8 Best Dog Car Harness Crash Tested – Safety on a Budget

dog car harness crash tested

Make your car trips with your four-legged buddy safe with a dog car harness crash tested. Similar to dog seat covers, a dog car harness aims to keep your dog safe during car rides. However, dog seat covers function as a portable playpen while dog car harnesses function as a seatbelt. Furthermore, utilizing a crash-tested … Read more

Best Cubs Dog Collars Reviewed: Display your Love for the Cubs Today!

Cubs Dog Collars

Show your support to the Chicago Cubs with the best cubs dog collars! As we know, baseball is America’s National Pastime, making it an important sporting event that shaped a nation. Since the inception of baseball, the game has always been a supplement to the way of life of Americans. Eventually, the game found its … Read more

How is an Easy Walk Harness Correctly Attached?— An Owner’s Guide

How is an Easy Walk Harness Correctly Attached - An Owner's Guide

How is an Easy Walk Harness correctly attached? That is a question that has haunted many dog owners for a long time. In this article, we’ll answer the question “how is an Easy Walk Harness correctly attached?” and other topics revolving around walk harnesses. However, before we can move forward, we’ll have to know first … Read more

8 Xlarge Dog Collars Reviewed: Durability and Comfort in a Budget

Xlarge Dog Collars

Let’s face it, looking for high-quality xlarge dog collars is a real bummer to do, especially in today’s market. For instance, not all xlarge dog collars can withstand the force of Tibetan Mastiffs— which is an extremely huge breed. Furthermore, not all dog collars feature the same quality, especially in a market inflated with offerings. … Read more

9 Dog Collars Charms: Let your Dog Shine in the Pack!

Dog Collars Charms

Make your dog’s presence unique with the help of dog collars charms. In addition, using dog collars charms can help your dog portray their personality more. Furthermore, you can customize dog collars charms for an easier way to identify your dog. Plus, it makes them cuter, don’t you think? Allowing to customize a dog’s name … Read more

8 Dog Seat Covers Reviewed: Comfortable Covers for your Fur Baby!

Dog Seat Covers

With the best dog seat covers, forget about cleaning after your furry friend after a trip! Let’s face it, having to clean after your dog is nerve-wracking, especially when they leave unwanted things in the car. For instance, dogs are notorious for leaving fur, scratch marks, and dirt within the car interior. In addition, dogs … Read more

Best Large Dog Bowls and Feeders for Large Pets

Large Dog Bowls

Keeping your dog fit and healthy is easy when you’re using large dog bowls. It helps keep the meal portioned and saves you from the hassle of refilling the bowl. Moreover, unlike small size bowls, large dog bowls grow with dogs. So, whether you have a small or giant breed, a large dog bowl can … Read more

Best Elevated Dog Bowls for Medium, Large & Senior Dogs

Best Elevated Dog Bowls Raised Feeder for Large Breeds Senior Dogs

Elevated dog bowls are not your usual kind of bowl. Compared with their traditional counterparts, elevated dog bowls make mealtimes less messy and less noisy- Thanks to their frames that hold the bowls securely in place! More importantly, these elevated pet feeders provide comfort for dogs with arthritis, injuries, and mobility problems. There’s more to … Read more

Metal Dog Bowls: 8 Durable and Non-toxic Bowls for your Furry Friend

Metal Dog Bowls

Metal dog bowls prevent dog owners from worrying about their dogs getting sick due to food contaminants. For instance, Bisphenol A (BPA) and bacteria are present in plastic dog bowls which may cause sickness among dogs. Therefore, most dog owners provide their dogs with metal dog bowls. Consequently, we present you the top 8 metal … Read more