9 Dog Collars Charms: Let your Dog Shine in the Pack!

Make your dog’s presence unique with the help of dog collars charms. In addition, using dog collars charms can help your dog portray their personality more. Furthermore, you can customize dog collars charms for an easier way to identify your dog. Plus, it makes them cuter, don’t you think?

Allowing to customize a dog’s name or personalized pendant onto a collar provides dog-lovers with a wide array of possibilities. For instance, having a simplistic heart pendant on their collar can show your dog’s loving nature. Moreover, owners can let their dogs spread the spirit of Christmas by using a Christmas-themed pendant instead. Therefore, we collected 8 excellent dog collars charms to help you express your dog’s personality even better!

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Charms for Dog Collars Buyer’s Guide

Dog Collars Charms

Before buying dog collars charms, we must first look at the various things to consider to ensure their safety. In addition, purchasing dog collars charms without putting some thought into them may lead to accidents such as accidental ingestion. Thus, let’s look down on our buyer’s guide to help you on your mission to buy the best charm for your dog!


When buying dog collars charms, having a customizable feature is definitely a plus! For instance, some manufacturers offer custom engravings similar to metal dog bowls. Thus, allowing owners to put their dog’s name and personal contact information for better identification. In addition, this feature comes in handy in case your dog gets lost.

However, the customizability of dog collars charms is not a requirement when buying one. Instead, we only recommend it for the sake of convenience and its functionality in case you need it.

Size and Length

Before buying dog collars charms, buyers should also consider the product’s size and length. For example, dogs can accidentally reach long charms, allowing them to tear them from their collar and accidentally ingest it.

Moreover, the size of the dog collars charms you’re buying should be relative to your dog’s size. A small charm may become unnoticed on large breeds; conversely, a large charm may look awkward on small breeds. Therefore, checking your dog’s size is an ideal thing to do before buying dog collars charms.


One of the most crucial parts when buying dog collars charms is their material quality. Some dog charms feature cheap plastic materials that are brittle and easy to chew on. Therefore, we recommend buyers get charms with a durable construction, preferably stainless steel. In addition, the product should be leather, brass, and silver-free, which are known to trigger allergies in dogs.

Excellent Charms for Dog Collars

Cats Dogs ID Tags Personalized Lovely Symbols Pets Collar

Cats Dogs ID Tags Personalized Lovely Symbols Pets Collar Name Accessories Simple Custom Engraved Supplies for Large Four Legged Child Necklace Chain Anti-Lost Shiny Stainless Steel 316L Charm

Brand: Acatinthetree

Type: Customizable Dog Collars Charms

As we know, one of the most daunting experiences a dog owner can face is suddenly losing their pet. Therefore, put your contact number and pet’s name on your dog’s collar with the Acatinthetree custom ID tags!

Featuring shiny steel, brass, industrial steel, and brass materials, the Acatinthetree Personalized ID is extremely durable. Moreover, the included materials are 316L food-grade stainless steel, keeping your worries away from a sudden allergic reaction from your pets. In addition, the Acatinthetree is handmade by professional craftsmen, which takes about 1-3 days upon ordering.

Furthermore, the Acatinthetree Personalized ID utilizes laser engraved markings, minimizing the risk of fading. Lastly, the Personalized ID tag comes in hand-polished for a pristine look and feel.


  • Extra small, small, medium, and large sizes (0.75”, 0.94”, 1.14”, and 1.34”)
  • Brass and industrial steel material
  • Laser engraved markings
  • 316L food-grade stainless steel
  • 12 optional fonts


  • Allows dog owners to engrave their pet’s name and personal contact number for easy identification.
  • The laser engravings don’t fade easily.
  • Comes in various sizes for all dog breeds.
  • Offers an optional backside engraving.


  • The ID customization process and shipping may take a while.

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BoomBone Charms for Dog Collars: Christmas Pet Pendants

BoomBone Dog Collar Charms Christmas Pet Pendants for Cat Collars with Bell

Brand: BoomBone

Type: Dog Collars Charms Set

Let your dog express the spirit of Christmas with the BoomBone Dog Collar Charms! Featuring a set of 4 Christmas-themed designs, your dog will surely love the festive look. In addition, the BoomBone Dog Collar can attach to all D collar rings. Thus, making it a great addition to any collar size, even wide dog collars.

Furthermore, the BoomBone Christmas-themed pendant measures 0.78”. Meanwhile, the bell measures 0.4”, making it easy for your dog to carry around. Additionally, the product utilizes stainless materials, allowing it to withstand rusting.

Moreover, the included bells make for an excellent alert system for owners to know where there are staying. Therefore, if you want a festive look for your pet, then the BoomBone Dog Collars Charms is perfect for you!


  • 0.78” pendant size; 0.4” bell size
  • Santa boots pendant
  • Christmas tree pendant
  • Reindeer pendant
  • Snowflake pendant


  • Features a stainless construction.
  • Excellent for owners with multiple dogs.
  • Perfect for the Christmas season.
  • Fits on almost any D ring.


  • The product’s construction is a bit flimsy.

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Pet Dwelling 2D QR Code Scannable Pet ID Tag

Pet Dwelling Premium QR Code Pet ID Tags - Dog Tags and Cat Tags, Connect to Online Pet Profile, Receive Instant Scanned Tag Location Email Alert(Black Paw Adv.)

Brand: Pet Dwelling

Type: Customizable Dog Collars Charms

Are you looking for an instant and easy way to locate your dog’s location? Do regular customizable dog collars charms don’t feel secure enough? Luckily, Pet Dwelling designed a scannable tag that allows owners to easily find their dog’s location with one easy click. Introducing the Pet Dwelling 2D QR Pet ID Tag, you can never lose your pet’s location.

Firstly, the product features a charm construction utilizing nontoxic zinc alloy, making the product safe for pets. In addition, the product features a non-fading epoxy coating that protects the charm’s QR code. Secondly, Pet Dwelling developed a system where owners can set up a pet profile with photos and other necessary documents. Furthermore, with an easy scan of the QR code, Pet Dwelling’s system automatically shows your dog’s location via email.

Lastly, the Pet Dwelling 2D QR ID Tag can link multiple tags to one pet. On the other hand, the product also allows one account to manage multiple pets all at once.


  • Nontoxic Zinc Alloy
  • Non-fading epoxy QR coating
  • Secure cloud storage
  • Scannable QR code
  • Free Pet Profile


  • Allows users to input their pet’s medical records on the QR code.
  • Accessible with the use of smartphones and computers.
  • Provides users with instant emails regarding their dog’s last known location.
  • Comes with free unlimited photo and video storage for your dog.


  • Sometimes misleading, this product doesn’t function like a GPS tracker.

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Aoche Pet Bells for Dog Cat Collar 6 Pack

Aoche Pet Bells for Dog Cat Collar 6 pack,Charm Pet Pendant Accessories with1 Pack Stainless Steel Keychain (XS)

Brand: Aoche

Type: Dog Collars Charms Set

Let the jingle bells swing and ring with the Aoche Pet Bells 6-Pack Collar! Allowing owners to pick 6 different bell colors, this set will surely come along with your pet’s outfit. In addition, the incorporation of 1 key chain allows this charm to pose as a standalone charm.

Furthermore, the Aoche Pet Bells feature high-quality metal materials. Incorporating a chrome-plated surface, Aoche specifically designed this charm set to become fully corrosion-resistant. Thus, making these dog collar charms set to withstand the test of time.

Moreover, the Aoche Pet Bells also make an excellent pair to your dog’s existing collar charms. Lastly, these bells are perfect for owners who want to know their pet’s location through a simple bell jingle.


  • 0.6” bell diameter
  • High-quality metal material
  • Chrome-plated smooth surface
  • Corrosion-resistant material
  • Bundle of 6 bells


  • The set comes in 6 different colorways.
  • Excellent for standalone wear or pairing with other collar charms.
  • Features durable and rust-resistant materials.
  • Budget-friendly price point.


  • The bell’s volume is not that audible at long distances around the home.

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SKS PET Dog Cat Pearls Necklace Collar

SKS PET TM Dog Cat Pearls Necklace Collar Bling Accessories Ribbon Bone Charm Pendant Pet Puppy Jewelry for Female Puppy Chihuahua Yorkie Adjustable Handmade (L, Pink)

Brand: SKS PET

Type: Jewelry Dog Collars Charms

As we know, wearing a pearl necklace is a sign of luxury, especially during formal events. In addition, a pearl necklace symbolizes the perfection and incorruptibility of its wearer. Therefore, show off your pet’s elegance and purity with the SKS PET Pearls Necklace Collar.

Featuring handmade high-quality pearl replicas, the SKS PET Pet Necklace excellently captures an authentic pearl look. Furthermore, the implementation of 30 rhinestones makes the bone collar pop more, providing a luxurious look to your dog.

Moreover, the product comes in four different sizes, making them excellent for all dog breeds. Lastly, SKS PET advises buyers to measure their dog’s neck circumference and add 1 more inch for a better fit.


  • High-quality Pearl Replica
  • 30 Rhinestones
  • Bone dog collar charm
  • Pink and Crystal colorway
  • 4 various sizes


  • Suitable for all dog breeds.
  • Provides a premium look and feel.
  • Ideal when bringing your dog to formal events.
  • Features a lobster claw necklace opening for easy wearing and removal.


  • Not ideal for leashes as it tends to break under extreme tension.

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36 Pieces Dog Collar Flowers Charms for Dog Collars

WILLBOND 36 Pieces Dog Collar Bows Flower Dog Collar Accessory Pet Bow Tie Flower Collars Multicolored Pet Charms Flowers for Cat Puppy Collar Grooming Accessories, 36 Colors


Type: Dog Collars Charms Set

Are you a dog owner who loves putting on color-matching outfits on your dog? Introducing the 36-piece Dog Collar Flowers from WILLBOND, the outfit possibilities for your dog are endless!

Firstly, the WILLBOND Dog Collars Charms Set features chiffon materials that are soft and comfortable to wear. In addition, the set incorporates non-toxic materials, providing an odorless and safe experience for your pets.

Secondly, the set’s charms measure 3.15” in diameter, making them excellent for most dog sizes. Lastly, the set’s elastic band back allows users to attach the charms to pre-existing collars. Thus, making them removable and interchangeable depending on your dog’s outfit. Lastly, the


  • 3.15” charm diameter
  • Elastic band back
  • Chiffon material
  • 36 different colors
  • Non-toxic materials


  • The product features a soft and silky texture, making them excellent dogs.
  • Features a non-toxic construction.
  • Suitable for most dog breeds.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • The product comes squished in a vacuum pack; however, buyers can easily make them fluffy through heat.

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PETFAVORITES Couture Designer Bling Charms for Dog Collars

PETFAVORITES Couture Designer Fancy Bling Rhinestone Heart Pet Cat Dog Necklace Collar Charm Pendant Jewelry (Pink)


Type: Jewelry Dog Collars Charms

Featuring a heart charm decorated with rhinestones, the PETFAVORITES Dog Collars Charms provide users with a premium look and feel. Moreover, the rhinestones will surely provide your dog’s collar with the ample bling it needs.

Firstly, the product utilizes an alloy lobster clip, allowing users to easily install the charm on almost any collar. Secondly, the charm’s nickel-plated hardware allows it to become durable against sudden movements by dogs.

Lastly, the product measures 1.18” L x 1” W while also offering it in a Crystal, Pink, or Blue colorway. Therefore, making the product excellent for all dog breeds and genders.


  • Pink, Blue, or Crystal colorway
  • Alloy lobster clip
  • Nickel-plated hardware
  • Rhinestone embellishments
  • 1.18” L x 1” W size


  • Ideal as both single collar charm or accompaniment to an existing charm.
  • Reflects light excellently, making a “bling” effect.
  • The product’s nickel-plated hardware makes it durable.
  • Excellent for almost all dog breeds.


  • The charm’s rhinestones sometimes fall; thus, buyers should put a layer of nail polish to help it stick.

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Nite Ize SpotLit Clip-On LED Light with Carabiner

Nite Ize SpotLit Clip-On LED Light with Carabiner, Weather Resistant, Pink

Brand: Nite Ize

Type: Light-emitting Dog Collars Charms

If you love walking with your dog at night, then the Nite Ize SpotLit LED Light is perfect for you! Featuring a SpotLit LED clip-on light, your dog can be easily spotted by oncoming vehicles during the night. Thus, reducing the risk of accidents your dog may bump into.

Furthermore, the Nite Ize SpotLit Clip-On Light allows your dog to see better in the dark. In addition, the product’s lightweight construction makes it ideal for long strolls in the park at night. The SpotLit Clip-On LED also features a water-resistant construction, making it withstand light water exposure such as sudden puddle jumps.

Moreover, Nite Ize designed the collar to feature two various modes powered by a replaceable 3V lithium battery. The Nite Ize SpotLit Clip-on Light can power up to 20 hours in glow mode. On the other hand, the product can reach up to 25 hours using flash mode.


  • 2.12” x 1.28” x 0.85” product dimension
  • 0.56 oz product weight
  • RGB lighting options
  • 2 lighting modes
  • 3V Lithium Battery


  • The product can power for up to 25 hours on one charge.
  • Easy lighting mode changes with one button push.
  • Offers a lightweight construction great for long walks.
  • Utilizes a durable stainless steel spring clip carabiner attachment.


  • The product is only water-resistant and not waterproof.

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Pet Dog Cat Collar LED Lights

AMNQUERXUS Pet Dog Cat Collar LED Christmas Lights, Clip on Light Up Dog Collar Light Gifts for Small Medium Large Dogs Cats Visible, Safe & Seen at Night, Waterproof (5 Pack)


Type: Light-emitting Dog Collars Charms Set

AMNQUERXUS delivers waterproof LED dog collars charms set for dog owners who love to live an active lifestyle. Featuring 5 Pet Silicone Pendants, the product allows dogs to become visible up to half a mile. In addition, the product allows users to walk their dog at night under any weather condition.

Furthermore, the AMNQUERXUS LED Lights Collar incorporates 3 LED light bulbs with 3 lighting settings. With just 1 click, owners can pick among steady, blinking, or multi-light modes. Owners can also easily attach this product either on the collar or through a D ring.

Moreover, the product can light up to 60 hours in glow mode and 80 hours in flash mode. Powered by a 3V lithium battery, this dog collar charms set is truly durable and dependable during long night walks.


  • 5 pieces Pet Silicon Pendant
  • Two-attachment types
  • 3 LED light bulbs
  • 100% Waterproof Silicone Material
  • 3 flashing settings


  • Beats the Nite Ize Clip-on Light in terms of endurance.
  • 100% waterproof construction.
  • Allows dogs to become visible up to half a mile.
  • Features an easy battery replacement method.


  • Comparatively more expensive than the Nite Ize Clip-on LED Light charm.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Charms for Dog Collars

How do you attach a charm to a collar?

The attachment of dog collars charms can be done in different ways depending on the product’s construction. For instance, some collars feature a lobster clip that is easy to attach to D rings with just one pull. Meanwhile, some manufacturers utilize a round-the-collar construction using elastic bands or silicon straps, eliminating the need for a D ring.

Is it cruel for dogs to wear collars?

No, it is not cruel for dogs to wear collars. However, we advise dog owners to check the fit of their dog’s collar. A tight dog collar may lead to hair loss in the affected area. A tight collar may also lead to bacterial growth in the area, leading to skin irritation and infection.

Are bells on collars bad for dogs?

No, bell dog collars charms don’t harm your dog if it’s small enough. An often misconception among dog owners is that the ears of dogs are sensitive due to their heightened sense of hearing. However, letting your dog wear a small bell on their neck won’t harm them in any way.

Do you put a rabies tag on the dog’s collar?

In some places, the law requires owners to put their dog’s vaccination tags on its collar. However, unless you have the same existing law, putting a rabies tag on your dog’s collar is not a requirement.

Does my dog need a name tag?

In some countries like the UK, dogs must wear a name tag as mandated by the law. However, if it is not mandatory in your place, then it’s alright not to. Nevertheless, letting your dog have a name tag provides them with easier identification in the case that they become lost.

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