Dog Collar With GPS Chip / Tracker: A Primer

A dog collar with GPS chip/tracker might be what saves you from losing your dog. The stress of having to go to extreme lengths in order to recover your beloved canine could be prevented. Whether they run loose or worse; taken. We all know how heartwarming being reunited with your dog after a long separation is from films like 101 Dalmatians. However, in reality, we should avoid separation from our furry best friends. A good dog collar with GPS chip/tracker.

Before we dive into the minutiae of a dog collar with GPS chip/tracker, we must consider a few things. It is important that we understand first and foremost how the technology used by these devices work.

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What Is A Dog Collar With GPS Chip/Tracker?

A dog collar with GPS chip/tracker is a tracker device attachment that goes on a dog’s collar or simply a smart dog collar that makes use of a GPS system to send real-time information on where your dog is.

Some of these collars/trackers not only make use of GPS but also have extra features that monitor other vital information regarding your dog.

What is GPS?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is a US Government developed navigation system that employs satellites. A device capable of communicating with these orbiting satellites via radio signals complete the system. Examples of GPS enabled devices are smartphones, dedicated GPS gadgets, and for this review, a dog collar with GPS chip/tracker. These communicate with satellites by periodically sending radio signals back and forth. The latter of which provides locational data to the GPS device. Via this system, a GPS enabled device can provide information pertaining to its location.

Traditional dedicated GPS devices provide precise data on the latitude, longitude, and elevation of the device. This data must then be translated by a user along with a map. In current times, the system has been made more accessible and convenient for consumers. Such that apps like Waze allow for easy navigation. These apps tell us where we are, where we are going, how we should get there, and the traffic conditions along the way.

For dog owners like us, GPS technology is now available for our pets. We could now know where our furry friends are at all times.

How Did Dog Collars with GPS Chips Come About?

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GPS tracking technology has been employed by scientists in wildlife. Even before the idea of tracking your beloved canine’s location with a GPS chip/tracker ever came to fruition. Evidently, the ability to track animals using GPS has many uses. Being able to see where animals in the wild go allowed scientists to study migration patterns of wildlife. This has provided useful data in wildlife biology, wildlife ecology, wildlife management, and conservation.

For example, a GPS device fitted to a close relative of our dogs; wolves, allows scientists to research a wolf pack’s, territory, hunting behaviours, migratory patterns. Simply knowing where a wolf goes along with its pack provides a wealth of data for scientists studying wolves’ lives. GPS tracking also helps conservation efforts for vulnerable and endangered animals. Examples are wildlife such as elephants on land, and sea turtles in the water.

During the early days of animal GPS tracking, the technology used has been largely inaccessible for the average dog owner. However, with the advent of the smartphone, GPS technology is more accessible to regular consumers. Now, there are dog collars with GPS chips/trackers that can communicate with our smartphones. This provides us with real-time information on our dog’s whereabouts and their health status, sleeping patterns, and much more; kind of like Fitbits for dogs.

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How Do Dog Collars With GPS Chips Work?

With the advent of smartphones, GPS tracking technology for dogs has become more accessible for regular dog owners. Let’s go into more detail on how a standard dog collar with GPS chip/tracker operates.

Essentially, a dog collar with GPS chip/tracker in its most basic iteration tells you where your dog is. It does this using a GPS enabled chip/tracker and a smartphone app. The chip/tracker communicates with the GPS network to find out your dog’s location and sends that location to your smartphone. A partner app works in tandem with the tracker and translates the data into readable information. This GPS chip/tracker and smartphone app combo work hand in hand. And they tell you, the user, where exactly your dog is.

A GPS enabled dog collar/tracker may communicate with your smartphone either via Bluetooth or via cell coverage. The latter, being the more apt and powerful method. Bluetooth connection is limited by your smartphone’s Bluetooth range. However, with cell coverage, as long as your phone and your dog’s tracker are within the grid, you can locate your dog.

Some dog collars with GPS chips/trackers not only give your dog’s location but also a plethora of other important info depending on the brand such as behaviour, temperature and heart rate, among others.

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What Are The Uses Of Dog Collars With GPS Chips/Trackers?

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Given the number of choices of dog collars with GPS Chips/Trackers in the market, a particular product will have, along with basic GPS tracking capabilities a host of other features depending on the model. Considering a certain product’s features, a dog collar with GPS chip/tracker could be used for:

Finding Runaway Dogs:

Our dogs are escape artists. Although we would definitely want our dogs to stay in the confines of our homes and take them out only during playtime or walks, they might eventually wander off our homes and be exposed to a lot of dangers outside and potentially go missing. Most of the dog collars with GPS chips/trackers out in the market will have a feature that alerts us any time our dogs stray from a set area. This allows us to be informed if they stray away and the GPS tracking feature helps us find and retrieve them.

Another way of keeping our beloved pets from straying are Dog Collar Wireless Fences. Read up on them here.

Stolen Dogs:

Heaven forbid that our beloved furry family members get taken from us. Still, this will always be a possibility. Similarly to runaway dogs, a stolen dog equipped with a dog collar allows us to be alerted if ever they get taken. A dog collar with GPS chip/tracker will allow us to track a dog thief with the help of our local authorities.

During Walks:

Some places and parks allow us to walk our dogs without a leash. Untethered, a curious dog may sometimes run off quite farther than we anticipate. With a GPS equipped dog collar/tracker, we could see whether our beloved pets are just playing around the area or if they stray towards possibly dangerous places such as streets. A particularly busy intersection frequented by vehicles could potentially pose a significant risk to our dogs. With a GPS collar/tracker, we have the ability to monitor where our dogs go during walks.


For the adventurous and outdoorsy types out there, bringing out pets along during camping trips or hunting is a very enjoyable activity. Although cell coverage might be sparse in the usual areas for camping or hunting, a dog collar with GPS chip/tracker that could connect to a partner app via other means such as Bluetooth could still be quite useful.

Checking Our Dog’s Health Status:

As established earlier, some types of dog collars with GPS chips/trackers not only show our dog’s location but also monitor important information regarding our dogs. Collars/trackers with temperature and heartbeat sensors provide us with information regarding our do’s vitals. Some models of collars/trackers also show us how active our dogs are which help us regulate their exercise. Others still, can even monitor behavioural changes such as scratching and excessive licking which could possibly be symptoms of underlying health complications.

It is quite obvious that investing in a dog collar with GPS chip/tracker could have a lot of potential benefits in the overall care and management of our dogs.

Why Should You Get A Dog Collar With GPS Chip/Tracker?

One possible argument against getting a dog collar with GPS chip/tracker is that before these started becoming available, caring for your dog has been relatively fine. Of course, we could always forgo having to actually invest in a GPS equipped dog collar/tracker.

Still, the same argument could be made for smartphones. We were relatively fine before we started using smartphones. However, owning one gives allows us to have ease and convenience. The same case could be made for dog collars with GPS chips/trackers. Like smartphones, a smart dog collar allows us to care for our beloved furry friends better than without.

Since we would give our utmost love and care for our pets, investing in a dog collar with GPS chip/tracker could be a worthwhile investment for those who have the budget for it. Like smartphones, whose prices were quite steep in the beginning but started getting more affordable, dog collars with GPS chips/trackers will get more affordable as well, to the point where the ease and convenience of having one will eventually outweigh the cost.


While currently considered as a luxury item for those who can afford it, a dog collar with GPS chip/tracker is a helpful tool for keeping track of our furry loved ones. It will save us from the mental and emotional stress of our pets going missing, and given the features of smart collars today could also give us insights into how our pets are.

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