Funny Looking Dogs – Most Odd Looking & Hairiest Dogs In The World

Funny Looking Dogs

As a dog lover and a pet owner myself, I often overlook some awesome dogs that are short on popularity, but very big on uniqueness and personality. I researched and scoured the internet to look for the oddest funny looking dogs that truly deserve the limelight even just for today. These dog breeds are bizarre, … Read more

Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons? – A Very Interesting Fact

Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons

Belly buttons are pretty easy to see on us, humans. It doesn’t matter whether the shape and form are odd. What about our pets? Have you ever stopped and thought, do dogs have belly buttons? Of course, some have always wondered about this question. It would be intriguing what the answer truly is! To answer … Read more

Can Dogs Have Abs? – The Answer To An Age Old Question

Can Dogs Have Abs - The Answer To An Age Old Question

As dog lovers, for sure you are also wondering if dogs have similar muscle qualities as humans have. You ask yourself, can dogs have abs? Is it possible for dogs to develop certain muscles and get ripped? What type of exercises should dogs do? These are the questions that linger with us when we think … Read more

KLIMB Dog Training Platform In-depth Review

klimb dog training platform

A dog training platform is a great tool for dog obedience training. This is because dogs like to have a special place of their own that they want to go, sit, or stand over. You can do so by giving them their own space to learn and feel safe. The KLIMB Dog Training Platform is … Read more

5 Best Invisible Fence for Small Dogs – In Ground & Wireless Options

Invisible Fence for Small Dogs

An invisible fence for small dogs is a must-have for any pet owner. It’s the perfect way to keep your furry friend safe while giving them the freedom to roam. So if you’re looking for a safe and effective way to keep your dog contained, I’ve compiled some of the best invisible fences for small … Read more