8 of the Best Flexi Dog Leash: Freedom and Control During Walks

Flexi Dog Leash

A Flexi dog leash provides dogs enough freedom during walks without compromising their owner’s control. In addition, a Flexi dog leash works excellently with all types of harnesses and collars— even xlarge dog collars. As a result, a Flexi leash allows owners and pets to have an equally satisfying experience during walks. Best Flexi Dog … Read more

8 Best Toys for Blind Dogs: Hone Your Dog’s Senses!

Toys for Blind Dogs

Toys for blind dogs are excellent tools for visually-impaired pooches, allowing them to have fun and develop their senses. In addition, it provides them with various health benefits! For instance, toys help owners to play with their blind dogs, fortifying their relationship. Consequently, reducing boredom and depression in dogs. 8 Best Toys for Blind Dogs … Read more

8 Best Heat Lamp for Dog House: Shield Your Dogs from the Winter Wind!

heat lamp for dog house

A heat lamp for dog house is essential, especially for dog owners who live in temperate and polar regions. As we know, dogs typically suffer from mild hypothermia when their body temperature falls below 99 degrees Fahrenheit (37.22 Celsius). Consequently, dogs can easily contract mild to severe hypothermia without any proper heat source during cold … Read more

8 Best Dog Car Harness Crash Tested – Safety on a Budget

dog car harness crash tested

Make your car trips with your four-legged buddy safe with a dog car harness crash tested. Similar to dog seat covers, a dog car harness aims to keep your dog safe during car rides. However, dog seat covers function as a portable playpen while dog car harnesses function as a seatbelt. Furthermore, utilizing a crash-tested … Read more

Best Cubs Dog Collars Reviewed: Display your Love for the Cubs Today!

Cubs Dog Collars

Show your support to the Chicago Cubs with the best cubs dog collars! As we know, baseball is America’s National Pastime, making it an important sporting event that shaped a nation. Since the inception of baseball, the game has always been a supplement to the way of life of Americans. Eventually, the game found its … Read more

How is an Easy Walk Harness Correctly Attached?— An Owner’s Guide

How is an Easy Walk Harness Correctly Attached - An Owner's Guide

How is an Easy Walk Harness correctly attached? That is a question that has haunted many dog owners for a long time. In this article, we’ll answer the question “how is an Easy Walk Harness correctly attached?” and other topics revolving around walk harnesses. However, before we can move forward, we’ll have to know first … Read more

Dog Weight Vest for Muscle Building: Should You Cop or Drop?

dog weight vest for muscle building

Utilizing a dog weight vest for muscle building can help active breeds become physically fit. Owners use weighted vests to keep dogs healthy and help them build more muscle similar to dog exercise toys. However, this isn’t the only function and benefit when utilizing a dog weight vest for muscle building. As we know, exercising … Read more

Remote Control Toys for Dogs: 9 Interactive Toys for Active Pooches

remote control toys for dogs

Remote control toys for dogs provide owners with the opportunity to play with their furbaby with relative ease. Let’s face it, playing with your dogs can sometimes be a grueling task. For instance, there are some times when we just cannot muster the strength to play with our furry friends. However, playing with dogs provides … Read more

Dog Tire Toy Review: 8 Products for A Healthy Dog Chewing Habit

Dog Tire Toy

A dog tire toy is one of the best dog exercise toys you can utilize to save your belongings from dog bites. Let’s face it, dogs love biting stuff— and your beloved tail-waggler is no exception. Typically, puppies love chewing stuff that gets into their mouth to relieve themselves from pain caused by incoming teeth. … Read more

Dog Stretching: Why Do Dogs Do Them and Their Possible Meanings

Dog Stretching

Dog stretching is a simple action that may mean lots of things. Depending on the frequency, stretches may mean various things, such as lack of exercise or even pancreatitis. In addition, dogs may even exhibit different stretches which may mean a specific thing for a wide array of reasons. Moreover, dog stretching, although rarely, is … Read more