Training Your Dog: A Comprehensive Guide

training your dog

Training your dog can be a challenging task, even for long-time dog owners. Yes, our families and communities can help. But, sometimes you have to take a step back and study the best practices in training your dog. In this article, we explore the basic commands your dog should follow. We also include valuable tips … Read more

Orthopedic Dog Beds: Does My Dog Need One Or Is It Just A Fad?

orthopedic dog beds

Dogs truly live up to the title of ‘Man’s best friend’, and a way of showing appreciation for your beloved pet is by giving them the comfort and rest they deserve. Products have risen to cater to your dog’s every need. There are dog seat belts for car safety, GPS-enabled tracking dog collars, and even … Read more

Dog Behaviour Issues: Reasons Behind Your Dog’s Antics

dog behaviour issues

Dog behaviour issues aren’t a new thing, and many dog owners are familiar with the topic. However, it can be pretty intimidating to navigate at first, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the terms. So, we’ve compiled a list of dog behaviours, the possible reasons, and ways to deal with them: What Dog Behaviours Should I … Read more

7 Techniques To Improve Dog Behavior Outdoors

How do I keep control of my dog when being outside

“How do I keep control of my dog when being outside?” Dog-owners are very familiar with this question. It may be a struggle to bring your pet to a dog park or even just in your front yard! The struggles can include your dogs barking at other dogs or animals, chasing or jumping onto people. … Read more