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Lake Las Vegas to the BadAss Dash–Changing Lives One Dog at a Time™!

Funny intro, I know. But, for those of you who don’t know, the annual Blog Paws conference was recently held in Lake Las Vegas. Put on by a dynamic woman, Yvonne DiVida, her amazing daughter Chloe, and an impressive team, BlogPaws is all about networking and connecting and fostering pet blogger relationships. The conference includes the best of the best educational speakers, while at the same time getting attendees up-close and personal with the key influencers, from brand to blog.

Most of all, these people…wait, did I say people? What I meant was, these WOMEN. (Dare I say, over 90% of the most amazing women you could ever hope to be in the same room with!) Yes, most of all, these women are all passionate about what they do…they work for the love of pets.

As a “newbie”, K9 Fit Club was welcomed with open arms from conference attendees, bloggers, and brand experts. Needless to say, we at K9 Fit Club were in our element.There we spread the news of our 10,000 Women Entrepreneur Movement, showing women how to do what they love, and love what they do. We are Changing Lives One Dog at a Time!™

Immediately following BlogPaws, not to mention an airport runway visit that lasted over 2 hours at 1:30am, we found ourselves smack dab in the middle of the Badass Dash. Produced by Grant Reeves and Brian Sharenow, the B.A.D. staff have added a pretty impressive K9 Division. K9 Fit Club has assisted in setting standards, veterinary protocols, and helped coordinate race day activities.

Over 50 participants joined the K9 companion race at Hoffman Estates on that beautiful blue sky Saturday. I was most impressed with the woman who decided to make this race her first step in the commitment to getting healthy with her dog. We have all seen that one person we wished we could help, encourage to be the best they can be. This woman perfectly defined that person. Both woman and dog were out of shape, yet with every step, every struggle, every obstacle, she and her dog overcame. They finished the 5k race, with 17 obstacles, in 1h45m. K9 Fit Club led the applause as she crossed the finish line, while her face showed nothing but pure joy.

Stories like these make K9 Fit Club Certification invaluable, giving women the opportunity to give to others, to help other women. It empowers people to take their first step, just like the woman at the race.

Through the 10,000 Women Entrepreneur Movement, K9 Fit Club Certification allows women to help women, to Change Lives One Dog at a Time™ and get their New Leash on Life™.

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