The 8 Best Flea Shampoo For Dogs: Go For Maximum Protection!


Perhaps you notice itching and scratching, as well as black specks of flea filth. Even worse, you notice fleas on your dog and the wounds they cause. Fleas can cause itchiness, irritation, and hair loss, and they carry a variety of diseases, some of which can make people very sick. This is why you have … Read more

Dog Leash Holder: 8 Best Reviewed and Top Picks


I don’t always misplace my dog leash somewhere in the house, but when I do, it’s because I don’t have a dog leash holder. When you have beautiful and playful dogs like me, keeping their items clean and organized can be quite a handful. Logically, you would put their leash and collar right by a … Read more

Best Dog Collar Camera: 7 Best Options You Should Buy

Dog-Collar-Camera Feature Image

As a dog owner, I will always live and breathe the moments with my dogs. We all know that our fur babies don’t live as long as we do, so it’s best to capture all those memories of them even if we’re not around. Every chance we get, we take photos and videos and replay … Read more

Funny Looking Dogs: 8 Most Unique Dog Breeds

Funny Looking Dogs

As a dog lover and a pet owner myself, I often overlook some awesome dogs that are short on popularity, but very big on uniqueness and personality. I researched and scoured the internet to look for the most amazing funny looking dogs that truly deserve the limelight even just for today. These dog breeds are … Read more

Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons? – A Very Interesting Fact

Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons

Belly buttons are pretty easy to see on us, humans. It doesn’t matter whether the shape and form are odd. What about our pets? Have you ever stopped and thought, do dogs have belly buttons? Of course, some have always wondered about this question. It would be intriguing what the answer truly is! To answer … Read more

Can Dogs Have Abs? – The Answer To An Age Old Question

an Dogs Have Abs? - The Answer To An Age Old Question

As dog lovers, for sure you are also wondering if dogs have similar muscle qualities as us humans. You ask yourself, can dogs have abs? Is it possible for dogs to develop certain muscles and get ripped? What type of exercises should dogs do? These are the questions that linger with us when we think … Read more