What is A Dog Exercise Wheel? 5 Equipment To Keep Your Pet Healthy

It may probably be the first time you’ve heard of it, but a dog exercise wheel is on its way to be the next best thing for our fur babies. The rise in popularity for animal wellness especially for dogs is, indeed, taking off at this very moment. We would always want what’s best for our pets.

People who are considering buying a dog exercise wheel should first be familiar with the product. They should be able to know what they are, how they work, and how to choose the one for dogs. With a ton of options in the market today, this article will make sure you get the best one for your four-legged friends!

This article will cover all the important details about a dog exercise wheel. We’ll look at things like safety, pros and cons, a buying guide just for you.

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What is a Dog Exercise Wheel?

A dog exercise wheel is exactly what you are picturing in your mind right now. To explain in simpler terms, they are giant hamster wheels made for dogs. That’s a basic way to put it, but in reality, dog exercise wheels are a lot more than that.

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A dog exercise wheel must be modified and upgraded to be built differently and especially for dogs. Important features such as large size, extra weight, durability, and functionality must all be accounted for. These large wheels will give your dogs tons of fun while keeping them on a workout routine even on rainy days all in the comfort of their home.

There are other good products in the consumer pet industry. Take dog treadmills, for example. These dog treadmills are also starting to catch on the animal wellness train.

Dog Exercise Wheel vs. Dog Treadmills

If you don’t know which one you should get, then you’ve come to the right place. Some key points here are subjective, but we still included some surprising facts that can influence your final decision

We came up with four areas to look out when you are having trouble choosing between the two.

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Dog exercise wheels won’t outlast dog treadmills. This is because treadmills aren’t suspended in the air like dog wheels are since treadmills are motor-driven. Dog treadmills are also designed to simulate a dog running freely on a daily basis.

On the other hand, you could always repair your dog wheel especially if you’re a handy person. It would sure cost less than buying a new one.

Exercise Quality

Dog exercise wheels will give your pets a better core workout experience. Your dog would have limited movement on a treadmill compared to a free-range movement of a wheel. An exercise wheel gives your dogs the right amount of space and motivation for better and more dynamic movement.


In terms of fun, well both should offer tons of it. Generally speaking, you can look up any video of a dog on an exercise wheel and see how much fun they are having! Your dog can basically entertain themselves as long as they are supervised.

These dog wheels will keep them entertained for hours without breaking a sweat. Dog wheels are maximized especially in an outdoor setting. Treadmills are just a little bit boring for their liking.

Required Area

A dog exercise wheel will take up a large space, believe me. They are massive! If you are in a place with limited area, then you might as well get a treadmill. On the flip side, dog treadmills aren’t exactly compact as well.

In short, you have to be prepared for how much space these dog workout equipment will take up. Be ready with your set-up. Their moving parts should be away from expensive things and breakable objects in your house.


Dog treadmills are much cheaper in general than dog exercise wheels. This is because a dog exercise wheel requires more high-quality parts to keep up with the wear and tear of dogs. Dog exercise wheels should meet the physical demand that dogs need for their routine.

Should You Train Your Pet in a Dog Exercise Wheel?

Absolutely! Your dog needs to be on a daily exercise schedule to keep them healthy. Show them how it works, and encourage them to get on especially during early age. Some dogs really adore exercise wheels because it’s quite fun for them.

Dog exercise wheels help you monitor your dog’s exercise routine such as how much time they spend running on it, and at what intensity. This is incredibly important especially for obese dogs that are in need of weight loss. A dog exercise wheel can surely help!

Animal Wellness is the Next Big Thing

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According to a study conducted in 2019, it reported that the pet supplement industry is estimated to be worth around $636 million. This is expected to balloon in value in the coming years. The rise of the animal wellness industry is just around the corner because of the benefit it gives to our beloved pets.

We think of our pets as part of the family. So, it is a natural reaction for us to want what’s best for them. In this manner, we are confident that our dogs receive the necessary care we want for them to stay healthy and feel good. Through the years, many companies are adapting to the demand and created products like a dog exercise wheel to keep our dogs active and healthy.

Choosing a Dog Exercise Wheel

There aren’t many companies today that manufacture dog exercise wheels as well as other dog workout equipment. Some dog equipment manufacturing companies pave the way right now such as GoPet which produces dog treadmills, dog wheels, and other pet exercise equipment.

Unfortunately, not many companies make a dog wheel that is suitable for giant breeds, yet. Your big babies would have to walk the old-fashioned way.

Toy-Small Breed Dog Exercise Wheel

This dog treadwheel is best for small breeds of dogs such as Chihuahuas, Boston Terriers, and other breeds. Likewise, it is also the cheapest among options.

  • Max Weight: 25 lbs
  • Running Area: 40-inch diameter; 12 inches width
  • Total Weight: 142 lbs

Small-Medium Breed Dog Exercise Wheel

This wheel is best for medium builts such as Beagles, Labrador, Golden Retrievers. As such, it is some of the most popular models.

  • Max Weight: 80 lbs
  • Running Area: 48-inch diameter; 14 inches width
  • Total Weight: 163 lbs

Medium-Large Breed Dog Exercise Wheel

This type of dog exercise wheel is asking for much more than your average wheel. It’s much larger, much heavier, and definitely more expensive than the first two. On the flip side, those dog owners with plenty of yard space would be awesome to have a large dog exercise wheel on it.

Pros and Cons of a Dog Exercise Wheel

Buying a piece of dog exercise equipment is not as simple as buying milk. You have to take extra time in deciding which one you would like to get. Getting dog exercise equipment is somewhat of an investment for your dog’s health.

Here are some pros and cons to help you be as informed as you can be when choosing to buy one or not.


  • Manual power; does not require a power outlet (dog-powered)
  • Self-supporting and freestanding
  • Covered in soft matting to protect puppies and scratches
  • Highly compact models to fit perfectly inside a home
  • Very Outdoor-friendly setup
  • Resistant to water and mildew
  • Has a built-in training gait to keep dogs inside the wheel


  • Relatively expensive
  • Larger units won’t fit inside a home
  • Larger models can be heavy to move
  • Incompatible for very large dog breeds
  • Can be dangerous for unsupervised dogs

Is a Dog Exercise Wheel Safe and Effective?

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Specific safety information on dog exercise wheels is still virtually non-existent right now besides the basic information from manufacturers. On the other hand, there are some things worth knowing about dog treadmills, particularly with regard to safety.

When used properly, dog exercise wheels, much like dog treadmills, should be perfectly safe and effective along with proper supervision. There are still no reports of fatalities and major injuries when using a dog exercise wheel.

Before investing in a dog exercise wheel, the first thing you should do is consult with your local vet for more insights. We are no expert on dog health, so this is the best action to do. They will provide the best advice for dog wellness, and they may even share a couple of helpful tips on exercise wheels.


Like many other exercise routines, it takes a lot of effort and dedication first before results can be seen. So, you should not give up that easily just because you don’t get fast results. Let your dog exercise daily, and let them have some fun!

A dog exercise wheel responds and performs much like a dog treadmill with just a little variation. A dog wheel can be compared to a manual treadmill which has no electric motor. It will rely on the dog’s force and momentum to keep it going. This means the dog’s workout is based on its energy output and the total amount of time.

In conclusion, a dog exercise wheel is highly effective, but it takes a process. Therefore, you should look for ways to keep your dog entertained and motivated to work out. Here are a few things you could try to spice up your dog’s exercise routine:

Play music

Yes, dogs like to listen to music. They prefer to listen to ‘reggae’ and ‘soft rock’ genres as studies suggest. Your dog will eventually get lost in the rhythm of running and enjoy themselves. Music works much like how we use music when working out. It helps stimulate a good mood and work ethic.

Offer Rewards

Positive reinforcement is key! Give your babies some treats when they do good on their exercise. Trainers give them a treat when they learn a new trick, so why not give them something when they run onto the wheel? Remember to watch and control the reward system as it may defeat the purpose of losing weight.

Cool Down With A Stroll

Like many other workouts, we humans like to end our session with some cooling-down routines. Dogs love walks. Instead of doing a full run on the wheel, you can cut the workout in half by going on a walk after the main exercise. This will keep you motivated by knowing that there will be a leisurely walk time right after an intense workout.

Negative Impacts a Dog Exercise Wheel Can Have

Of course, there are also some downsides to such an awesome product. Apart from the huge space, it takes up inside your home, a dog exercise wheel can also cause some long-term complications for your pets. Here are some you should be aware of.

Joint Stress

Running for hours on a non-resistant mat or wheel means there is little to no hindrance for unlimited time. Constant shifting of the incline while your pets progress the wheel may apply some pressure to their joints. This is especially true for elder dogs. This is why it is advised that your dogs take some joint supplements, or you can take to your local vet just to be sure.

Risk of Injury

Unlike a dog treadmill gives more clearance for your pet, the dog exercise wheel has a lesser surface area to run on since it is curved up. It is quite easier for dogs to get injured on the wheel because of the intensity and mobility it offers. One misstep or little supervision may cause your dogs to get seriously hurt. Please be mindful while your dog exercises.

Little Space

For larger dog breeds, they may outgrow your dog exercise wheel. The area might become too cramped for your pet although this wouldn’t them so much because, you know, they’re dogs and they love everything they do. In the event that your pup outgrows the wheel, you might want to switch to a treadmill, or just take your dogs for a nice stroll instead.

Can You Train Other Pets in a Dog Exercise Wheel?

Definitely! You could also train your cats to use an exercise wheel. One problem could be the size difference. Since cats are generally smaller than dogs, smaller dog exercise wheels would work best on cats as a larger wheel may be too hard to put some momentum on.

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Keep in mind that they might now show the same results as dogs. Cats are more agile by nature, so some ordinary workouts might not be as effective for them.

Where To Buy a Dog Exercise Wheel

You can check out a dog exercise wheel in your local pet store, and online shops like Amazon. They offer a variety of brands there with many options to choose from.

If you want to invest in one for your dog, there are a few top-notch solutions for you from GoPet – the leading brand for dog exercise equipment. GoPet makes excellent wheels for smaller breed dogs, but they can be a bit on the pricey side. Make sure you get the proper height and weight to support your fur baby.

Wrapping Up

As of now, dog exercise wheels are a bit pricey since they haven’t hit the mainstream market yet. We suspect the price to go down once more and more people begin to hear about a dog exercise wheel. You should not rush into buying one though. You have to consider the pros and cons first including your budget.

Dog exercise wheels are just as safe and effective as treadmills with proper usage and supervision. Talk to your vet to see if it’s a great option for your dog’s health. Additionally, as a gentle reminder, let your dogs use the dog exercise wheel while being supervised. There may be few risks for well-trained dogs, but they should still be taken very seriously.

Ultimately, the last say would be yours. Buying a dog exercise wheel is the next big step for dog wellness. Let me know your thoughts on the comments section below! We would love to hear your insights and personal experiences with dog exercise wheels.

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