Invisible Fence Collars for Dogs: Wireless Dog Fence 101

Invisible Fence Collars for Dogs

First of all, please note that if we’re talking about invisible fence collars for dogs, we’re not talking about those fence systems that you need to bury underground or staple on the ground. We are actually talking about the wireless one! Traditional fence is so medieval. But, truth be told, this wireless one first came … Read more

Best Dog Collar Camera: 7 Best Options You Should Buy

Dog Collar Camera Feature Image

As a dog owner, I will always live and breathe the moments with my dogs. We all know that our fur babies don’t live as long as we do, so it’s best to capture all those memories of them even if we’re not around. Every chance we get, we take photos and videos and replay … Read more

Glow In The Dark Dog Collar: The 5 Best Options You Can Buy

Glow In The Dark Dog Collar

Looking for the best way to keep track of your dog at night? Then you need a Glow In The Dark Dog Collar! These handy collars will help you spot your pooch in the dark, so you can keep an eye on them and make sure they’re safe. Best Glow in the Dark Dog Collar … Read more

Best Cubs Dog Collars Reviewed: Display your Love for the Cubs Today!

Cubs Dog Collars

Show your support to the Chicago Cubs with the best cubs dog collars! As we know, baseball is America’s National Pastime, making it an important sporting event that shaped a nation. Since the inception of baseball, the game has always been a supplement to the way of life of Americans. Eventually, the game found its … Read more

How is an Easy Walk Harness Correctly Attached?— An Owner’s Guide

How is an Easy Walk Harness Correctly Attached - An Owner's Guide

How is an Easy Walk Harness correctly attached? That is a question that has haunted many dog owners for a long time. In this article, we’ll answer the question “how is an Easy Walk Harness correctly attached?” and other topics revolving around walk harnesses. However, before we can move forward, we’ll have to know first … Read more

8 Xlarge Dog Collars Reviewed: Durability and Comfort in a Budget

Xlarge Dog Collars

Let’s face it, looking for high-quality xlarge dog collars is a real bummer to do, especially in today’s market. For instance, not all xlarge dog collars can withstand the force of Tibetan Mastiffs— which is an extremely huge breed. Furthermore, not all dog collars feature the same quality, especially in a market inflated with offerings. … Read more

9 Dog Collars Charms: Let your Dog Shine in the Pack!

Dog Collars Charms

Make your dog’s presence unique with the help of dog collars charms. In addition, using dog collars charms can help your dog portray their personality more. Furthermore, you can customize dog collars charms for an easier way to identify your dog. Plus, it makes them cuter, don’t you think? Allowing to customize a dog’s name … Read more

5 Best Invisible Fence for Small Dogs – In Ground & Wireless Options

Invisible Fence for Small Dogs

An invisible fence for small dogs is a must-have for any pet owner. It’s the perfect way to keep your furry friend safe while giving them the freedom to roam. So if you’re looking for a safe and effective way to keep your dog contained, I’ve compiled some of the best invisible fences for small … Read more

Wide Dog Collars: 6 Best Wide and Thick Dog Collars!

Best Wide Dog Collars Buyer's Guide

We say, both! It’s no wonder that wide dog collars are the latest craze among pet owners. Besides being chic and trendy, wide dog collars give dogs a lot more comfort. Well, a bit more than what regular ones give but basically, function-wise, they’re just the same. But, let’s dig deeep! Best Wide Dog Collars … Read more