds and rains. It’s adjustable and retractable too with hook to attach your pooch harness or collar and C type handle for easy and comfortable grip.

Key Features:

  • 27.5 in diameter
  • C-type handle for easy grip
  • Adjustable rod
  • Waterproof transparent plastic material
  • comes with harness/chain hook
  • 17.64 x 4.69 x 1.73 in in dimension
  • 1 lbs weight
  • made from metal


  • great features
  • durable & sturdy
  • easy to install
  • cheaper option


  • difficult to attach the harness

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Enjoying Dog Umbrella

Enjoying Pet Umbrella Leash Rainproof Snowproof Dog Umbrella Leash for Small Dogs Adjustable Doggy Umbrella

Enjoying Dog Umbrella will keep your pooch dry and protected from the rain, snow, and sun’s harmful rays. It resembles Paialus dog umbrella but it has a bit wider canopy and longer rod. It’s made from durable waterproof plastic material to better withstand strong winds and heavy rain. Likewise, it has a transparent canopy to keep your dog in sight. It also has a C-shaped handle like Paialus but this one is upgraded for better grip and improved comfort.

What’s more is it has an adjustable shaft with built-in metal chain to hook your dog’s collar plus a bottom chain to hook dogs poop bags. And, have we mentioned that it’s available in black and LED Glow rod color?

Key Features:

  • 32 in diameter
  • C-type handle for easy grip
  • Steel umbrella stand
  • Waterproof transparent plastic material
  • comes with harness/chain hook
  • 1 lbs weight
  • made from metal


  • ergonomic handle
  • LED glow rod
  • lightweight
  • easy to fold
  • cheapest option


  • not quite durable

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Morjava Dog Umbrella

Morjava W555 Pet Dog Umbrella Leash Transparent Waterproof for Dog Walking

Made specially for dogs, Morjava Dog Umbrella is all you will need when walking your pooch in the rain. It’s sturdy and durable with 8-rib solid metal stick that flexes to withstand heavy rains and strong gusts of winds. In addition, it has a transparent canopy so you can easily watch your pooch’s every move and what he is up to. Plus, it comes with a chain for your pooch’s harness to keep him under control and prevent him from slipping out.

What I love most about Morjava Dog Umbrella is that it features a lightweight construction and detachable handle for easy transfer and storage. However, it’s not for every dogs. It’s only suitable for small breeds such as Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier.

Key Features:

  • 28.3 in diameter
  • lightweight construction
  • 8-rib solid metal stick
  • comes with harness/chain hook
  • 0.82 lbs in weight


  • simple features
  • lightweight
  • cheaper option


  • flimsy construction

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Final Thoughts

Dog umbrellas can benefit dogs in many ways. It provides full protection from rain and sun’s harmful rays and shield from flying or falling objects. It also protects dogs from strong gusts of winds. However, it’s not for all dog sizes. Dog umbrellas are designed only for small and medium size dogs. Overall, we think it’s an essential.

Design-wise, dog umbrellas are like human umbrellas. The only difference is, the handle of dog umbrella is attached to the top of the canopy for pet owners convenience. Also, they mostly come in transparent color for dog visibility with chain for dog’s harness and collar to keep them from running off.

If you decide to purchase a dog umbrella, you should make sure that it is the right size for your dog and that it can hold up to the rain. A dog care tip would be to purchase a coat with the umbrella. This way you can rest assured that your pooch is dry and safe outdoors in wet weather.

FAQs About Dog Umbrella

Does my dog need a dog umbrella?

Yes. Dog umbrella is essential. It provides dogs protection from the rain, snow, and heat. These elements can weaken dogs’ immune system, making them more susceptible to illnesses and pneumonia.

Are there dog umbrellas for big dogs?

Unfortunately, we did not find any dog umbrella brands that cater to large dogs. Dog umbrellas, apparently, are only made for small and medium breed dogs.

What you should look for in a dog umbrella?

You should look for something that would suit your dog size. To do this, check the dimension and breed recommendation on the product description. Also, look for something that is durable and can withstand strong wind and heavy rains.

Are dog umbrellas easy to use?

Yes. Dog umbrellas are easy to use. They’re designed like human umbrellas however dog umbrellas requires installation. The handle and umbrella cap are disassembled so you need to install these parts before you can use the umbrella.

How does dog umbrella fold?

Dog umbrella has a similar design to human umbrella. How it folds, however, differs. Dog umbrellas handle is attached to the top of the canopy so in order to fold it, you need to push it down.

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