Dog Collar With GPS Chip / Tracker: A Primer

dog collar with GPS chip

A dog collar with GPS chip/tracker might be what saves you from losing your dog. The stress of having to go to extreme lengths in order to recover your beloved canine could be prevented. Whether they run loose or worse; taken. We all know how heartwarming being reunited with your dog after a long separation … Read more

Dog Collar Wireless Fence

dog collar wireless fence

First of all, please note that if we’re talking about dog collar wireless fence, we’re not talking about those fence systems that you need to bury underground or staple on the ground. We are actually talking about the wireless one! Traditional fence is so medieval. But, truth be told, this wireless one first came out … Read more

How does a GPS dog collar work?

How does a GPS dog collar work

In this article, learn how a GPS Dog collar work and the best GPD dog collar system you can buy today! A walk in the park should be…. Well, a walk in the park, right? Not always. How many times have you been brave enough to let your best friend off the leash only to … Read more