Dog Tire Toy Review: 8 Products for A Healthy Dog Chewing Habit

A dog tire toy is one of the best dog exercise toys you can utilize to save your belongings from dog bites. Let’s face it, dogs love biting stuff— and your beloved tail-waggler is no exception. Typically, puppies love chewing stuff that gets into their mouth to relieve themselves from pain caused by incoming teeth. Conversely, adult dogs utilize chewing as a way to maintain their jaw strength. In addition, chewing is one of the few ways dogs can clean their teeth.

Furthermore, emotional problems such as separation anxiety cause biting and chewing in dogs. In a nutshell, chewing and biting are two inevitable things dog owners must face throughout their dog’s lifetime. As a result, we collected 10 of the best dog tire toys. Thus, allowing you to provide your dogs with a toy they can bite instead of your beloved furniture and clothing.

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What to Look for When Buying a Dog Tire Toy?— A Buyer’s Guide

Dog Tire Toy

As stated, biting and chewing are essential for a dog’s overall oral health. Therefore, getting your dog a biting toy such as a dog tire toy is a must. However, you can’t just buy any dog tire toy you see on the internet. Buyers must have a checklist before buying a certain toy to ensure the quality of the toy they are buying. Consequently, we crafted this buyer’s guide to help you find the best dog tire toy quality possible.


According to studies, the average bite force of dogs is around 230-250 psi, which can go higher in large breeds. In this light, getting bit by a dog may result in broken or crushed bones. Therefore, we advise dog owners to buy a dog tire toy with the capacity to withstand these tremendous bite forces. In this light, a tire is an excellent material wherein your dogs can bite into them without showing wear and tear, similar to metal dog bowls.


Typically, rubber tires are excellent against dog bites, allowing themselves to return to shape even after numerous abuses. However, we do not advise owners to get any type of tire. Buyers must be cautious that the dog tire toy they are buying doesn’t feature harmful chemicals.

As we know, dogs put bite toys in their mouth— as the name suggests. In addition, standard tires typically feature mercury, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and other harmful chemicals. Therefore, we recommend buyers look for chemical-free and naturally sourced rubber materials to ensure their dog’s safety.

Additional Features

A dog tire toy is an excellent tool for allowing your dog to exercise their jaw and clean their teeth. However, a dog tire toy shouldn’t be confined to this function alone. Some manufacturers design their dog tire toys with additional features such as a slow feeder function. Meanwhile, some manufacturers attach other bite toys with their dog tire toys, providing dogs with an array of biting options.

Although not required, we advise owners to find a dog tire toy that offers other functionalities. Doing so provides dogs with a better playing experience. On the other hand, allowing owners to get a bang-for-the-buck performance from a single product.

8 Excellent Dog Tire Toys for Biting and Chewing Exercises

Petstages Treat-Dispensing Interactive Dog Toy

Petstages Orka Tire Royal Blue Treat-Dispensing Dog Chew Toy

Brand: Petstages

Type: Food-dispensing Dog Tire Toy

Featuring thick Orka rubber construction, the Petstages Dog Tire Toy provides a durable performance against harsh bites. Specifically designed for all dog breeds, Petstages designed the toy with bright enticing colors for an irresistible appearance. As a result, dogs will surely prefer biting the Petstages dog tire toy rather than your precious shoes and furniture.

Furthermore, the Petstages interactive dog toy allows dog owners to stuff food inside the toy, incentivizing dogs for proper biting behavior. In addition, the Petstages Interactive Toy enhances the problem-solving skills of dogs while supporting their oral health.

Moreover, Petstages incorporates their toy with multiple textures paired with a reinforced rim. Thus, massaging the gums of dogs suffering from toothache and teething pain. Lastly, the toy features waterproof materials, allowing owners to easily clean them with running water and soap.


  • Orka rubber material
  • Kibble compartment
  • Multiple textures
  • Reinforced thicker rim
  • Waterproof construction


  • The toy’s texture soothes teething pain and toothache.
  • Waterproof construction allows users to easily clean the toy.
  • Buoyant construction.
  • Ideal size for medium and large breeds.


  • Specifically designed for chewing alone, making it unfit for fetching and playing with dogs.

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Pet Qwerks X-Tire Ball Interactive Dog Toy 

Pet Qwerks X-Tire Ball Dog Toys - Animal Sound Interactive Chew Toy - Medium

Brand: Pet Qwerks

Type: Interactive Dog Tire Toy with Built-in Animal Sounds

The Pet Qwerks X-Tire Toy is an excellent interactive bite toy that also stimulates your dog’s auditory needs. Through a motion sensor, every motion the toy makes comes with animal sounds that will surely entertain your furry friend. In addition, the toy utilizes an X construction, making it easy for dogs to retrieve.

Moreover, the Pet Qwerks X-Tire interactive toy comes with a bank of over 20 animal sounds inside the ball. Thus, allowing your dog to listen to various animal noises that may be new to them!

Furthermore, Pet Qwerks utilizes tire patterns on the toy’s outer shell, providing more grip for dogs. Plus, these grooves make excellent soothers for puppies with growing teeth! Lastly, the toy comes with free AG13/LR44 batteries.


  • 20 Animal Sounds
  • X-Tire construction
  • Middle yellow ball with speakers
  • 3x AG13/LR44 batteries
  • Polyvinyl material


  • The toy’s tire grooves help massage dogs’ gums, providing a soothing feel against toothaches.
  • Offered in other variants with jingles and toy ropes.
  • The toy’s material squishes according to your dog’s bite, providing a gentle mouthfeel.
  • Batteries are included with every purchase of the Pet Qwerks X-Tire Ball.


  • The toy’s electrical interior doesn’t go well with saliva.

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KONG – Tires – Durable Rubber Chew Toy

KONG Tires - Durable Dog Chew Toy - Durable Rubber Dog Toy & Treat Dispenser for Power Chewers - Tough Chew Toy for Fetch - Rubber Tire Chew Toy - Medium/Large Dogs

Brand: KONG

Type: Food-dispensing Dog Tire Toy

KONG specifically designed this dog tire toy for hard and aggressive chewers of any breed. Featuring KONG’s unique black rubber formula, this durable rubber chew toy will surely withstand bit forces from all dog breeds. In addition, the product’s durability makes it an excellent fetch toy.

Furthermore, the KONG Rubber Chew Toy features a hollow interior, allowing owners to fit their dog’s favorite treat. As a result, dogs will surely prefer the KONG Dog Tire Toy than other stuff in your house.

Lastly, KONG offers this toy in two different sizes— small and medium/large. The small size is excellent for dogs weighing 20 lbs. Meanwhile, the medium/large variant can withstand bite forces of dogs from 15 up to 65 lbs.


  • KONG Black Rubber Formula
  • Hollow tire interior
  • Tough rubber tire shape
  • Small and medium/large sizes
  • Made in the USA


  • Suitable for all dog breeds.
  • The product’s extremely durable materials can handle the bite forces of dogs weighing up to 65 lbs.
  • Features uniquely shaped sidewalls that make the product durable.
  • Ideal for fetching and tugging.


  • The toy has weak spots which easily tear when dogs bite into them.

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Mammoth TireBiter Originals

Mammoth TireBiter Originals - Natural Rubber Dog Toys - Dog Toys for Extra Long Interactive Play - Strong Chewer Toys for Dogs - Large, 10”

Brand: Mammoth

Type: Food-dispensing Dog Tire Toy

The Mammoth TireBiter Originals utilizes a natural rubber formula paired with reinforced nylon fibers. As a result, the toy features an extremely durable feel perfect for aggressive and energetic dogs. In addition, the Mammoth TireBiter Originals features a paw surface, providing an improved grip for an easier playing experience.

Moreover, Mammoth designed the TireBiter to withstand the abuse of active play, such as fetching. Plus, the toy can also face the destructive pulling forces of a tug of war game with your dog.

Furthermore, Mammoth offers the TireBiter in two different sizes. The large 10” Mammoth dog tire toy is excellent for dogs weighing 30-50lbs. On the other hand, the medium 8” would surely suffice for smaller dogs.


  • Reinforced nylon fibers
  • Paw-grip surface
  • 8” or 10” sizes
  • Natural rubber formula
  • Durable & tough construction


  • Excellent for all dog breeds and sizes.
  • The toy is free from harmful chemicals that may harm your dog’s mouth.
  • The product’s texture is gentle on the dog’s mouth.
  • Allows dog owners to put treats inside the tire’s interior.


  • The product features a plastic-like material instead of rubber.

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Tough Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

STARAY Updated Tough Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Large Breed,Rubber Tire Dog Toy for Teething, Durable Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers,Puppy,Small, Medium (Black)


Type: Food-dispensing Dog Tire Toy

If you are looking for a safe and non-toxic dog tire toy, then STARAY Toys is perfect for you! Featuring 100% high-quality natural rubber, STARAY designed this dog tire toy with incredible flexibility and bite resistance. In addition, allows the STARAY dog tire toy provides dogs with a safe and gentle biting toy.

Furthermore, STARAY based the toy’s construction on engineering and aerodynamics. For instance, the product features a 6.1” diameter while boasting a thickness of 2.1”. Consequently, effectively resisting the biting force of an aggressive chewer.

Moreover, STARAY designed the toy with ridges and nubs that helps clean your dog’s teeth and keep their gums healthy. Plus, this feature also eliminates plaque and tartar residing in your dog’s teeth for a better-smelling breath. Lastly, the toy’s leaky design allows owners to put snacks in between the product’s grooves.


  • 100% high-quality natural rubber material
  • 6.1” diameter and 2.1” thickness
  • Ridges and nubs exterior construction
  • Leaky tire design
  • Vanilla flavored material


  • Ideal for owners who want to feed their dogs slowly.
  • The tire’s ridges and nubs allow dogs to clean their teeth and keep their gums healthy.
  • Helps owners reward their dog’s healthy biting behavior by incentivizing them with food.
  • Suitable for fetching and other active dog exercises.


  • Not suitable for unsupervised play.

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Mammoth TireBiterII Rubber Dog Toys

Mammoth TireBiterII with Cotton-Poly Rope – Natural Rubber Dog Toys for Extreme Chewers – Dog Toys for Extra Long Interactive Play – Aggressive Chewer Toys for Medium - Large Dogs - Large 6”

Brand: Mammoth

Type: Dog Tire Toy with Cotton-Poly Rope

Perfect for owners with active dogs, the Mammoth TireBiterII provides an excellent platform for your dogs to bite. Firstly, the Mammoth dog tire toy features an advanced rubber formula, allowing the product to become more durable than standard toys.

Secondly, the toy comes with a cotton-poly rope that makes the toy more interactive. Thus, providing dogs with more playing possibilities with the Mammoth TireBiterII.

Lastly, Mammoth offers the TireBiterII in different sizes for all dog breeds. Therefore, if you are looking for a dog tire toy for different dog breeds, then this is an ideal choice for you.


  • The advanced natural rubber formula
  • Cotton-poly rope
  • 9 various sizes to choose from
  • 7 dog tire toy and accessory combinations
  • Textured tire exterior with grooves


  • Suitable for interactive dog play such as fetching and tugging.
  • Utilizes a non-toxic formula that is safe for dogs.
  • Can handle the biting force of dogs weighing up to over 80 lbs.
  • The textured tire exterior makes it easy for dogs to grip.


  • Although the toy’s textured exterior helps with grip, it also serves as a weak point from tearing.

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Lewondr Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Lewondr Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers, Natural Rubber Indestructible Dog Toys Treat Dispenser for Power Chewers, Durable Dog Toy for Small/Medium/Large Chewer, Fun to Chew, Chase and Fetch, Black

Brand: Lewondr

Type: Food-dispensing Dog Tire Toy

Lewondr specifically designed this tire toy for aggressive chewers and the likes. Firstly, Lewondr utilizes a solid rubber tire construction, allowing the toy to withstand various abuses from dogs. In addition, the toy features BPA-free and non-toxic materials, providing a safe playing experience for all dogs.

Secondly, the Lewondr Dog Tire Toy incorporates multiple grooves paired with cylindrical bumps on the tire’s exterior. As a result, dogs can easily exercise their jaw while having their gums massaged, making it perfect for teething dogs.

Lastly, the toy features a hollow middle interior, allowing dog owners to put food, peanut butter, and medicine within.


  • BPA-free and non-toxic materials
  • Hollow-out design
  • Multiple exterior grooves
  • Cylindrical surface bumps
  • Black, blue, and red colorways


  • Allows owners to put toothpaste and other oral medicine on the product for consumption.
  • The toy’s unique grooves and texture make it an excellent dog oral hygiene tool.
  • Effectively minimizes destructive chewing habits on dogs.
  • An excellent tool when calming down anxious and restless dogs.


  • It’s quite hard to get the treat out of the product’s flaps.

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Starmark Everlasting Treat Wheeler Dog Toy

Starmark Everlasting Treat Wheeler Dog Toy Medium

Brand: Starmark

Type: Dog Tire Toy with Flavored Center

The Starmark Everlasting Treat Wheeler Dog Toy features a convenient construction and material combination. Thus, providing a better product experience for both dog owners and pets of all breeds and sizes.

Firstly, the Starmark Everlasting Dog Toy features a virtually indestructible material. Consequently, ensuring that the product can handle all types of abuse a dog can give. Secondly, Starmark boasts a vinyl, latex, and phthalates-free construction, making the product safe for playing.

Thirdly, the Starmark Dog Toy features grooves where owners can put peanut butter or treats for an interactive playing experience. Lastly, Starmark ensures that this toy is dishwasher safe, providing dog owners with an easy cleaning process.


  • Everlasting Dental Treat
  • Vinyl, latex, and phthalates-free construction
  • Dishwasher safe design
  • Deep exterior grooves
  • Virtually indestructible rubber material


  • Boasts a non-toxic construction, making it safe for dogs.
  • The included Everlasting Dental Treat provides dogs with an enticing taste to play with.
  • Provides dogs with ample mental stimulation to minimize destructive behaviors.
  • Extremely durable construction.


  • Dogs can easily remove the treat in the middle, which may result in accidental swallowing.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tire Toys for Dogs

Are tires good toys for dogs?

Let’s face it, biting and chewing are two inevitable activities in your dog’s lifetime. Biting and chewing help dogs clean their teeth. In addition, chewing helps teething dogs ease the pain they feel by letting them massage their gums. Moreover, having a proper tire toy can help dogs stray away from destructive biting and chewing behaviors. Therefore, having dog tire toys in your arsenal is a must.

Do Kong Toys for dogs tire them out?

Kong Company is an excellent brand for active dogs. Their collection of Kong Dog Tire Toys features excellent materials that are durable and flexible at the same time. Therefore, it will surely help your dogs spend the energy they have in store no matter their breed and size.

Are rubber toys good for dogs?

Rubber is an excellent material that can effectively withstand aggressive chewing, especially from large dog breeds. However, some rubber tire toys utilize harmful chemicals during their manufacturing phase. As a result, some dog tire toys may do more harm than good. Therefore, we advise dog owners to find a dog tire toy that features a non-toxic construction, providing a safe playing experience for their dogs.

What do you put in a Kong tire?

Typically, Kong dog tire toys feature a hollow interior wherein dog owners can put treats such as peanut butter and yogurt. Kong designed their dog tire toys this way to encourage good biting and chewing behavior among dogs.

Is playing fetch a good exercise for dogs?

Fetching is one of the most iconic games between dogs and their owners. In addition, it also makes a great exercise routine, combining physical and mental exercises. Therefore, we recommend dog owners utilize the 8 dog tire toys within our list on their next fetching session.

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