Certified Training Program

The Pet market is a $57 BILLION industry?

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Being the leader in human/canine fitness, K9 Fit Club® is now offering online certification that will allow you to join the field you love an earn an income. Whether it’s a couple of hundred dollars a month, enough to cover your mortgage or a 6 figure income!

Getting started is doggone simple! In as little as 1 month, you can begin your career of doing what you love and loving what you do as a K9 Fit Club® Certified Trainer. Once you’re a K9 Fit Club® Certified Trainer, you become part of an elite family of fun, fitness professionals. Plus, K9 Fit Club® provides you numerous opportunities to grow your career, client base, and start earning an income!

Look at the value of our certification program and how quickly you can earn!

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K9 Fit Club certification is only $499 and provides you the tools and the expertise for teaching human/canine fitness classes.

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  • Gain knowledge and resources to ensure a fun, rewarding, and safe experience.
  • Design an exercise program for both dog and human needs and goals (e.g., obesity,hypertension, muscle gain, sedentary, other), based on the basics of standards and protocols.
  • Employ appropriate response(s) for safety issues such as injury prevention, pre-existing
    conditions, and emergency response.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of exercise science subject matter (e.g. physiology, nutrition,
    kinesiology, and more).
  • Apply protocols for both dogs and human within initial and ongoing assessments, health risk
    analysis, and liability concerns.
  • Help you identify and reinforce positive canine behavior as it relates to teaching a
    human/canine fitness class.
  • Provide you a base-level understanding of positive reinforcement training and canine behavior.
  • Build your skill set so you will be able to affect behavior in a positive manner to aid in enhancing
    the owner/dog experience.
  • Understand warning signs for fear based/aggressive dogs.
  • Apply appropriate communication skills to coach, cue, and motivate clients.
  • Demonstrates professionalism and best practices in his/her practice and teaching.
  • Manage clients and dogs to limit problems and liability.
  • General concepts and protocols for cleanup and hygiene.
  • Recognize and respond to medical problems and injuries.
  • Documentation and follow up.
  • Understand basic concepts and terms.
  • Knowledge of instability training vs. training on stable surfaces and the muscles it affects.
  • Knowledge of Proprioception and the benefits.
  • Basic knowledge of anatomy and major muscle groups of the dog.
  • Principles of core strength.
  • Proper use & cleaning of equipment.
  • Safety principles.
  • And refer a friend to enroll and we will send you a $50 gift card!