K9 Fit Clubs and How They Work – Canine Fitness Guide

Canine Fitness Guide - K9 Fit Club Locations

You might have already heard of this new canine fitness fad called K9 Fit Clubs and how they work. If not, then you’re on the right page! Yes, it’s a dog gym and yes, their humans are more than welcome to join! Before we check out their fun classes, let’s see how it started and … Read more

8 Ways to Get Your Dog Fit and Healthy

Ways to Get Your Dog Fit and Healthy

Exercise is one of the best ways to get your dog fit and healthy. But that’s not all. In this article, learn more about dog fitness and health and how you can ensure that your furry friend is fit and healthy.  Best Exercise Toys for Dogs According to the VCA Hospitals, 25-30% of dogs in … Read more

Wide Dog Collars: 6 Best Wide and Thick Dog Collars!

Best Wide Dog Collars Buyer's Guide

We say, both! It’s no wonder that wide dog collars are the latest craze among pet owners. Besides being chic and trendy, wide dog collars give dogs a lot more comfort. Well, a bit more than what regular ones give but basically, function-wise, they’re just the same. But, let’s dig deeep! Best Wide Dog Collars … Read more

What Is Covered In A Dog Insurance?

What Is Covered In A Dog Insurance

In this article, learn more about dog insurance, including terms, types, and what is covered in a dog insurance. Picking a dog insurance plan can be tough. This is especially true when there seem so many good options in the market but are all too expensive. Well, you cannot recognize when options are expensive or … Read more

Seat Belt Dog Collar & Car Harness 101

Dog Seatbelt In A Car: What To Look For

In this guide learn why you need a dog seat belt and the best types of car seatbelts and harnesses for dogs. Dogs are NOT super beings. They do not possess the power to vaporize into thin air during accidents and come back intact and uninjured- and so are you! For sure, your dog may … Read more