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K9 Fit Club’s PTSD Specialized program provides U.S. military veterans living with combat-related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with a program geared towards the intrinsic benefits of exercise for trust, confidence and adjustment back into civilian life. These classes include aerobic exercise related to the brain, pack approach to exercise, physical training, strenuous vs. non-strenuous, controlled
Mommy & Me
This program helps your child and pup stay active, seek out new adventures, and establish independence. They are also an excellent opportunity for Mom and babies alike to use their social skills.
Waggin’ Wheel Chair™
A special needs program that includes exercises to help increase strength, flexibility, improve mobility and strengthen heart and lungs, including resistance work, strength training and weight control. All exercises incorporate dog bonding, obedience, proper leash control and exercises for both.
The fur will be flying with our unique and fun approach to agility. This class challenges both dog and owners mental and physical skills through obstacle course work From games, hurdles, scale ramps, burst through tunnels, to games of see- saw and pole weaves, K9 Fit Club puts the FUN in agility.
Loan & Leash™
So you want to take a K9 Fit Club class but don’t have a dog? We have a dog for you! Working with the local humane associations and rescue groups, K9 Fit Club’s Loan & Leash program not only promotes adoption and saving a life, but provides exercise for those dogs without a home.
Boomer Fitness
Exercises designed to strengthen core balance and functional assessments appropriate for Boomer clients.
Young Pups
A high energy fun filled exercise class for kids ages 7 – 12. This class strives to increase the overall health and fitness level of children in a fun, safe, positive and motivating environment with fitness games, partner activities, body weight exercises and more. An emphasis on proper form and technique for safety, and every
Tai Chi Wa Wa®
A synergistic combination of exercises for humans and their dogs aimed at improving the overall health of all of the participants. Tai Chi WaWa is based on the traditional form of Tai Chi. It incorporates movement principles which as humans learn they can share with their dogs in a fun and interactive way. Tai Chi
A Pilates class focusing on mental and physical well-being. The dogs are incorporated into the program through a series of stretching, obedience and bonding.

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