Dog Tracing Apps & Collars for iPhone & iOS Users

Losing personal items is a thing of the past thanks to the technology we have today. Lost-and-founds are made easy because of smart trackers that can find anything I lost with a simple GPS tracker. Luckily, this kind of tracking tech can be used on our dogs as well! Indeed, dog tracing apps & collars for iPhone users are very accessible nowadays.

Best Dog Tracing Collar Tracking for iPhone

With products like the Apple AirTag and other GPS tracking devices, you can virtually find anything, from your wallet, keys, phone, car, and now even your pet dogs! Dog tracing collars for iPhone and iOS users is a very convenient way to easily find dogs anywhere on the planet with just the use of your Apple Device. As a dog owner and Apple user myself, this is excellent news!

Since dogs are naturally playful and can wander around without you noticing it, dog tracing apps for iPhone help you prevent the burden of losing your pet dog. Your emotional and financial worries will wave goodbye. 

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The Best Dog Tracing Collars for iPhone Users

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to dog collar tracking for iPhone users. Here are some of the best dog collar tracking for iPhone and other devices we have found for you! 

Whistle Go Explore

This GPS tracking device attaches nicely to your dog’s collar. Essentially, you will have a dog collar tracker. It also pairs with a partner app that you can navigate with your iPhone. It helps you locate your dog anywhere (exclusively in North America as of now). 

The Whistle GO Explore is a major improvement on all sorts from the Whistle 3. It has a longer battery life, fast charging features, gives more health monitoring and notifications as well as improved durability.

In addition, some of its features include activity goals setting and data, location tracking alerts, limited tele-vet access, and an overall elegant design.

Tagg-the Pet Tracker

Tagg-the Pet Tracker is a dog collar tracking for iPhone users that you can use even on your laptops. This device can be attached to your dog’s collar. Furthermore, it is USB rechargeable and waterproof! You should ready your credit card though because Tagg-the Pet Tracker is not free and has a monthly subscription.

Well, your money sure is worth it thanks to all the great features this device offers. Some of which are a fully adjustable safe zone setting, activity and health monitoring, dietary plans, and a full time dedicated GPS trackers.

This smart collar is recommended for dogs that weigh above 10 pounds since the Tagg weighs quite a chunk at 1.6 pounds. Be sure to download the app on your iPhone for it to function.

SpotLite 2.0 GPS Pet Locator

The SpotLite 2.0 GPS Pet Locator, an improvement of its first model, is a tracking device that attaches on your pet dog’s collar. In collaboration with the American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery (AKC CAR) service, you can pinpoint “safe spots” in your neighborhood for your dog.

In addition, there’s also an emergency button included on the device in order to recover your dog even outside the safe zones. With a simple press of the button, you will know your dog’s whereabouts. Because of its partnership with AKC CAR, the GPS tracking device has a lifetime membership with the club.

Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker

The Tractive GPS Dog Tracker is another great dog tracing collar for iPhone users. The device is lightweight and waterproof and uses GPS tracking technology to provide accurate real-time location data. It is also available to be used in 150 countries worldwide, making it a great option for pet owners who travel frequently.

One disadvantage of the Tractive GPS Dog Tracker is that it requires a subscription in order to use all of its features. However, overall, it is a reliable and easy-to-use product that can give pet owners peace of mind.

PETFON Dog Tracing Collar for iPhone Users

Bluetooth for Dog Tracing for iPhone Users

In addition to allowing us to wirelessly connect to our devices, Bluetooth can also be used for more practical purposes, such as tracking down a lost dog.

While traditional GPS devices rely on a network of satellites to determine a location, Bluetooth-enabled devices use signals from nearby Bluetooth devices to triangulate a position. This means that as long as the lost dog is within range of another Bluetooth device, its location can be determined with relative accuracy.

Of course, this is not an ideal solution for tracking down a runaway pet, but it could be useful for finding a missing dog that is still in the vicinity.  

There are a variety of Bluetooth devices that can help you keep track of your belongings or pets. Some devices, like the Tile Pro, are designed to be attached to objects like wallets or keychains. Other devices, like the Apple AirTag, are designed to be attached to collars and can also be used to track pets. 

What is an Apple AirTag?

AirTag is a new product from Apple that can be used for tracking pretty much anything – including dogs. AirTag can be attached to a dog’s collar or harness, and then you can use the Find My app on your iPhone to keep track of their location. If your dog happens to wander off, you’ll be able to see exactly where they are and go get them.

How Does it Work? 

AirTag is a small, lightweight accessory that can be placed on any item to track its location. The tag uses Bluetooth technology to connect with Apple devices and can be placed in a key ring, purse, or any pet.

When an AirTag is within Bluetooth range of an Apple device, it will appear in the “Find My” app. If the tag is not within range, the app will display the last known location of the tag. AirTag can also be used to play a sound when it is within range, making it easier to locate lost items.

In addition, AirTag can be placed into Lost Mode, which will notify the owner when the tag has been moved to a new location.  

AirTag Used on Collars for Dog Tracing

The Air uses both Bluetooth and a lot more precise global positioning system (GPS) technology.  This is called an ultrawideband (UWB) to pinpoint the tracker’s exact location. UWB is able to locate your AirTag with pinpoint accuracy with the help of your iPhone. 

Dog Tracing Apps - Collars for iPhone & iOS Users

Likewise, other nearby Apple users can assist in helping you locate your tag instead. Both AirTags and Bluetooth trackers are reliant on other devices, whereas GPS trackers utilize the power of satellites. 

Technically, Apple does not approve of AirTags for tracking pets although it’s small enough to fit on a dog collar. For one, the AirTag is more limited than that of a dedicated GPS pet trackers. 

Right now we look into the pros and cons of using an Apple AirTag as a tracking device to find our missing dogs, and it’s my job to look into it.

Apple AirTag vs Pet GPS Dog Tracing Devices

Apple AirTag vs Pet GPS Dog Tracing Devices

While Bluetooth trackers can be useful for keeping tabs on small items like keys and wallets, they’re not always the most reliable option when it comes to tracking pets.

One of the main reasons for this is that Bluetooth trackers rely on a connection with a nearby smartphone in order to function properly. This means that if your pet happens to wander out of range of your phone, the tracker will no longer be able to provide accurate information about their location.

Dog collars with GPS trackers, on the other hand, don’t rely on a connection with a smartphone in order to work. Instead, they use a network of satellites to determine their location, which means they can continue to provide accurate information even if your pet is miles away from home.

In addition, GPS dog tracing collars usually offer more features than Bluetooth trackers, such as the ability to set up safe zones and receive real-time updates about your pet’s location. And amazingly, most GPS dog collars today usually comes with the ability to track the dog’s activity level or monitor their health.

Finally, GPS dog tracing collars typically have longer battery life than AirTag, so you don’t have to worry about recharging them as often.  

Why Are Dog Tracing Collars Better than AirTags?

The Apple AirTag is too small that there’s a risk of your dog swallowing it whole without you even noticing it. Moreover, GPS trackers are built to withstand all kinds of outdoor adventures your dogs might have. We can’t say the same for AirTags.

Another criteria here are compatibility and availability. In contrast to GPS pet trackers, Apple AirTags only work near other Apple devices. They only work when bluetooth signals can be picked up by iOS devices. GPS trackers, for comparison, can pinpoint your pet’s location in real time as long as there’s cell coverage.

This is why a GPS dog tracker works best for people who love outdoor activities with their dogs such as biking and hiking. On the contrary, AirTags function far better in cities where there are a lot of iOS devices. 

Conclusion: Dog Tracing Collars for iPhone Users

Dog tracing apps & collars for iPhone users are essential tools nowadays especially for dog owners with adventurous pets. With just a touch of a button, you may be able to track your dogs real time using your iPhone. Some products have their own dedicated app that needs to be installed, so be sure you’re on top of that.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to dog collar tracking. Furthermore, every smart collar available in the market now has incredible features. These include water resistance, long-lasting battery, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity as well as activity trackers.

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