Horse Insurance 101: A Beginner’s Guide

horse insurance

Whether you are an individual or a business horse owner that breeds trains, rides, or races, you know how pricey a single horse is. Much more the cost of its lifetime health maintenance. And with the level of activity that your horse engages in, there are always threats of additional expenses due to illnesses, accidents, … Read more

What is the best insurance program for my dog?


Big or small, purebred or mixed, dogs are not just man’s best friends, they are family. And just like every household member, we have the responsibility to take care of them. Especially when dogs get sick and incur injuries. When these things happens, we have to make sure that they get the proper medical care. … Read more

What Is Covered In A Dog Insurance

What Is Covered In A Dog Insurance

Picking a dog insurance plan can be tough. This is especially true when there seem so many good options in the market but are all too expensive. Well, you cannot recognize when options are expensive or not. IF you do not know much of what is in a dog insurance plan. More so, if you … Read more

Do I Need To Insure My Dog?

Do I Need to Insure My Dog

For most pet owners, the answer is yes. However, if you’ve got thousands of dollars for unexpected emergency bills, insuring your dog may not be necessary. You can just start saving that amount of money now to pay for medical bills in the future… But life is so uncertain and so is the life of … Read more