Best Cubs Dog Collars Reviewed: Display your Love for the Cubs Today!

Show your support to the Chicago Cubs with the best cubs dog collars! As we know, baseball is America’s National Pastime, making it an important sporting event that shaped a nation. Since the inception of baseball, the game has always been a supplement to the way of life of Americans. Eventually, the game found its way all across the world. Thus, making it widely accepted and loved in countries such as Canada, Japan, and the Dominican Republic.

Furthermore, cub dog collars are also an excellent fashion statement for baseball fans who bring their dogs to games. Therefore, we collected 6 incredible cubs dog collars that will surely look excellent on your dog.

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What to Look for Before Buying a Chicago Cubs Dog Collar?— A Buyer’s Guide

Cubs Dog Collars

The market for Cubs dog collars features various items from different manufacturers. However, the quality these collars provide cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, buyers must know the various things to consider before buying a Cubs dog collar. In addition, ensuring the quality of cub dog collars provides dogs with a safer collar that is durable and dog-friendly.


Cubs dog collars come in various shapes and sizes. For instance, some Cubs dog collars feature a standard collar design with a D-ring for dogs collars charms. Furthermore, some Cubs dog collars utilize other types of charms such as a ribbon or other types of bandanas.

Nevertheless, these dog collar designs still provide dogs with a comfortable feel. In addition, the style of Cubs dog collars depends on the preference of dog owners.

Material Quality

Before buying a Cubs dog collar, buyers must look into the material quality of a product. As we know, the material quality of a product is relative to the product’s durability and performance. In addition, a collar’s material quality affects its price point.

For dog owners on a budget, we advise finding Cubs dog collars that feature budget-friendly materials such as nylon. On the other hand, materials such as polycotton and metal hardware provide better durability and comfort. However, these materials come at a premium in comparison with nylon and plastic hardware.

Overall Fit

Lastly, when buying Cubs dog collars, the overall fit of a product matters. A dog collar that is too tight may strain a dog’s neck. Thus, causing health concerns such as allergic reactions and skin irritation. In worse-case scenarios, a tight collar may lead to accidental choking or nervous system problems in the long run.

Therefore, we advise dog owners to know their dog’s collar size. One easy way to do it at home is by utilizing a tape measure to get their dog’s neck circumference. When measuring a dog’s collar size, dog owners should leave a 1-2 finger breathing room within the measurement for a snug fit.

For dog collar sizes measuring 6”-12”, we advise dog owners to find a small-sized collar. For collar sizes around 10”-16”, medium-sized collars are the best. Dogs with collar sizes around 14-24” should utilize large-sized collars. Lastly, anything larger than 24” should utilize xlarge dog collars.

6 Incredible Cubs Dog Collars from Amazon

MLB Dog Collar

MLB Chicago Cubs Licensed PET COLLAR- Heavy-Duty, Strong, and Durable Dog Collar. Available in 29 Baseball Teams and 4 Sizes

Brand: Pets First

Type: Standard Cubs Dog Collars

Excellent for dog owners with aggressive pullers, the MLB Cubs Dog Collar features a durable heavy-duty nylon material. In addition, the collar displays the logo of the Chicago Cubs clearly and vibrantly.

Furthermore, the MLB Cubs Dog Collar features a breakaway buckle for convenient wearing and removal. Plus, the product utilizes a metal D ring for leashes and dog collars charms.

Moreover, the MLB Cubs Dog Collar comes in 4 sizes— small, medium, large, and extra-large. Finally, Pets First offers other MLB Dog Collars for all 29s professional teams. Thus, providing collars for all MLB supporters.


  • Heavy-duty nylon material
  • Breakaway buckle
  • D-ring
  • 4 different sizes
  • 29 MLB teams


  • Clearly shows the Chicago Cubs logo on both sides of the collar.
  • Licensed product of the MLB.
  • Also offered in xlarge dog collars sizes.
  • Budget-friendly price point.


  • The product’s breakaway buckle utilizes a plastic material.

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Pets First MLB Teams Signature Pro Collar for Dogs

MLB Dog Collar Chicago Cubs New Signature PRO PVC-Leather Premium Pet Collars Extra Tough & Durable! Super Stylish! Size: Small Adjustable 12-15' Length x 0.75' Width

Brand: Pets First

Type: Premium Cubs Dog Collars

If you are looking for durable Cubs Dog Collars, then the Pets First MLB Pro Collar is perfect for you! Featuring wrinkle-free polycotton material, the Pets First MLB Pro Collar provides unparalleled comfort and durability.

Moreover, Pets First also incorporates a poly-mesh collar body. Thus, providing dogs with a tailored fit for a more comfortable feel. In addition, mesh panels supplement the collar’s poly-mesh body, giving dogs the ultimate breathability and comfort around the neck area.

Furthermore, the Pets First MLB Teams Signature Pro Collars come in four various sizes— small, medium, large, and one size. Lastly, the MLB Teams Signature Pro Collars come in various designs such as the Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants, and more.


  • Embroidered Chicago Cubs name and logo
  • Wrinkle-free polycotton material
  • Poly-mesh body
  • Offered in 4 sizes
  • 3 designs to choose from


  • Features high-quality dog collar materials.
  • The product’s belt buckle is more durable than plastic breakaway buckles.
  • Embroidered designs are less likely to fade.
  • Incorporates breathable and comfortable materials.


  • The most expensive cubs dog collars on our list.

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MLB PET Collar with Attached Bandana

Pets First MLB Bandana - Chicago Cubs Dog Bandana with Reflective & Adjustable Dog Collar, Large

Brand: Pets First

Type: Cubs Dog Collars with Free Accessories

The MLB Pet Collar is an excellent dog collar for all dog breeds and sizes. Firstly, the collar features a Chicago Cubs embroider logo on its bandana. In addition, the product’s bandana incorporates a 100% cotton material, making it dog-friendly and comfortable for dogs to use.

Secondly, Pets First utilizes a 1” team color webbing, displaying the Chicago Cubs logo clearly throughout the bandana. Moreover, the collar’s 1” team color webbing features a reflective printed stripe, allowing better dog visibility during walks.

Thirdly, the Pets First MLB Pet Collar features silver grommets and hardware, providing better durability than flimsy plastic materials. Finally, the Pets First MLB Collar features an adjustable strap and buckle, allowing for a customized snug fit.


  • 100% cotton bandana material
  • Embroidered Chicago Cubs logo
  • Silver hardware and grommets
  • Reflective printed stripe
  • 1” team color webbing


  • Provides dogs with an adjustable collar strap and buckle for a snug fit.
  • Utilizes a heavy-duty buckle for stronger dog breeds.
  • The included reflective printed stripe increases dog visibility during night walks.
  • Features dog-friendly fabrics.


  • The collar’s reflective stripe tends to peel off, requiring users to fit the collar with care.

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MLB Chicago Cubs Pet Collar with Removable Bow

MLB Chicago Cubs Pet Collar with Removable Bow, Team Color, Large/X-Large

Brand: Pets First

Type: Cubs Dog Collars with Free Accessories

Let your dog enjoy their walks while looking stylish with the MLB Chicago Cubs Pet Collar. Featuring a stylish removable bow, your dogs will surely express their owner’s love for the Chicago Cubs with this collar! Therefore, if you are looking for high-quality cubs dog collars, the Pets First Chicago Cubs Collar will not disappoint.

Firstly, the Pets First Chicago Cubs Dog Collars feature soft satin fabric, making them extremely comfortable and wrinkle-free. In addition, this fabric selection makes the MLB Chicago Cubs Pet Collar easy to clean.

Secondly, the MLB Chicago Cubs Pet Collar utilizes a removable bow with a discrete elastic band. Thus, allowing dog owners to attach the bow with ease. Lastly, the product incorporates a strong 4-point lock system complimented by a silver-plated D-ring for collar charms.


  • Soft satin fabric
  • Webbing nylon collar
  • Discrete elastic band on the bow
  • MLB-Licensed product
  • 4-point lock system


  • The plastic construction of the 4-point lock system makes the collar lightweight.
  • The utilization of a webbing nylon material allows the collar to be gentle on fur.
  • Features a removable bow that is easy to clean.
  • Comes with a silver-plated D-ring for optional charms.


  • The collar’s size is hard to approximate according to the size of pets.

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Pets First Pet Bandana

Pets First CUB-3217-L-XL MLB Dog Bandana - Chicago Cubs Reversible Pet Bandana, Large/X-Large, MLB Team Color

Brand: Pets First

Type: Accessory for Cubs Dog Collars

Perfect for standard dog collars, you can utilize this Pets First Pet Bandana to transform it into cubs dog collars. Featuring a mesh and polycotton fabric, the bandana is breathable and comfortable to wear.

Furthermore, the bandana features a reversible feature with a mesh or poly-cotton side. Each side displays the Chicago Cubs logo with either a screen-printed or premium embroidered design. Furthermore, the bandana incorporates a licensed Chicago Cubs logo, making them perfect for game days!

Moreover, the Pets First Pet Bandana comes in 2 sizes— small/medium and large/extra large. The small/medium option measures 9.5” x 6.5” while the large/extra large bandana measures 14.5” x 9.5”.


  • Mesh side with screen-printed Cubs logo
  • Poly-cotton side with premium embroidered Cubs logo
  • Durable mesh and poly-cotton fabric materials
  • Offered in small/medium and large/extra-large sizes
  • MLB-Licensed Chicago Cubs logo


  • The bandana fits most standard dog collars.
  • Features dog-friendly and easy to clean materials.
  • Utilizes a reversible design that features home and away colors of the Chicago Cubs.
  • Budget-friendly price point.


  • The product doesn’t come with any attachment accessory for collars.

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MLB Strong & Durable Premium Dog Leash

MLB PET Leash, Small, Chicago Cubs Dog Leash, Baseball Team Leash for Dogs & Cats. A Shiny & Colorful Dog & Cat Leash with Emboridered Team Name/Logo Licensed by the MLB

Brand: Pets First

Type: Leash for Cubs Dog Collars

A perfect pair for Cubs dog collars, the Pets First MLB Leash provides durable performance and aesthetically-pleasing colorway. First, Pets First utilized a heavy-duty nylon web on the leash, allowing it to withstand tremendous pull from all dog breeds. Moreover, the product features a woven Cubs team logo in a repeating pattern throughout the leash.

Second, the Pets First MLB Leash features metal hardware that increases the leash’s overall durability. In addition, the product uses a silver metal dog clip, allowing owners to easily attach and remove the leash on collars.

Lastly, the stylish colorway of the Pets First MLB Leash makes it an excellent addition to all types of collars.


  • Heavy-duty nylon web
  • Repeating Chicago Cubs logo pattern
  • All-metal hardware
  • Silver metal dog clip
  • Offered in 3 sizes— small, medium, and large


  • Incorporates a push-button dog clip, allowing for easy collar attachment and removal.
  • Transforms standard collars into cubs dog collars.
  • Provides a durable performance against tugs from any dog breed.
  • Displays a consistent Chicago Cubs logo pattern.


  • Muddy print quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Chicago Cubs Collars for Dogs

Is it cruel for dogs to wear collars?

As we know, a dog collar is an excellent tool that helps dog owners guide their dogs during walks. In addition, dog collars allow dog owners to display their dog’s details around their neck. However, all these benefits come with various risks. For instance, a tight collar can provide strain on a dog’s neck— oftentimes leading to medical issues among dogs. Therefore, we advise dog owners to ensure that their dogs wear a snug cubs dog collar.

Which dog collars is best?

The best cubs dog collars you can find from Pets First are the following:

  • MLB Dog Collar
  • Pets First MLB Teams Signature Pro Collar
  • MLB PET Collar with Attached Bandana
  • MLB Chicago Cubs Pet Collar with Removable Bow
  • Pets First Pet Bandana
  • MLB Strong & Durable Premium Dog Leash

Why is Chicago called the Cubs?

The name “Chicago Cubs” wasn’t a thing before 1902. The team, originally the Chicago White Stockings, adopted the name Colts which subsequently changed to the Orphans. The “Cubs” first emerged when the Chicago Daily News mentioned the team as the “Cubs” due to them having young players. Afterward, this name caught on, resulting in the Chicago Cubs we know and love today.

Should pugs wear collars?

Scientifically speaking, Pugs are notorious for having genetic problems that lead to breathing problems. Although they can wear a cub’s dog collar, we recommend dog owners ensure that their collar fits snugly. In addition, we advise against tugging and pulling which may cause strain on your pug’s neck.

Should puppies wear collars?

Although puppies can wear cubs dog collars, we advise dog owners to follow these recommendations. Firstly, we recommend owners ensure that the fit of their pup’s collar is snug to avoid accidental choking and straining. Secondly, buyers should find padded collars or a standard collar with fur and skin-friendly materials. Lastly, since puppies tend to chew more, we also recommend owners invest in durable cubs dog collars.

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