Best Dog Collar Camera: 7 Best Options You Should Buy

As a dog owner, I will always live and breathe the moments with my dogs. We all know that our fur babies don’t live as long as we do, so it’s best to capture all those memories of them even if we’re not around. Every chance we get, we take photos and videos and replay them every time we miss them. This is why a dog collar camera is a very good investment.

Best Dog Collar Camera

Dog collar cameras are the best way to be with your dog as often as possible. You can watch over them, see what they are up to, and even talk to them while you are away. 

Most dog collar cameras allow you to monitor your dog in real-time. With just the use of your smartphone and a simple app, me and my dog are always connected. 

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Why Buy A Dog Collar Camera?

Keep Track of Your Dogs

The main function of a dog camcorder or a collar is to be able to locate your dog in real-time. Most dog collar cameras we have today already have a built-in GPS tracking system. Many pet owners buy cameras for their pets for locating purposes.

As long as you have coverage and you are subscribed to your provider’s plan, then you should be able to find your dog easily. Most of these cameras have integrated apps that can be accessed via our smartphones. It’s that convenient.

For Daily Monitoring When You’re Away

In addition to tracking the location, you may also be able to go and check your dog throughout the day. You would just view your dog’s camera and see what they’re up to now. This is very helpful especially if you have a full-time job.

Likewise, these devices are usually connected to your phone via an app so you can easily check in on your dog’s camera. Moreover, some cameras even have two-way, so you are able to talk to your pet as well. 

Save Some Good Memories

If you are the type of person who enjoys long walks, hiking, or jogging with your dog, then a dog collar camera is the perfect gadget for you. It’s really a great investment because you can take photos and even record HD videos using the camera.

In addition to this, most cameras have a dedicated memory to save these precious memories. They are even expandable should the storage be not enough to save all your footage. In this way, you can look back on what your dog has seen throughout the day. 

The Best Dog Collar Camera Out Today

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar

The Link AKC Smart Dog Collar Camera is a stylish camcorder that attaches to the front of the collar. It’s available in either a sport or leather finish and comes with reflective bands for visibility. This dog collar camera gives a nice pet’s eye view of your dog during their adventure outside and even indoors. 

You can also record the footage of what your dog has seen and explored for the day. Additionally, there’s a GPS tracking system embedded inside the collar that is compatible with iOS and Android users alike. The battery will last you 3 days. 


  • 7 size options
  • Sporty materials and reflective bands
  • Temperature alerts from the app
  • Waterproof
  • Up to 3 days of battery life
  • GPS tracker for iOS and Android 


  • GPS only works if you have a cell signal
  • Requires a service plan to use

Dogtek Eyenimal Dog Collar Camera

The Dogtek Eyenimal Camera is a great camera that attaches nicely to your dog’s collar. No additional attachments are required because it clips securely and firmly while your dog runs off. Furthermore, it is lightweight and compact – perfect for puppies and even cats.

The video and audio quality are both nice and crisp with a recording of up to 2.5 hours at 736 x 480 resolution. Likewise, it comes with a built-in 4GB memory for storage of your pet clips. Two recording modes: continuous and motion-activated recording. 

Overall, the Eyenimal is a well-priced pet collar camera with crystal clear audio and video equipped with night vision.


Long battery life

  • Lightweight and compact design perfect for small pets
  • Mid-range price with durable material
  • Low-light recording 
  • Motion detection sensor for recording


  • Not water-resistant 
  • No live streaming
  • No Full HD recording (HD only)

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GoPro Hero5 

This digital action camera also works great as a pet camera. You are guaranteed the highest quality camera capable of 4k HD videos and ultra HD photos straight to your phone. In addition to this, the Hero5 also has a built-in GPS tracking system to be updated with your pet’s current location.

One of the best features of the GoPro is image stabilization for smooth and clean footage. The battery life is okay which can last you up to 2 hours of video time. More importantly, the GoPro Hero5 is completely waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about your pet’s whereabouts day and night.


  • Ultra-durable design
  • Waterproof 
  • 4k HD video recording
  • Image stabilization
  • GPS tracking system


  • Very Expensive
  • The collar is sold separately (Harness Type)

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Uncle Milton – Pet’s Eye View Camera

Uncle Milton’s Pet Camera isn’t exactly at par with GoPro with quality footage, but it sure is a great dog collar camera. This collar camera is very plain and simple, and lacks some features other more expensive cameras have. It still takes decent photos of 640 x 480p resolution. However, it does not take videos.

What you have are interval settings of 1, 5, and 15 minutes that take photos at the selected interval. You can maximize the interval and get up to 10 hours of your dog’s life squeezed in a set of photos. For saving, simply plug in the USB and start copying photos from your computer.


  • Super affordable
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Good quality-looking photos
  • Attaches to any pet collar
  • Good size internal memory
  • Interval setting for maximum day coverage


  • No video recording
  • Quite heavy for small dogs and kittens
  • No low-light settings

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PuHui Digital Pet Collar Camera

This device is a great inexpensive digital dog collar camera for pet owners. It captures great photos and videos right at your dog’s point of view. Also, the lens is able to capture a wide 65-degree angle to capture more of the area your dog is looking at.

Moreover, the camera has a high-powered lithium-ion battery that can last you a good 2 hours of video recording. The storage memory is also expandable up to 32gb which is quite enough to capture your dog’s day. Transferring is easy as well thanks to the USB cable included.


  • Very lightweight – good for small puppies
  • Clips easily to pet collars
  • Upgradeable memory up to 32GB
  • 2 hours of video time


  • Low-medium quality images and videos
  • Not waterproof or water-resistant

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SirGawain Mini Spy Camera

This Mini Spy Camera from SirGawain can fit perfectly on a pet collar. Its sleek and compact design makes it lightweight and easy to attach to your pet. It may be created as a baby monitor, drone camera, or personal camera, but it can surely be used as a dog collar camera or any pet you have.

Also, this dog collar camera shoots 12mp photos as well as 1080p videos which are really good quality outputs. Don’t forget the night vision mode for a very good night time recording. Moreover, the camera features motion detection and can last you about an hour of battery life.


  • 12mp photos and 1080p videos
  • Night vision feature
  • Motion detection
  • Cheap price
  • Multi-functional


  • Short battery life
  • Not very good quality on night vision footage

Facamword Mini Hidden Camera

This spy camera is one of the best-selling units out there. It may look small, but it can record HD videos at 1080p as well as capture crisp images. 3 hours video time is very good, and USB connector for easy data transfer and charging.

In addition, the Facamword mini camera is equipped with high-powered infrared light that can record excellent video quality. The night vision automatically turns off based on light conditions. You can also connect the mini wifi camera with the local network to support live streaming using a phone app.


  • Live streaming via mobile app
  • 3 hours of 1080p video per charge
  • Crisp still images
  • 24/7 surveillance when plugged in
  • Auto night vision mode
  • Motion detection


  • 6 frames per second
  • No SD card included

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Buyer’s Guide To Buy The Best Dog Collar Camera

Size And Design

If I’m buying a dog collar camera, it’s natural that I would consider if it will fit my dog and if it looks great on them! Every brand of a dog collar camera has its own unique design and a sizing index. For the most part, the design is highly based on personal preference while the size only should be right for the dog.

Sizes may range from extra small to extra large, and different brands may run on different sizing. Be sure to check on their official website just to be sure. The design part comes easy since it’s you who would make the decision for your dog. Also, there are many cool designs out there, and some have features that others don’t.

Weight and Comfort

Large dog collar cameras like the GoPro would look awkward on a little pup. The weight and the whole form-factor ratio just won’t be right. On the other hand, both the large, small, weighty, and light cameras would go perfectly on larger dogs. They have more options so, there won’t really be much to consider here. 

If the weight is too heavy for your dog, they would be sure not to like it and might cause damage to your camera. Likewise, your dog might get injured if they attempt to remove them. Also, some pets may think that a dog collar camera is a toy for them, and they tend to chew them. Make sure you see their reaction when you attach the camera.

GPS Tracking

A built-in GPS tracking feature is essential if you are frequently traveling with your dog. A GPS will keep track of your dog wherever they may go, and a good dog collar camera should have one. This enables pet owners to know the location of their dog when they are outside.

It goes without saying that having GPS turned on means it drains a lot of battery. GPS is only functional when it is turned on. You have to make sure that your dog collar camera is fully charged before going outdoors. Take note that a GPS is still not a substitute for a microchip, rather it’s a complementary feature. 

Battery Life

A dog collar camera and other pet accessories are powered by batteries. Thankfully, most of them are rechargeable. You would want a dog collar camera with long-lasting battery life for you to make the most of it. A decent dog collar camera should last you half a day’s worth of juice.

Some dog collar cameras with added features such as a GPS tracking system would cost you more power. That’s why it’s very important to consider how efficient and powerful your camera is when it comes to its battery. 

Night Mode

This feature isn’t exactly a priority, but it definitely is a convenience when it is being used. If you come home from work too late to walk your dogs at night, a night vision mode would be very helpful.

Night mode allows you to see through the darkness and capture what your dog sees at night. A low-light environment will make it hard to record your dog’s memories. Needless to say, you have to spend a few more to have this kind of feature on your dog collar camera. 

Video Quality

You wouldn’t want a grainy and blurry video resolution, would you? A good dog collar camera should have a crisp picture for you to enjoy what your dog captures. For me, I don’t expect a superior 4k quality for a dog collar camera. I just need a decent one that records at good quality, so uploading won’t be a problem.

In general, a very good quality camera ranges from 720p to 1080p resolution if you want your footage to be shared on different social media platforms. If you have the budget, some even offer 4k (2440p) video footage for maximum definition. 

Audio Functions

It’s not enough that you can only hear the recording from your dog’s collar camera. A good dog collar camera should be two-way audio that allows you to communicate with your pet in real-time. This way, you can watch over your pet more immersively. 

This feature will come in handy when you need your pet to stop or to give them commands. For some, a one-way speaker is not enough. I personally prefer a camera with audio and video capabilities in order for you to interact with your pet using the system. 

Wrapping Up 

Getting a dog collar camera is surely a good investment, especially if you want to keep an eye on your dog most of the time. No matter which camera you choose, you will be able to capture some of the best moments of your dog even when you’re not around to see them.

The dog collar cameras I featured in this article are all great options you could find in the market today. This is perfect for dog owners and pet lovers who just want to keep close with their furry friends no matter what.


Are pet cameras worth it for dogs?

If you love your dog that much, it is worth every cent to invest in a good dog collar camera. This device is a means to keep your pets safe and out of trouble as well as keep tabs on your pet’s activities. A dog collar camera is very helpful especially if you are frequently leaving your dog at home. 

What should I look for in a pet collar camera?

As mentioned above, there are many factors to consider when buying a dog collar camera. These include battery life, camera quality, audio quality, GPS features, and many more. Also, you should take into account your budget for this gadget. 

Is a GPS tracker better than a microchip for tracking my dog?

Some pet collar cameras have a built-in GPS tracking system. There are pros and cons to dog collar cameras for both of these options. A microchip will work regardless of reception or signal while a GPS tracker may go out of range depending on signal strength.

Can I put a camera on my cat’s collar?

Yes, you can. Pet collar cameras can either be used by our furry friends or other house pets. Dogs and cats are the most common customers for a collar camera.

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