Dog Spray Repellant

If you have a dog that obsessively chews on everything, a dog spray repellant is for you. It’s specially made to stop bad chewing and biting habits and repel aggressive dogs, whether it’s your own or from your neighborhood. It’s safe, non-toxic, and convenient to use like dog sonic repellant. What is a Dog Spray … Read more

Dog Sonic Repellant

Aggressive dogs can really be terrifying especially when they show up while you’re alone walking, jogging or biking. Good thing is that there are dog sonic repellant devices that tames down aggressive dogs. It’s definitely a must have as it lets you enjoy your time outdoors without having to worry about unwanted dog behaviors. If … Read more

Poop Bags & Scoopers

Cleaning up after pets can be a hassle. This is especially true if the wrong tool is used or the right tool is not at hand. The good news is that there are handy devices like poop bags & scoopers that you can carry in and outside the house. They’re pretty much affordable but they … Read more

7 Techniques To Improve Dog Behavior Outdoors

How do I keep control of my dog when being outside

“How do I keep control of my dog when being outside?” Dog-owners are very familiar with this question. It may be a struggle to bring your pet to a dog park or even just in your front yard! The struggles can include your dogs barking at other dogs or animals, chasing or jumping onto people. … Read more