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November 26, 2014


Being thankful is strongly linked to both mental and physical health, but can also help to relieve stress depression among many other conditions. Our dogs do the same thing.

But, what is gratitude and what is being thankful? Some people view it is an ability to maintain a positive view.

That sounds a little like optimism but instead of expecting the good, I think being thankful requires recognizing that our life and outcomes are not just the result of our own hard work, but rather dependent upon the efforts of others.

Numerous studies now link counting ones blessings to health. I believe that dogs have changed my health and my life.

Better psychological health also means that more people are likely to engage in healthy activities. So it’s not surprising that having a dog keeps us better mentally and physically, as well as, attributing to being thankful.

Of course, it’s also possible that healthy or people feel they have more to be grateful for, which may explain some of the extra thankfulness.

So at this time of year, and all year long, I give thanks to our dogs for their unconditional love and thanks to our K9 Fit Club Family for your love and support.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tricia Montgomery

November 8, 2014

K9 Fit Club Certified Trainers & clients came from near and far to assist with K9 Fit Club’s Sit, Stay & Get Fit for DogTV. Joanie Sotamayer, aka JoanieFit, traveled from New Jersey, Mandi Juarez from Indiana and Michael Cooley from Florida. The crew from K9 Tailshakers took off work to join in the fun as we raised the WOOF for K9 Fit Club! We spend three fun and intense days, (6am – 7:30pm), filming with 10 episodes officially in the can and in the editing room!

K9 Fit Club’s Sit, Stay & Get Fit, will be the first human content to be featured on DogTV. Our episodes will run November 24th – 30th in the prime time hour and can be found on DirectTV, broadcast to over 20.5 million viewers. Our :30 minute show will feature fun, fitness, inspirational and transformational stories, celebrity cameos and more.

From hair, make-up, multiple takes, teleprompters, cues and action shots, we had an amazing time! Paws up to Joanie and Michael for the energy, enthusiasm and not being afraid to lead a class for the television audience!

Our program will air every weekend beginning December 6th for 52 weeks. Speaking of 52 weeks, we will be taping again in early 2015 and would love to showcase our Certified Trainers. It is our goal to take this show on the road and bring the crew and the pawty to you! Be on the lookout on our Facebook page for information on air times and more. Thanks for being part of our ever-growing family!

November 6, 2014

Several weeks ago, K9 Fit Club attended our very first APDT conference. The APDT Conference is an annual dog training conference held by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) is a professional organization of individual trainers who are committed to becoming better trainers through education.

Founded in 1993 by Ian Dunbar DVM, Ph.D. it serves as a forum for trainers to associate with one another and to discuss topics of mutual interest.
Now in its 20th year, the conference brought over 900 attendee, trainers, exhibitors and celebrities; including Victoria Stilwell. K9 Fit Club was talk of the show, with our standard of excellence and the first human/canine online certification. We met some amazing trainers, from New York to California, with over 24 people registering for K9 Fit Club’s online certification course.

We look forward to learning from them and welcoming them to our ever-growing family! Can’t wait for next year’s show in Dallas!
Thank you for joining us..
K9 Fit Club is dedicated to the health and wellness of both humans and canines. We do what we love and love what we do. If you’re interested in joining our growing family check us on on or bark back at

September 15, 2014

In a San Diego/Chicago/New York Minute!

This past week we were invited to appear Live on the Plaza on the Today Show, and in the spirit of creating awareness and promoting our K9 Fit Club Certification Program , how could we say no? Okay, let’s be honest, when the Today Show calls, you jump at the opportunity!  Yep, I am in!

We also had been interviewed by the New York Times, and true to content is king and the compelling story of K9 Fit Club, not only did they request a column, they wanted to shoot a video piece for New York Times Television. New York and Central Park seemed like the perfect backdrop.

When the call for the interview first came in, I was sitting at the AARP Conference (wait a minute, isn’t that’s for really old people) with fellow WIPIN Members, Kristine Levine  , Beke LuBeach , Lorien Clemens and Kristin Amber-Smith! K9 Fit Club, along with other leaders in the pet industry, had been invited to participate in a Thought Leadership Workshop and Strategy Sessions with Thought Leaders and Innovation Leaders for Life Reimagined – 50+. This dynamic group serves a market of over 40 million people. AARP is a membership organization leading positive social change and delivering value to people age 50 and over through information, advocacy and service.

 We heard from experts including Terry Bradell – Chief Executive Officer & Chief Information, Charlote Yeh – Chief Medical Officer, Steve Cone, Executive Vice President – Membership & Integrated Value, Emilio Pardo – Executive Vice President and President of Life Reimagined, Jeff Makeowka, Senior Advisor – Thought Leadership and Ellis Rosenberg – Director, Brand Partnerships and Alliances, who discussed the power of this market and their attention to Health, Fitness and Wellness. We met Paul Irving  who wrote the book, The Upside of Aging , and expert in Childhood Obesity.

What was I talking about? Oh right, the Today Show . So as it turns out we needed dogs, lots of dogs and lots of people. Our K9 Fit Club Certified Trainer, Len Spens, who lives in Hyde Park, NY, was able to attend, but not sure about her class members attending? Beke looked and me and said, call Dana (aka the awesome Dana Humphreys ). And that began the “barking chain” and pulling together 12 dogs and 8 participants for the Today Show segment and the New York Times.

 The segment was to originally air with Hoda and Kathie Lee  on Wednesday, but was moved to Friday with Maria Shriver and Jenna Wolfe as they wanted to wrap up Pet Week with K9 Fit Club and a workout on the plaza.

Interestingly enough, we had arrived on Tuesday and everyday had been overcast, with the threat of rain, or rain. We woke up to 4:00am dark skies, which quickly turned to beautiful blue-sky day. Al Roker knew we were coming and ordered the beautiful weather for us!

Back to the dogs, Not only did Dana participate, she brought together the amazing group of people and dogs. I met fellow WIPIN Member Janine Berger, Gillet & her dog Melou. Lisa Mercurio and Ava, whose husband, an International Music Conductor, produced Symphony for Dogs., Len Spens and Fang. And the amazing Miguel Jackson, whose business is dog grooming/dog sitting and pet fashion and brought with him the most amazing dogs. The energy was contagious as we did Rover’s Reverse Lunges, Pups Pushing Peeps, Sally Step-overs, Puppy Planks and Bosu Teasers, with Matt Lauer, Carson Daley and Al Roker joining in the fun for the end of the segment.

 From Rockefeller Plaza we headed north to Central Park at 72nd and the Band Shell for our interview with the New York Times .  Pups and people were out in abundance and K9 Fit Club was ready with a workout. We took over the park and had quite the crowd of onlookers and people cheering us on. More importantly, wanted to share their stories of how their dog(s) had changed their life.

We had more dogs and owners joining us, and we put on a doggone, paws-up amazing class. We spent time with the amazing Anahad O’Connor  a journalist for The New York Times, covering health, fitness, nutrition and epidemiology, who took the time to listen, ask questions and truly understood the benefits of dogs for health, fitness and wellness.

Although exhausting, we are energized and inspired, and look forward to helping others and the awesome journey of K9 Fit Club.

Peace, love and paws,

Tricia Montgomery & Zeus

August 11, 2014

Will you spare a second to help our nation’s pets?

Every year, countless dogs die in cars due to extreme temperatures. Despite this, only 15 states have statutes that specifically prohibit leaving an animal unattended in a confined vehicle. Petplan pet insurance believes this is a national issue – and that animals need a stronger voice and stronger protection. That’s why we’re petitioning the Obama Administration to encourage all states to enact laws prohibiting animals from being left unattended in cars during dangerously hot or cold temperatures.

If 100,000 people sign the petition in 30 days, we get our paws in the door of The White House, potentially paving the way to save the countless numbers of animals who die in hot or cold cars every single year.

Petplan Chief Veterinary Medical Officer, Dr. Jules Benson, shares his own heartbreaking story of just one such dog in this video:

– See more at:

August 1, 2014

Stephen & Sally – A Tail of Best Friends

The loss of a pet, whether furred, feathered, or finned, is a deep and meaningful loss. For a child whose life has changed with that pet, the loss can be even more painful.

I had heard of Stephen and Sally long before I met them. According to the Pet Promenade Committee of the Westmont Park District, Stephen was quite a legend, having written an essay of “What Does Your Pet Mean to You”, drawing tears to the judges and committee’s eyes. The best essay they had ever seen.

“My dog Sally is a five year old Shetland sheepdog. She is so very special. She had a rough life. She was kept outside all the time during the rain, snow and heat as a puppy. It is a very sad story, but when she was two we rescued her. Even though things scare her still she has gotten a lot better. My brother & me love to cuddle with her and she knows when I have had a bad day and sits with me on the couch. I know that Sally is happy when I look into her eyes and she smiles.”

Shortly thereafter, Stephen, 10, Sally, a 7-yearold Sheltie, and his Mom Christine, began to visit K9 Fit Club. Every Monday, come rain, shine, or even homework, they never missed a Bow Wow Bootcamp. When Stephen was home sick, Christine brought Sally, keeping her routine; Stephen requesting his Mom to bring her, knowing how much she loved coming to class.

Sally, according to Christine, had been so shy and nervous, while at home, they would have to walk her with a leash inside the house. Attending a K9 Fit Club Class was a huge step for Sally. For Stephen, it meant bonding not only with Sally, but spending extra special time with his Mom, and his brother Mark.

The changes in Sally were small at first, but then more noticeable, as the weeks went by. From overweight, nervous and shy at first, to losing 3.5 lbs., balancing with ease on a Peanut, Winning at Wagging Wall Sits or record for Puppy Planks, Stephen and Sally led the class with a bright smile and wag of the tail. Sally became so good at Step-ups on the slanted riser; the exercise was officially renamed to Sally’s Sheltie Slants.

Stephens’s changes were more noticeable, from shy and nervous, (just like Sally) to volunteering for his school for K9 Fit Club demonstrations to television appearances, Stephen’s confidence grew almost as big as his biceps! Their continued friendship and love helped both become more confident. As Stephen said, “Everything changed with Sally.”

“She is my good luck charm. I know that other dogs do tricks and Sally doesn’t but I wouldn’t change her. She is part of my family and is very precious. I think she is the best dog.”

This past Tuesday, K9 Fit Club received some sad news. Sally was not eating normally so they took her to the vet. Sally had an unknown mass in her intestines so exploratory surgery was scheduled. Unfortunately, it was a 6inch cancerous mass in her colon. After a difficult decision, to keep her out of pain, along with the prognosis, it was suggested she be put to sleep. The family was able to say goodbye.

We will miss you Sally.

Tricia Montgomery

Stephen and Sally 1236776_560917170622810_1388997111_n 37025_560923200622207_664555085_n

July 28, 2014


July 26, 2014

People love their pets. Dedicated “pet parents”—62% of American households—will spend almost $53 billion this year on an ever-widening array of merchandise for their animal companions—often before they spend money on themselves. And where can you find everything for everyPAWdy, all under one woof? SuperZoo!

For those of you who may not be familiar with SuperZoo, it is the most popular trade show in North America for the pet store industry, attracting thousands of retailers, product suppliers and service providers every year. Although the show has seen many transformations in the pet industry, one of the most notable, the recent upswing in the number of “pet parents” and the growing tendency for people to consider pets as family members

Although K9 Fit Club did not have a booth this year, we had back to back interviews, meetings and events. From Hawaiian Television, where were able to promote our newest K9 Fit Club Certified Trainer , Rose Murtagh, to networking with the fabulous Women in the Pet Industry to the Dog is Good Fashion Show (thank dog I didn’t trip or fall)! It was one of the best shows we have attended.

We saw the coolest products, Stride™ from 26 Bars & a Band, an innovative dog walking solution, who have combined three great products into one! Stride features a waste bag dispenser, hand sanitizer compartment, and pedometer. You will soon find this product and more, on the K9 Fit Club Store coming very soon!

We attended a Muy Bueno dinner with the great founders and folks from DogTV Furlocity, Kristen Levine: Pet Lifestyle Expert, who by the way, just launched her new venture, TAGG, PetPlan Insurance and Dog Is Good. All hosted and facilitated by the industries brightest star and supreme networker aka “put people together” gal, Beke Lubeach

The highlight, the Dog is Good Fashion Show. Here you found industry leaders, from those mentioned above and more, all outside their element, strutting the fabulous line of clothing from Dog is Good. Gila Kurtz embodies the passion of our industry. She, and her team, embrace each item and each project with love, and all inspired by dog and the relationship we have with our best friends.

The Journey in Life is Sweeter with Your Best Friend by Your Side.
Tricia Montgomery

July 9, 2014

July 9, 2014
Summer Fun & Fitness with Fido

For some of us, the Dog Day of Summer means oppressive heat, staying indoors and dodging the outside for the comfort of the air-conditioned inside. But what if we were to turn those dog days of summer, into a pawsitive, a summer of fun and fitness with your best friend?

Number one, make it fun! Whether you have turned into a couch potato over the winter, or have certain fitness goals, you will never find a doggone better fitness partner!

Start by keeping the adventure fun by providing encouragement for your dog. Whether it’s “good dog!”, or the smile and laughter traveling down the leash, your dog will know that this is awesome – and who needs a reminder for that!

Add some “Spring” to your Summer
By “spring” we mean a little spring to your step! Instead of your normal walk around the block, start with high knees, lunges, and hops, a skip or a sprint. If you see a hill, don’t avoid it, walk up and run down. Not only will it keep you moving and your heart rate flutter, it will also make your pup more attentive to you and happy to please. (not to mention being dogtired!)

Creativity Counts
Most dogs excel at obstacle courses. Try being a bit creative with a “circuit workout. Use hurdles, tunnels, and stairs at the local track or jump ropes to ensure your dog uses all of his muscles and improve agility. The good news? When you try to keep up with your best friend, you increase your own fitness. These dynamic movements are tremendous for all-over conditioning for both you and your dog.

Be a Social Dogfly
Always keep in mind that exercising may involve coming across other “like-minded” dogs. Does your dog react around other dogs? Do you have a plan should if they assume control. You will also need to consider how you and your dog will react to other dogs that may be ill-behaved.

Canine Caution
No matter what summer fun or fitness you do together, always watch for warning signs of heat stroke or dehydration. Prevent overheating by exercising in the mornings or evenings.. Because dogs do not sweat (except to a minor degree through their foot pads), they don’t tolerate high environmental temperatures as well as their pet parents do. Make sure your dog has access to clean, fresh water at all times and most importantly, make sure to consult with your veterinarian before you exercise regularly outdoors

June 30, 2014

K9 Fit Club Certified Trainers – The Amazing Women and Their Stories

The K9 Fit Club Certified Trainer program has brought me on the most amazing journey of meeting incredible, smart, rich and talented women. Women I am humbled by, that I would have never met, if K9 Fit Club had not connected us.

I hope you enjoy learning about them and their stories as much as I have.

If we dare to dream, we will make a difference.

Ginger Hill, Dallas, Texas – In Training
Ginger is a 37-year-old fiancé to the greatest man ever and a dog mom to her rescue furkid Mollie Browne! 🙂

Ginger has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in English and is a magazine editor/writer. She absolutely loves dogs and interacting with people and their dogs to help make their lives better. Ginger’s ultimate goal is to become a K9 Fit Club Certified Trainer and a nutritional coach for both humans and dogs. Eventually, it is her hope (LOVE) to open a K9 Fit Club facility in Dallas or Austin, Texas. In the meantime, she is working with other doggie moms to enhance both their lives and their furkid’s lives. She is also building a blog “Dog Moms United”, a community for dog moms to bond, share and learn.

“I have a HUGE entrepreneurial spirit that I have never acted on, and when I found this opportunity, I simply couldn’t pass it up! It is everything I have ever wanted!” Ginger Hill

Sonnet Jarvis, DVM, CCRT, Phoenix, Arizona – In Training
Sonnet Jarvis, DVM, CCRT (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist) practiced small animal medicine in the Valley of the Sun for over 14 years before pursuing her dream of opening her own physical rehabilitation clinic. She has over 150 hours of post-doctorate training and expertise in the diagnosis and management of pain and loss of function due to injury or disease.

Dr. Sonnet is also certified as a personal trainer for people through the National Academy for Sports Medicine. She combines her knowledge of human fitness and exercise with her canine rehabilitation skills and veterinary medical expertise. Trained to do a whole body evaluation for the human and the dog and adjusts therapeutic recommendations to achieve success. Dr. Sonnet also specializes in strengthening programs as well as custom weight loss programs. She is also a member of the American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians and the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management.

“I’m more than 1/3 of the way through the K9 Fit Club certification process now! Super excited to soon have the chance to help pets and their parents get fitter together!!” Sonnet Jarvis

June 11, 2014

Let me you tell a story and thank some of the great people who made this past weekend possible!

Three weeks ago, I was introduced to two fabulous women, Gretchen Ritter and Ashley Smith, along with their team from The Results Factory. Gretchen, a dog lover herself and whose own dog, Zuma, has her own Facebook page, you can find Zuma here… Gretchen immediately realized the benefits dogs and people working out together and including K9 Fit Club Certified Trainers and classes into fitness facilities she currently services. Her company, The Results Factory is a full service Fitness Concierge, which means they find the perfect trainer that meets all of fitness facilities or organization s needs.

Gretchen began connecting the dots and making the connections to shift into high gear for our K9 Fit Club Orange County and Rachel Cantore, K9 Fit Club Master Trainer Rachel left just in time from our Corporate Training Center in November, bypassing the snow and has been rocking California ever since. Rachel is now teaching in the amazingly PAWSitively awesome location of Los Olivos Irvine, the first of many locations to hit K9 Fit Club Orange County.

Because of these women, we now find ourselves teaching at the Los Olivos Irvine, the first of many Irvine Company Complexes, here is the link, check them out!

Along with Gretchen and her team, we were also connected with Derek Strader of Out-Fit NRG whose dog Ollie, comes to work with him every day. Derek is this cool guy who handles fitness facilities for big companies. He is the kind of guy, who, when you meet him, pulls out his phone and shows you a picture of his dog. So I pulled out mine and showed him Zeus, and then everyone got it the act!

The demand for K9 Fit Club in California is amazing! Tons of great people stopped by for the Open House. All interested in knowing more about our classes, teachers and PAWSitive programs.

And if the day could not get any better, our good friends, Gila, Christy and Beke stopped by from Dog is Good and Dog Bone Marketing Solutions Topping it off, Vivian Mayer and her dog Maddy who got their first sniff at a Begging for Beginner class!

From dogs, doggone great people, DogTV, Dog is Good, Dog Bone Marketing, Out-Fit NRG, The Results Factory, Los Olivos, Pet Dish, and more, what a great weekend!