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K9 Fit Club is a growing community of advocates and individuals dedicated to revolutionizing the way people and pets get healthy.


K9 Fit Club® – The Most Fun You Will Ever Have in Business!

We don’t advocate sitting around (after all, we are K9 Fit Club®!) but on this occasion we encourage you to Sit, Stay and Read. At K9 Fit Club we not only offer a life-changing health & wellness program for people and their pups, we offer a life-changing business opportunity.

Do you love dogs?

Do you love people?

Do you love fitness?

Are you looking for your dream job?

If you answered yes to these questions, then K9 Fit Club is for you! We provide health, fitness and wellness at both ends of the leash. Currently, we are expanding our ever growing family across the nation!

K9 Fit Club gives you the opportunity to bring our programs to your location. It is ideal for existing fitness facilities to attract new clients while providing your current clientele with more variety. Don’t have a location? That’s okay! Classes can be conducted both indoors and outdoors, so you don’t even need a facility to begin.

How It Works:

K9 Fit Club offers a licensing program, so the business (the cash and the kibble) is all yours! We offer our nationally-recognized proven programs, brand name, online certification, master training, standards of excellence, credentials and certifications! Our goal is to assist you in building a successful business doing something you love. From marketing and program templates to our team of both Veterinary and Human Wellness Professionals, you have the support to get you up and running.

If you are interested and ready to make a difference in the lives of both dogs and humans, we would love to hear from you. Please contact woof@k9fitclub.com or call 844-K9 Fit Club for additional information.

DID YOU KNOW: K9 Fit Club is an official partner of The National Academy of Sports Medicine. They provide CEUs as well as discounts on any training and certifications for qualified team members.

K9 Fit Club, the pioneer and leader in human and canine fitness.

Here is what our K9 Fit Clubs have to say!

As a Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD Survivor, you find yourself asking the question, “Where is my place in the world, now?”, daily. You go from having a life that defines your identity to watching that life slowly disappear. You begin to wonder, “How am I going to make it?”. For me, joining K9 Fit Club and becoming a Certified Master Trainer and Licensee has give me my life back. I have a purpose once again, a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Even though I have a disability, with K9 Fit Club, my life long dream of making a difference and owning my own business is coming true.
Rachael Loucks - K9 Fit Club
The idea of working out with my dog and creating a prosperous business through it has been on my mind for the past two years.  I have been in the fitness industry since 2003 as a personal trainer / group fitness instructor and became a certified dog trainer in 2014.  My goal was to merge my two passions but because I was still fairly new to the dog training world, I didn’t feel ready to just jump right in so my services remained separate.  I believe that opportunities cross our paths when the timing is right.  I often surfed the net for fitness and dogs and looked up what others were doing but nothing really clicked until one day I came across K9 Fit Club’s Facebook post about joining the team. I dug a little deeper and contacted Tricia. After a few phone calls and numerous emails I was convinced and committed to signing on.  I took the 4-day K9 Fit Club Licensing & Master Trainer Certification in August 2016 where I not only became one of Canada’s first K9 Fit Club Licensees and earned my Master Trainer certification, I became a K9 Fit Club family member. This is an amazing group of people delivering a high-quality program with a genuine mission.  The presenters and instructors are not only qualified, they are interested in helping others and they clearly have fun doing it!  The days were long and the information was abundant but I thoroughly enjoyed my time and the group comradery that quickly developed.  I believe that becoming a K9 Fit Club Certified Master Trainer is not for everyone. I believe that it is for those who have a love of fitness; who want to serve people and invest in their wellbeing; it is for those who will work hard and put their heart and soul into it; and it is for those who want to make a change for dogs so they can have a better life through improved health and relationships with their people. I got home from Chicago and three days later offered an Intro to K9 Fit Club preview for potential participants.  I received great feedback and the majority of those who came out to watch ended up joining a session (or two!!).  If you have any questions from a student’s perspective, I would be happy to talk to you and help you as best I can.  Contact me at info@onesmartcookiek9training.com
Andrea Davis, K9 Fit Club Master Trainer & Licensee - Lacombe, Alberta Canada
The best parallel weight loss program to date. I’ve been working with K9 Fit Club for many years and can confidently recommend our programs and support to anyone interested in improving the health and well-being of themselves or their pet either on a personal or professional level. Ernie Ward
Dr. Ernie Ward
There is so much to be said about K9 Fit Club and the training. I learned so much and met so many amazing people. Tricia, you and your team were so inspirational and influential. Every day was a new experience that my husband and I looked forward to. Because of the knowledge and encouragement, my husband and I can now run a successful business. I appreciate knowing that when we left training we only left the state, because everyone is a phone call away. Again Thank you and see you soon at our grand opening! Go K9 Fit Club!
Shaunisty Ross-Nida & Scott Nida, K9 Fit Club Las Vegas
The Human Animal Bond, as it pertains to health, healing, and wellness, is one of personal experience for me.  Although, it does not define who I am, I survived a serious closed head injury, while riding horses professionally. New things, for me, are learned slower and differently, than prior to the accident. Challenges can be both cognitive and sometimes physical. My love of animals (especially dogs and horses),exercise, and a wellness lifestyle are the things that have always defined me and influenced the fields I have worked in. When I discovered K9 Fit Club, I knew this was the direction my life and career choice, needed to take. When I contacted K9 Fit Club, their genuine desire to help people was very evident, and I knew immediately this was not any ” bottom line ” driven company. The founder and CEO, Tricia Montgomery, took the responsibility on herself to allow me to learn a bit slower and test differently (by phone calls) without changing any of K9 Fit Club’s science based program. Both Tricia and some of her staff sacrificed personal time to help me prepare to certify. August 2015, I mainstreamed with the other awesome soon to be Master Trainers, I became a K9 Fit Club Certified Master Trainer and Licensee!  Now it is a privilege to help others in my community teaching K9 Fit Club classes. Because human/canine exercise is becoming more mainstreamed and incorporated into rehab and nursing home facilities, I was invited to speak at a local university, to address 3rd-year physical therapy students and their professor, introducing K9 Fit Club and the human-animal bond. I am so proud to be part of the K9 Fit Club family, and appreciate their continued support to all their trainers and licensees, as we commit to K9 Fit Clubs standards of excellence, paying it forward in our own communities
Mary Erschen, Certified Master Trainer & Licensee - Dubuque, Iowa
I am writing in regard to K9 Fit Club. I can’t say enough about such a fun and unique program. K9 Fit Club has been a great addition to K9 Tailshakers, Inc. I was looking for a unique program to offer clients that incorporated fitness and dogs for quite some time. When I found K9 Fit Club, after researching, I couldn’t wait to get the ball rolling.    From the very first phone call, the support and education behind K9 Fit Club has been amazing and everyone we have met and worked with has instantly given a positive, fun and caring vibe.    K9 Fit Club classes have created a lot of buzz and news and the Saturday classes are already fully booked. We will soon be adding on another class and I am certain we will continue to grow and I know we will be adding many more.   This program has not only created an additional stream of revenue, it has created a fun and upbeat environment that has our clients and even our staff excited and looking forward to getting healthy!    K9 Fit Club has been a fantastic program because it works for the beginner to the experienced. It brings an unparalleled support with man’s and women’s best friend by your side every step of the way and vice versa.    In addition, as a training facility, we firmly believe in building a relationship and creating fun/thinking games with your dog. Creating this makes training your dog so much easier and this class has not only made dogs and clients healthier it has also helped build the bond many clients need with their pets. While learning new equipment & exercises you are working together building trust. It’s a winning situation for all involved.  
Jan Flanagan, President - K9 Tailshakers, Inc.
 The K9 Fit Club licensing and certification program was an amazing experience. The material was thorough and included a veterinary and a dog training module put together by experts in the field. It is clear that K9 Fit Club has done their research in making sure their programs are safe and enjoyable for dogs and their people, and the enthusiasm and camaraderie among the staff is clear from the moment you step into the facility. Tricia and her employees are passionate about improving both the physical and mental health of their clients, both human and canine, and are doing so in a positive, creative, and exciting way that keeps people coming back to get a ‘New Leash on Life!
Meredith Clayton, K9 Fit Club Master Trainer - K9 Fit Club Licensee, Philadelphia, PA
I simply wanted to thank you for such an amazing four days. I’m so excited and looking forward to starting my own K9 Fit Club classes. I went from feeling overwhelmed the first day of our time together to now eager to learn more and start teaching. Each of your teachers provided such unique approach to the information and I truly appreciate your dedication to exercise for both pet owner and dog.
Melissa Schrauth, K9 Fit Club Master Trainer - K9 Fit Club Bellyrub Klub, Addison, IL
K9 Fit Club is a workout program like no other! The 4 day Master Training Program teaches you EVERY aspect of having your own business, and being able to instruct humans to workout with their dogs. With hands on workouts, they teach you various “programs” so you can hold classes from beginners to the experienced, to the elderly-they cover it all, and you get a great workout while you’re at it! The “classroom” part of training covers all the ins and outs of starting the business ad how to make it work for you. Tricia and her team of instructors are awesome! They put me at ease, and were a tremendous help when I needed it, taking the time to make sure I understood anything I had a question about. Their continued support since I returned home from the training is second to none. They were all encouraging, and such fun!
Dawn Gillett - K9 Fit Club @ Best Friends Pet Clinic

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K9 Fit Club is a lifestyle company dedicated to creating good health, fitness and wellness of dogs and their people. K9 Fit Club’s proprietary programs offer the time-saving aspect of working out with your dog while in a fun, safe and controlled environment.

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