8 Best Dog Car Harness Crash Tested – Safety on a Budget

Make your car trips with your four-legged buddy safe with a dog car harness crash tested. Similar to dog seat covers, a dog car harness aims to keep your dog safe during car rides. However, dog seat covers function as a portable playpen while dog car harnesses function as a seatbelt.

Furthermore, utilizing a crash-tested dog car harness protects dogs from injuries during sudden breaks. In a worst-case scenario, even preventing fatal injuries from crashes. Therefore, dog owners should utilize dog car harnesses on their next road trip. In this light, we collected 8 incredible dog car harness crash tested for you!

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What to Look for Before Buying A Dog Car Harness Crash Tested 

dog car harness crash tested

According to Volvo, a sudden stop at 30mph can send a dog flying with an impact force of 2,700 lbs. In a nutshell, about the same weight as a baby elephant. In addition, getting a decent dog car harness can keep dogs from roaming around the car. Thus, preventing distractions that may lead to accidents.

However, before purchasing a dog car harness crash tested, buyers must ensure the quality of the one they are buying. For instance, it should have incredible tensile strength, protecting the dog against sudden brakes and turns. Therefore, we crafted this buyer’s guide to help dog owners identify the best crash-tested dog car harnesses on the market.

Product Strength and Materials

As stated, a standard-sized dog is one car crash away from becoming a 2,700 lbs projectile. In this light, a dog crash harness should have heavy-duty straps and rings to withstand such force.

For instance, materials such as aluminum alloy buckles make dog car harnesses extremely lightweight and durable. Furthermore, some car harnesses come with a leash that features technologies that make them extremely robust. Therefore, buyers should look for these features in dog car harnesses, ensuring their crash resistance.


Having a strong crash-tested dog car harness is one thing, having a comfortable one is another. Thus, buyers should look for cushioning features within a dog car harness. Some materials such as breathable fabrics are excellent for this type of job. In addition, buyers should also look for harnesses that offer proper ventilation to avoid skin irritations and allergic reactions.

Additional Features

In the market, some dog car harnesses double as an easy-walk collar. Moreover, some dog car harnesses come with a free D-ring where owners can easily attach dog collar charms or leashes. In this light, buyers should look for these extra features, allowing them to make the most of their purchase.

8 Excellent Dog Car Harness Crash Tested

Kurgo Impact Car Safety Dog Harness

Kurgo Car Safety Dog Harness, Crash Tested Harness for Dogs, Integrated Dog seat belt Tether Loop, Pet Vehicle Restraint seat belt, Travel, Impact Harness For Small Medium Large Pets

Brand: Kurgo

Type: Dog Car Harness Crash Tested for Seat Belt Systems

Boasting a capacity of up to 108 lbs, you can never go wrong with the Kurgo Car Safety Dog Harness. Firstly, Kurgo designed this dog harness with lightweight but durable materials. As a result, the product is easy for dogs to wear and carry. Moreover, Kurgo worked hand-in-hand with the Calspan’s Buffalo, NY crash-test facility to certify the product.

Secondly, the Kurgo Dog Harness features a padded chest plate, providing decent cushioning for wearers. In addition, the product utilizes an all-steel nestin buckle, increasing the protection dogs get by wearing it.  

Lastly, the Kurgo Car Safety Dog Harness easily integrates itself within standard seatbelt systems. Therefore, if you want to provide a safe ride for your dog, there is nowhere to go but Kurgo!


  • 108 lbs capacity
  • Lightweight construction
  • Padded chest plate
  • Steel nesting buckle
  • Rear-leash attachment


  • Doubles as an easy-walk harness for dogs.
  • Standard seatbelt system compatibility.
  • Comes with a D-ring for leashes or charms.
  • Features neck & chest adjustment points for a customized fit.


  • The product is only ideal for short walks.

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VavoPaw Dog Vehicle Safety Vest Harness

VavoPaw Dog Vehicle Safety Vest Harness, Adjustable Soft Padded Mesh Car Seat Belt Leash Harness with Travel Strap and Carabiner for Most Cars, Large Size, Magenta

Brand: VavoPaw

Type: Dog Car Harness Crash Tested for Seat Belt Systems

Ideal for dog owners on a budget, the VavoPaw Harness doesn’t lack in quality despite its low price point. The VavoPaw Dog Vehicle Safety Vest Harness features a safety belt with seatbelt-compatible buckles. Moreover, in case of seatbelt compatibility issues, the product’s safety harness comes with a heavy-duty carabiner that can attach to seat frames.

Furthermore, the VavoPaw Vest Harness utilizes Oxford fabric materials, allowing the vest to become durable and lightweight. In addition, the vest comes with an elastic mesh cloth with soft sponge cushioning, providing a comfortable and breathable feel.

The VavoPaw Dog Harness features an X-shaped construction that helps with the product’s stability when worn. Finally, the harness features detailed stitching and workmanship, improving the product’s quality and performance.


  • Heavy-duty carabiner and seatbelt buckle
  • Oxford fabric
  • Elastic mesh cloth
  • X-shaped structure
  • Soft sponge cushioning


  • Budget-friendly price point.
  • Comes with an optional heavy-duty carabiner for latch bars and headrest rods.
  • Owners can utilize the harness for walking.
  • Breathable and comfortable to wear.


  • The included seatbelt is too short for larger breeds.

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Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Dog Harness

Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Dog Harness, Crash Tested Car Safety Harness for Dogs, Includes Pet Safety Seat Belt, Steel Nesting Buckles, Front D-Ring for No Pull Training, L, Black

Brand: Kurgo

Type: Dog Car Harness Crash Tested with Seat Belt Loop and Carabiners

Crash-tested for dogs up to 75 lbs, the Kurgo Tru-Fit is perfect for small to medium breeds. In addition, the Kurgo Tru-Fit incorporates a five-adjustment point system, providing dogs with a customized fit. Kurgo also fitted the Tru-Fit with a padded chest plate for additional support and protection against sudden brakes.

Moreover, Kurgo utilizes a seatbelt loop, making the Tru-Fit compatible with all automobile types such as trucks, SUVs, and sedans. The Tru-Fit also has an optional carabiner for headrest rods and latch bars.

Furthermore, the Kurgo Tru-Fit utilizes steel nesting buckles, improving the harness’ weight capacity. Lastly, the Kurgo Tru-Fit features front and back leash attachments, allowing owners to utilize the harness for walks.


  • Seatbelt loop
  • 75 lbs weight capacity
  • Five adjustment points
  • Padded chest plate
  • Optional heavy-duty carabiner


  • Ideal for long rides and long walks.
  • Utilizes steel nesting buckles, resulting in a robust construction.
  • The 5 adjustment points provide dogs with a customized fit.
  • Relatively more affordable than the Kurgo Impact Harness.


  • Comes with a seatbelt loop instead of a buckle.

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Mighty Paw Car Dog Harness

Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Dog Harness - Adjustable Straps - Soft Padding - No Pull Front Leash Attachment - Padded Car Harness for Dog Vehicle Safety - Comfortable Dog Harness for All Dog Breeds

Brand: Mighty Paw

Type: Dog Car Harness Crash Tested

The Mighty Paw Car Dog Harness features high-quality metal hardware, providing durable performance for all dog breeds. Additionally, the Mighty Paw Harness features waterproof materials, making the product easy to clean.

Furthermore, all the materials utilized in this product are breathable, offering incredible comfort for dogs. Plus, Mighty Paw designed this car dog harness with lightweight paddings, removing cumbersome features for an excellent riding experience.

Moreover, the Mighty Paw harness comes with a back and front leash attachment. Thus, owners can use the Mighty Paw Harness as a car seatbelt for dogs and a walking harness.


  • Top-quality metal hardware materials
  • Lightweight padding
  • Breathable fabric
  • Front and back leash attachment
  • 4 Tri-Glide attachments


  • Comes within a budget-friendly price point.
  • The Tri-Glide attachments allow for a custom fit.
  • Utilizes all-metal hardware, ensuring the product’s strength and durability.
  • Features reflective stitchings around the harness for better visibility during night walks.


  • The Mighty Paw vehicle harness requires a separate purchase.

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Sherpa Seatbelt Harness

Sherpa Crash-Tested Multipurpose Seatbelt Dog Harness - Black, Medium

Brand: Sherpa

Type: Dog Car Harness Crash Tested

The Sherpa Seatbelt Harness utilizes a 4-point adjustment, providing an incredible custom fit for all dog breeds. In addition, the harness comes with a locking clasp that secures it properly on dogs. Moreover, Sherpa incorporates all-steel nested buckles around the harness, providing incredible durability and performance on the road.

Furthermore, Sherpa Harness works excellently with after-market seatbelt loops, carabiners, and buckles. Thus, allowing owners to fit the Sherpa Harness on SUVs, trucks, sedans, and more!

Finally, the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute crash-tested the Sherpa Harness, ensuring dog safety on the road. Therefore, if you love taking your dogs to places, the Sherpa Harness will surely earn your praises.


  • Steel nested buckle system
  • 4-point adjustment system
  • Locking clasp
  • Sleek black colorway
  • Lightweight materials


  • Crash-tested by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.
  • Provides dogs with a customized fit.
  • Ideal for all dog breeds and sizes.
  • The product’s simple construction makes it easy to use.


  • Doesn’t come with a leash, carabiner, or seatbelt buckle.

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Carsafe Crash Tested Dog Harness Blue

CarSafe Crash Tested Dog Safety Harness - Crash Tested to 32Kg/70lbs, Safely Secure Dog in The Car, Comfortable and Padded Design. for Toy, Small, Medium and Large Dogs (Size Large)

Brand: Carsafe

Type: Dog Car Harness Crash Tested

The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute certified the Carsafe Dog Harness up to 70 lbs against crashes. Thus, making it an extremely safe dog car harness on the road.

First, the Carsafe Dog Harness features a lightweight construction that is compatible with most seatbelt systems. In addition, Carsafe incorporates cushioned layers mixed with breathable fabrics, providing the best comfort possible.

Second, the Carsafe Dog Harness features front and back lead connection points, allowing owners to utilize them as an easy-walk harness. Finally, the product uses fully reflective fabrics, allowing dogs to be seen during night walks.


  • 70 lbs maximum capacity
  • Single-loop webbing design
  • Fully reflective fabric
  • Cushioned layer
  • Breathable fabric material


  • 2-in-1 dog car harness and easy-walk harness design.
  • The product’s reflective fabric increases dog visibility during night walks.
  • Compatible with most seatbelt systems.
  • Passed various vehicle safety standards such as the FDMVSS and CMVSS.


  • The product only comes in a blue colorway.

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EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness

EzyDog DRIVE Dog Car Harness - Crash Tested US (FMVSS 213) Certified, Black, Small

Brand: EzyDog

Type: Dog Car Harness Crash Tested with Buckle Closure System

The EzyDog Car Harness is one of the few in the market that conforms to the FMVSS 213, ECE Regulation 21, and ADR42/04. Thus, making it one of the most reliable car harnesses for dogs.

Firstly, EzyDog incorporates a Dual SR buckle closure system, allowing owners to easily put the harness on and off dogs. In addition, the harness features a one-time fit, providing hassle-free fit customization for owners.

Secondly, EzyDog utilizes aluminum alloy Tri-Glides, allowing for a durable but lightweight harness performance. Moreover, the product features a padded chest plate that molds accordingly to a dog’s body. Lastly, EzyDog crafted the harness’ webbing from a vehicle-tested seat belt paired with the Crosslink Technology, yielding unparalleled durability.


  • Dual SR buckle closure system
  • Aluminum alloy Tri-Glides
  • Vehicle-tested seat belt webbing
  • Crosslink Technology
  • Contoured and padded chest plate


  • Provides premium quality and feel.
  • Passed vehicle safety standards from the USA, Australia, and Europe.
  • Features extremely durable but lightweight materials.
  • Perfect for all breeds and sizes.


  • The most expensive crash-tested dog harness on our list.

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Easy Rider Adjustable Car Harness

Coastal - Easy Rider - Adjustable Dog Car Harness, Black, MED (20'-30')

Brand: Easy Rider

Type: Dog Car Harness Crash Tested for Medium breeds

Compliant with the FMVSS 213 for child restraint systems, the Easy Rider Harness is cheap, reliable, and durable. Featuring a 20” – 30” girth, the Easy Rider Harness is suitable for medium dog breeds and sizes.

Furthermore, Easy Rider implemented a 2-in-1 design, allowing dog owners to interchange the harness as a seatbelt or walk harness. In addition, the Easy Rider harness features a padded chest strap, providing dogs with a custom fit and comfortable feel.

Lastly, the Easy Rider’s all-metal hardware makes it incredibly durable. Therefore, if you are looking for a budget dog car harness, you might want to give Easy Rider a shot.


  • 20” – 30” girth
  • 2-in-1 seatbelt and walk harness design
  • Metal hardware
  • Padded chest strap
  • One size fits most


  • Offered within a budget-friendly price point.
  • Complies under the FMVSS 213 for child restrain systems.
  • Ideal for medium-sized dogs.
  • Utilizes durable and comfortable materials.


  • The harness is not suitable for long walks.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Crash-tested Dog Car Harnesses

Is Kurgo harness crash tested?

Kurgo is one of the best brands in terms of crash-tested dog car harnesses. To keep this quality, Kurgo worked with Calspan at the University of Buffalo. The result of the test certified Kurgo in compliance with the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard for child restraint systems.

Are dog car seatbelts safe?

As we know, driving comes with risks as the roads are sometimes unpredictable. In this light, sudden brakes and turns may send dogs flying in the back seat. In addition, a dog car harness lets a dog settle down in one place, avoiding driving distractions.

Therefore, we recommend utilizing dog car seatbelts when driving around with your four-legged friend. However, buyers must look for dog car harness crash tested to secure their dogs properly in case of accidents.

Is EzyDog harness crash tested?

Similar to Kurgo, EzyDog provides incredible dog car harnesses that feature premium-quality construction. To provide unparalleled safety for dogs, EzyDog conforms to USA’s FMVSS 213, Europe’s ECE Regulation 21, and Australia’s ADR42/04. Therefore, EzyDog is easily one of the best dog car harness manufacturers in the market.

Can a dog lie down in a car harness?

Manufacturers design dog car harnesses with an emphasis on both comfort and durability. Thus, dog car harnesses provide room for dogs to move around, allowing them to settle comfortably during a ride. As a result, dogs can sit, move around, and lie down without restraining them too much.

How do I keep my dog safe in a car crash?

Different dog car harnesses feature different materials. In addition, various manufacturers have their claims when it comes to their products. However, one way to ensure the durability of a dog car harness is to look at its crash test rating. Therefore, dog owners should utilize crash-tested dog car harnesses when driving around with their dogs, protecting them against accidents like car crashes.

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